McCarthyism / Cold War Propaganda In The USA?

McCarthyism / Cold War Propaganda In The USA? Topic: McCarthyism / Cold War Propaganda In The USA?
June 26, 2019 / By Bobbi
Question: HELP PLEASE I Need Help With My History Homework. 1. In Point Form Provide The Who What When Where How Why Of McCarthyism 2. How Was McCarthyism The Antithesis Of Democratic Ideology In The USA At A Time When The US Was Attempting To Show That The Democratic System Was Better Than Communism. 3. How And Why Did McCarthyism End? I Need Most Help With # 2 PLEASE!
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Alana Alana | 1 day ago
It was the antithesis of democracy because if you possessed a political point of view that was at odds with the prevailing society, you were singled out for persecution and prosecution. This is the very concept that Nazism and authoritative Communism operated on. The US claimed to be a free society, with the ability to think freely without being persecuted, yet the McCarthy and his followers did not believe that Americans should be so free.
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Alana Originally Answered: McCarthyism?
Hello, I would suggest doing the impact on people. The Mccarthy witch hunts hurt a lot of people. Not just celebrities, & the rich, but many working people as well. I think that is how you'll cut to the core of the wrong committed.

Travers Travers
McCarthy was an irresponsible drunk and a degenerate loudmouth. I met him about 1952, and he smelled of bourbon and "tinkled" when he walked from half pints touching together. He slurred his words from the booze, and drank vodka at the podium. He was a pathological liar with an election agenda, supported by a nasty, vindictive homosexual, Roy Cohn, and supplied with tiny tidbits of information by another one, J. Edgar Hoover, but with his booze problem, couldn't keep his ducks in row, and Hoover cut him off. He was censured by the GOP and then by the Senate ca.1953. He had nothing to do with the real cold war; he neither believed in nor knew much about Communism or Democracy. In short, he was a bum, a scum bag, and died young with liver problems and delusions.
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Reed Reed
the theory similarity is they the two pitted democracy against communism, and vice versa. although, McCarthyism became particularly undemocratic in its zealous attack on communism. in certainty, various the McCarthy assaults occurred patriotic human beings who had no longer something to do with communism, and have been actually unconstitutional. wouldn't have surpassed off.
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Max Max
McCarthy was an alcoholic. We in Wisconsin are deeply ashamed that he ever got elected. His knowledge of anything was limited to what kind of booze he had in his brief case, and what his general counsel whispered in his ear, and he was usually so drunk he couldn't even figure that out. In short, he was a Republican.
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Jody Jody
A good example is the McCain campaign. They are trying to smear their opponent with innuendo and association. This at a time when we are trying to spread Democracy in the Middle East.
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Jody Originally Answered: Topics to write about for a research Paper on The Crucible vs. McCarthyism?
Hello... The Crucible Vs. Mccarthyism It is common knowledge that Author Miller wrote The Crucible as a reaction to a tragic time in our countries history. The McCarthy hearings, as they came to be known, which dominated our country from 1950 to 1954, where hearings in which many, suspected of being related to communism, where interviewed and forced to give up names of others, or they where imprisoned, and their names were black listed. There are several parallels between the McCarthy Era, and the time of the Salem which trials. One similarity one will see is what I call the scare factor. Another parallel between the two groups is the "everybody is doing it" mentality. One also sees a parallel in the lives that were ruined in both eras because of the accusations and punishments. Both those accused in The Crucible and those accused during the McCarthy hearings were found guilty with such little evidence. One would think that such wild accusations, with so little proof, would easily be dismissed... You can get more info here:

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