I am on my dads health insurance, pregnant and turning 26!?

I am on my dads health insurance, pregnant and turning 26!? Topic: I am on my dads health insurance, pregnant and turning 26!?
June 16, 2019 / By Brande
Question: I am on my dads health insurance and I am pregnant. This would not be a problem except 4 weeks before my due date I turn 26! is there a clause that could help me stay on my dads health insurance? also - My boyfriend - which I have been living with for 8 years ( yes not married ) has health insurance. They are saying we need to be married before they put me in his health insurance. Or is there a clause where they have to put me on his health insurance or file paperwork where its as if we are married for insurance purposes... I need all the help I can get.
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Alea Alea | 9 days ago
Generally speaking, if the person does not have THAT HEALTH INSURANCE before becoming pregnant, then the delivery is excluded from being covered. I have seen times when the pregnant woman, even though newly on the insurance coverage, is not eligible for any medical services until after her pregnancy is completed. Do not be surprised if you have to come up with the full $5000 or so yourself, in cash. 8 years together, and not supporting yourself, and not married when having a baby together??? What are you thinking? It's time to grow up and get with the program. Babies need permanent dads. Make a permanent decision & marry the boyfriend, establish your own family. Kids need that.
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Alea Originally Answered: Non-american fiance pregnant and need to add her to my health insurance?
If she is on a student visa, then most colleges/universities require that ANY student--foreign or a U.S. citizen--have health insurance! How was she receiving medical coverage prior to becoming pregnant? That is more than likely what she will need to use for her prenatal care. If the health insurance is through the school, then you may need to contact them to see what the best plan would be for her, and if there are any provisions specifically for prenatal care. If there is no prenatal care provisions, then you are out of luck on this one. Hospitals charge ridiculous rates for people who have no health insurance, so keep that in mind--and what they DON'T tell you in the hospital is that the moment a mother is admitted for labor, they are relinquishing a majority of their rights in the birthing process, as hospitals are obligated (as a business) to risk-management procedures. What does this mean? They will set the due date a little bit earlier than it should be just so they can charge you to induce labor around that date; they will try to push for Cesarean section deliveries just so they can make an extra $5,000 or so; and they will push an anasthesiologist on you mid-labor, to try and rack up those medical bills! If insurance is an issue, I would reccomend you investigate having a midwife deliver your baby--as it is much cheaper, and is easier on both mother and child. There are also doulas, that you might be able to pay for to help her at various points throughout the pregnancy--there are pre-natal and post-natal doulas, that can help the expectant mother with anything from groceries and household chores, to feeding schedules when the baby is getting used to being home!:) Best of luck to you and your fiance--hope this was of some help to you!

Tristen Tristen
You may be eligible for COBRA, which is a continuation of the group policy after you age off. Be aware that baby won't be covered, and the NICU runs about $12,000 per day. There is no clause about boyfriend's policy. You must get married then both you and baby will be covered. Make sure that BF's policy has maternity coverage. You could apply for welfare and let the state pay for everything. However, the state will probably come after BF for reimbursement.
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Reid Reid
You wont lose your Dad's insurance but it wont duvet the little one handiest you. When you marry the father, his well being coverage can quilt the little one. Every insurance can pay only eighty%. You might believe your Dad's will pay a hundred% but that is when you consider that he's as a rule paying the change for you. For those who dont have already got your health care plan through your job, you wont be competent to signal up now.
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Medad Medad
This is definitely something you should have thought through before becoming pregnant. Your boyfriend's insurance company probably has a website that explains its benefits as well as any exclusions. The pre-existing pregnancy of a girlfriend (not wife) may be one of those exclusions.
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Johnie Johnie
Your boy friend insurance policy not covered you married ASAP also important to your baby to be cover for future and it only possible when you married with your boy friend.
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Johnie Originally Answered: 29 weeks pregnant and lost my job and soon my health insurance?
Hey Hun. Sorry to hear that. I am sure you are very stressed now. But dont be b/c you know thats not good for you or the baby. I lost my job being 2 months pregnant! i thought it was the end of the world! Especially that my plans were to save all the money for the baby. Well, they gave me the unemployment compensation but i lost it =( I put on the application that i was looking for a part time b/c i was pregnant and the dumb gov. just took it away from me! so not only did i lose my job they stoled my money! Well i am 28 weeks now and money has been tight (b/c we are saving) but it hasnt been bad. I too have blue cross blue shield but it doesnt cover everything. i have to pay 10% of the bills... and even wit the insurance,. i was getting bills that were $700!! my husband and i thought that was way to much! so i applied for medicaid. I am so happy i did b/c medicaid pays EVERYTHING! i dont even have a co-pay. So my advice to you is to relax and get a medicaid application. It is worth it! Good luck and let me know how everything goes. p.s and the best part is after the baby is born medicaid covers her first year! imagine how great that is.

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