Is there a website to get answers to textbooks?

Is there a website to get answers to textbooks? Topic: Is there a website to get answers to textbooks?
June 16, 2019 / By Bluebell
Question: I was doing my homework when i realized it would be way easier if they had answers to the questions in a text book.. is there a website like this?
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Aislinn Aislinn | 9 days ago
I'm going to 7th grade :) For my district, 6th grade is middle school o this is basically my second year. -Boyfriends could be the LEAST of your concerns. You may think that because you're 12 and 13, that is time for boyfriends. It's really not, we're all still a bit young. Focus on school. - Homework comes before fun. No texting, watching, TV, or using the computer or anything along those lines while doing homework. You won't do it to teh best of your ability, and the teachers will notice. - Hand in work on time! Once your done with your homework, put it in your folder which goes in your binder. Don't get in the habit of forgetting assignemnets. Write them down in your agenda book -Try not to be absent. If you've just got the sniffles, an a slight cough you're fine. Come to school. In middle school, work can be HELL trying to catch up in when you're absent. Especially for the whole week. Make sure your family plans vacations during breaks, not school. - Stay our of drama and gossip. The truth is, you'll probably go through it atleast once. I know in 6th grade I was caught up in drama numerous times. Drama may find YOU but don't let it. Having boyfriends also comes with drama. My friend currently has a boyfriend and she is more stressed than ever! And it's summer, she should be relaxing. - Bathrooms are no joke. Don't just go there to talk, or don't use that as an opportunity to "wonder" around the school. You will gt caught soon! - Wear whatever YOU like. I suggest no clothes with labels. I LOVE aeropostale, but I don't get the clothes that have the NAME on it. I get the cardigans, and T-shirt with out the title on it. I have a few, but not too much. JC Penny, Old Navy, and Aeropostale are my basic stores. Don't be a clone. - Aim high for good grades! Study for upcoming tests even if it's "easy" and major tests. Try to get honr roll! - Make up is okay, but not too much. In 6th grade it was just lip gloss. Ocassionaly I'd throw in mascara or eyeliner. For 7th grade that should be the same. You don't want to look like a barbie doll. Besides, make up is bad for your pores!
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Aislinn Originally Answered: What website can I go to, to find the answers of my homework?
Personally, I would recommend doing the homework yourself. If you need help, then go to the computer. There's no point in cheating, it seriously isn't getting you anywhere. You probably hear that all the time, but I'm serious. I know that your teachers aren't going to mind helping you as long as you give it a shot and try your hardest.

Traherne Traherne
You can go to Google and type your question and it should give you some answers. But i do not know if there is a website like that i hope i helped!!
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Redmund Redmund
Hotmath.com It gives you the answers for all the odd numbered questions, so that will help a bit. Then you'll know how to do the others. Hope it helps.
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Maurice Maurice
you can always try calcchat.com but it's only for some math textbooks and it has the odd numbers for free (but you can pay for more).
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Maurice Originally Answered: textbooks and airplanes?
No textbooks only the cheezy magazines bought in the terminal. Please tell me you asked this as a joke.

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