Two year olds?

Two year olds? Topic: Two year olds?
June 16, 2019 / By Blessing
Question: ok im babysitting for a friend and shes not anwerign her phone, so does anybody have any idea what the normal temp. of a two year old is. i googled it and i dont have time to look through essays and essays of junk for a simple answer. His temp is 100.5 orally, and 99.9 in the armpit. is that normal? all he wants to do is sleep and this kid is usually boncing off the walls
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Airlea Airlea | 5 days ago
Yes, it's about average. A little high, but, if he's been running around (as two year olds tend to do) it's probably just from that. Keep an eye on him, mention it when his mom gets home, but don't worry about it too much, unless it gets higher.
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Trace Trace
He is fine. 99 is normal for kids. Even if it's a bit elevated, like 101, I would still not panic. If it goes beyond that, you could give him Children's Tylenol/Motrin. Be sure to follow the dosage exactly based on his weight/age. I would call his doctor's office (they should have an on-call doc) if it gets worse or he starts to act lethargic or if any other symptoms come about besides the fever. A fever is just the body fighting off infection. He might just be coming down with a cold. Rely on how he is acting moreso than him feeling warm. If he is still active, eating, taking in fluids, I wouldn't be too worried.
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Rearden Rearden
No, that is not normal, it is a little on the high side. An normal oral temperature reading should be about 98F (37c) Usually an oral reading of over 100F is classed as a fever. I wouldnt think the baby is in any immediate dangerat present but try to keep them cool and keep trying to call their mother to get her advice - she may want you to give them some Infant Paracetamol but I wouldnt do this without the go ahead of the baby's Mum. If they seem particularly distressed and hot, you could try stripping them off and sponging them down with luke warm water - dont use cold water though as the body will try to react to the cold by heating up more! HTH and Hope you get in touch with their Mum soon!
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Matthias Matthias
smaller kids temps are normally higher than an adults. if his forhead feels warm like a small fever, you can take a cold rag and run under cold water and hold him like a baby with the rag on his head (unless he willingly lays on the couch and read him a story as he lays there, and keep flipping it over to keep the cool side on him. when both sides are warm you can twirl it in the air and cools it quite nicely so your not jumping up every second. good luck, he'll be fine.
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