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June 16, 2019 / By Breeda
Question: i know i asked this question before but i didnt get good answers ... i will finish school in 4 years (im 13 years old) and was wondering if i should continue with my studies first(college/University) or go to a wrestling school or if its possible i could go to both? Thanks WQ- Who is the best heel in wwe atm?
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Alexandra Alexandra | 9 days ago
If you have plenty of time, sure why not do both. You want to keep a healthy mind for your studies so you should keep your wrestling shedules not too tight. Make sure you have a backup plan in case you don't do well in wrestling by meaning I mean you should complete University and you could get the job on whatever your Uni was based on But if you really considere wrestling for your future, stick with wrestling and then someday you could make a living out of your hard effort. WQ: I guess it's JBL.
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Alexandra Originally Answered: Which wrestling school are you planning to go to, if you're becoming a Pro Wrestler? [Details and BQ Inside]?
Well , the one I DO go to and train at is run By Lenny Lane. Its here in Minnesota , in Golden Valley. It was formely called Eddie Sharkey's Wrestling Camp and eddie trained you , but was handed off to Lenny Lane , a protege of Eddie. Its called WrestlingParties. Only because when he's not training people , he runs a Wrestling party show where he throws Wrestling themed parties for kids. He uses us to show kids how to do moves , sell , etc...... He's a great guy , who's very nice and has a lot of respect for the business. Plus , he's got Direct Connections with WWE. He was actually on ECW a couple months ago and Jobbed to Jack Swagger. Anytime WWE or TNA needs someone to Job or do something like that he usually gets a call and sends one of the guys whose Finished Training and has started working Indy shows around here. WWE & TNA call him when they want some new young talent to actually use too. After I'm done here , I'll be working Indy shows around here , Possibly go to ROH(east coast) , UPW (Cali - Cena was Trained there) like Chris Jericho said , OVW(KY - the former WWE Develop) , and then hopefully FCW. Train with them , get called up to do dark matches , then make the Main Roster on one of the 3 shows. Just Remember: This is A LOT of work. We do 45 minutes of just Weight Training & Cardio before we even get in the ring. Its 3 days a week , 3 hours a day , for 3 months. Probably the most notable guy he's trained was Daivari (Shiek Abdul Bashir in TNA) Yeah - it would be possible to go to another school , Why you would want to I don't know. The Wild Samoan Training Center is one of the Best schools in the World. Batista was trained there. Plus , you'd have to pay another $3,000 for tuition at the new school again. BQ - Favorite: Cool , I hope they win. Maybe they'll get a title run. Least Favorite: Damn , I hate you. I hope you get "Future Endevored". Much Respect either way though.

Turlough Turlough
Definitely continue your education! I can't stress enough how important that is. If, for whatever reason, wrestling doesn't work out, you will need something else. Get your degrees!! Sure, it's possible to go to college and wrestling school at the same time. One way, to potentially save a lot of time and money, is going to college online. There are many great online universities, definitely consider that route. And make your education your number one priority. Good luck with your education and wrestling school both. WQ: I think Chris Jericho is the most effective WWE heel right now. He has the best combination of wrestling skills, gimmick, mic skills, and the ability to get the fans to hate him, of all the WWE heels.
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Richie Richie
i think you should finish your education then start training then try fcw wrestling then you should be right after few years off training and i think is john morrison and the miz as best heels besides randy orton and chris jericho
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Meredith Meredith
You will never become a famous wrestler, your only 13 when you turn 20 you will know for sure what you wanna do with your life and if not at 20 then at 24 when the fire is under your butt from bills and rent.
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Meredith Originally Answered: What do u think of these wrestling statements (new, inside)?
1) Agree/Disagree-If you'd asked me this a few months ago, I would have totally agreed, but now, after seeing Randy Orton dropping the ball every time he's given it, I have to say, regrettably, that Triple H is more entertaining than Orton. Now, I don't like Triple H, but at least when's he's on the mic, I can remember what he said four minutes after I've heard it. I can't always say that about Randy Orton, I just know that it'll be something about punting someone in the head, Legacy or Batista. 2) Agree-I really don't understand all of the hype surrounding Orton. Plain and simple, Vince gave Orton every oppurtunity (actually, he's still giving it to him) to lead the company and Orton has failed spectacularly. He's dragged RAW into the basement of WWE and has vaulted up the other programs if only because he's so bad. I guess that he's decent (read: average) in the ring and a good looking guy, people go crazy over him. 3) Agree-I think that any program with The Undertaker on it is a better show than without him. Having him fued with Dolph Ziggler would be brutal. What would that do for Dolph? He would just get annihalated for a few weeks until the the storyline was dropped, and he would lose any credibility he had from Khali. Personally, I'd LOVE to see The Undertaker return on RAW. I know that it won't happen but man, would that shake things up or what? 4) Agree-The best ever man...The best ever... 5) Disagree-Hmmm, I think that by the END of 2010, no question about it, they'll be world champions, but the start might be pushing it. Remember, there are only five months left in 2009. I'd love to see it though, both guys are getting pushed so well right now. They're really proving how good they can be, both of them. 6) Agree-I know that most people won't agree with this, but since Orton has gotten so much of the spotlight, it's become clear. Is Orton really THAT great in the ring? I don't think so. Now, you'll get a ton of responses from Cena-haters because to them everything connected to John Cena is pure evil, but the fact is that Cena IS a good worker. Sure, he's not the best, but at least he's entertaining, which is more than can be said for Orton. It's just SO obvious. Anybody who says otherwise is speaking from pure bias. 7) Agree-That would be a disgrace. To me, the notion of Ted Dibiase ending the streak is one of the modern mysteries of life. Honestly, WHO could think that is a good idea? 8) Agree-Again, this won't be the popular choice, but Jeff Hardy is a major face for WWE. From a business stanpoint, it's a huge blow. Just look at all the merchandise he sells. He's ridiculously over with the fans and no matter how you feel about him personally, that's a fact. I think that Smackdown will do alright when he goes, because Rey Mysterio and John Morrison can step up, but it will still be a big loss, for sure. 9) Agree-Oh man, cue the tissues. I can already say for certain, they'll be waterworks. 10) Agree-Say what you will about John Cena, but on the big stage, just like all the legends of the business, he steps it up. I would absolutely love to see that match. I mean, if Batista can put on a great match with The Undertake at Wrestlemania (despite what the haters say, it WAS a great match), then so can John Cena, no doubt. The only Undertaker match I'd want to see more is The Undertaker-Sting, but that isn't happening any time soon.

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