Cancer (girl) and Taurus (guy) ?

Cancer (girl) and Taurus (guy) ? Topic: Cancer (girl) and Taurus (guy) ?
July 20, 2019 / By Brandie
Question: I wanted know if there have been suggestful cancer and Taurus relationships. What type of problems would rise between you to? How did you know the Taurus guy liked you? Off topic question: If there was a fight between a Capricorn and Taurus, both guys who would win?
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Aleen Aleen | 1 day ago
* Cancer and Taurus are among the most compatible matches in the entire Zodiac. Both are concerned with family and home life. Both are more internally motivated and more introverted. Both are sensitive, although the Cancer is more overtly so. Both are vitally interested in security; Cancer emotional security and Taurus financial security. He may sometimes seem callous in his responses, and seem to not be as attentive to Cancer's moods. But he really is listening, he's just more oriented toward solving problems rather than commiserating with you. But Taureans will do anything for those they love and he will adore you forever- which is just what you need to ease your insecurity about love. This is a lovely combination, really.
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Aleen Originally Answered: Is a Cancer more compatible with a Taurus or Capricorn?
i think cancer go better with taurus based on the horoscope sites i looked into...but i've seen my cancer frd getting along well with her cappy bf (they've been dating for 3 yrs now) but if i had to pick a gf I'd pick a taurus gf since I like their sense of loyalty and they are emotionally sensitive, and dependable. Cappy can be overly critical at times which ticks cancer ppl off.
Aleen Originally Answered: Is a Cancer more compatible with a Taurus or Capricorn?
Taurus, because they're both very loyal and they have lots of commons. Capricorn is a workaholic who never stops working and Cancer will never understand why Capricorn is so unemotional, because Cancer and Capricorn are the opposites, you know that opposites can either become best allies or become worst enemies, right? So, without a doubt, Taurus would be perfect for a Cancer.

Triston Triston
Wow interesting I think taurus is the only sign I (a cancer woman) have never dealt with as far as a relationships what i do know is they are not the highest compatible sign with cancer. But they are also not the worse match the only problems that you may have like any sign is not becoming so emotional about certain things that are not worth it and also taurus does not neccesarily love the attention and affection cancer tends to give. In order for this relationship to last, flexibility is a key life lesson for both to learn. It is necessary for Taurus to reach out beyond his or her super-safe surroundings in order to try something new. Meanwhile, Cancer will have to step out of his or her beloved routines (often regarded by others as addictions) and also try something new. If this can be accomplished, then the Taurus/Cancer combination will light an inner fire that truly feeds the soul
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Reuben Reuben
This is a Cancer man and Taurus woman. In "Astrology and Sexual analysis" author Morris c Goodman says: " the more emotional water sign people will lean on the Taureans for strength, support, and will be partners of a union in which they take more than they give." He further states that Cancer will have a more stable love life if they wait until after fifty to wed. They do not like committment. But he says, In all cases the taurus person has a steadfastness that makes for sticking with a bargain, even if there is a certain amount of cheating on the side. BEST MATE FOR A TAURUS :AQUARIUS best mate for a Cancer: Capricorn
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Reuben Originally Answered: Taurus boyfriend vs me (cancer) working.?
We all need a Plan B. Often Plan A doesn't work so if there is no Plan B in place, you are "on your own." "Up a creek without a paddle." Homeless. It happens. it happened to me. It can happen to anybody. When you do not become independent early in life, you are generally stuck in a "dependent" relationship with another because you do not have the skills or the self-esteem to become independent. And it can be a cold, cruel world out there. And a sad fact of life is that often when young girls become older and lose some of that "natural beauty" and their significant other begins to look around at the younger and prettier girls, you might find yourself needing a place to live. It happened to me. It can happen to anybody. I am a 20th century woman that was raised to believe that you married a man that could keep you "in the manner to which you had become accustomed." In other words, the man worked and the woman took care of the home and the children too of course. She did not work outside the home. There was the issue of "pride" here as who would marry someone that couldn't take care of you and you "had" to get a job to help out the husband to pay the bills? Back then there was a little bit of "shame" implied if the wife worked outside the home. Then the age of divorce without "shame" jumped into society around 1980 and the divorce rate jumped sky high! There was no more shame connected with getting a divorce! It was heaven! Or was it? It wasn't heaven for all, that's for sure. Because the "former wife and mother" had never worked outside the home so she had no experience to put on her resume. She often didn't complete college as she really went to college to find a husband. Oh yes, that is how our last century operated. I am one of the statistics of divorce regarding 75% of single mothers end up at poverty level. I am included in that percentage. Because I was dependent on someone else my entire life. First my parents, then my 1st husband, then my 2nd husband, and at age 42 fled an abusive marriage with my little daughter and found out how tough it was out there for a single mother with some part-time work experience, but not enough to get a really good job with really good benefits, All because of one thing. I had been dependent. All my life. Dependent on another. I certainly would never wish my dependency on another human being. And my daughter watched me struggle with the bills and the child support that rarely came. And the jobs that were lost because of poor attendance because my child was sick. Oh, every women should always have Plan B. And even Plan C. And maybe even Plan D. My 21 year-old daughter is a junior in college and isn't planning on anybody paying her bills. Straight A student. Am I proud? Of course. How could I not be? So you let another guy manipulate your life and make your life decisions for you and when he is mad at you (as Taurus are known for their ugly temper) and you want to leave but the car is in his name so now you don't have a car. And you didn't go to college because Taurus Man didn't want you to go. And you didn't get a job to get some work experience to write on a job application so now nobody is going to want to hire you. Looks will only get you through life for about 20 years tops. Then you have to depend on him the rest of your life. If he even wants to "keep" you after you begin to get some gray hairs and your begin "sagging" as we all do (it is called "gravity") And then think back to when you had your whole life ahead of you but you did what Taurus Man told you to do and now you have no Plan B. No car. No work experience. No college education. No "looks" to rely on. I know you are smart enogh to realize that you are allowing yourself to be painted into a corner. So please don't.

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