I would like to know a lot about a physician assistant?

I would like to know a lot about a physician assistant? Topic: I would like to know a lot about a physician assistant?
June 16, 2019 / By Brenda
Question: I am 16 and I want to see if a physician assistant is a great career for me. I would like to know how long u go to school for, and the avg sallaries, and what they MOSTLY do, PLEASE and THANKS.:)
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Alexandrea Alexandrea | 10 days ago
Hi--I am going to tell you what schooling is now, but by the time you are ready; I will probably be a masters degree uniformly; so just aim for that. Currently some programs give a bachelors as the PA degree (and a tiny amount do less); but like I said, the move is to the masters. So you get an undergraduate bachelors in a pre-med type curricula. Most schools require some sort of health care experience (MA, RN, EMT, paramedic, lab tech etc) and then you do the masters which is 24-33 months long. It is generally modeled on the med school--first year is mostly lecture; then clinical rotations. For the masters part you do a project/thesis. The median salary is about $78-82,000/year. The surgical specialties are paid the most (cardio thoracic etc; at around 105,000). You can do a residency after you graduate in a specialty if you want--that is another year. As to what PAs do; they can do pretty much what their supervising doctor can do. They are trained to do physical exams, order & interpret tests & labs & xrays; write prescriptions, diagnose, evaluate treatments, do surgery (first assist), procedures (depends on their area--such as intubations, lacerations, dislocations, chest tubes, set bones, cast, etc etc). They work relatively independently, under the auspices of a supervising doctor. You still see your own patients & do things but you have the doc as a back-up and a second opinion, so to speak, which is very comforting. A great doc will teach you tons, But again, a derm PA does derm stuff, a surgical PA see patients pre op, manages them in the ICU and assists with surgery--so it varies as much as it does for docs. Despite that other answer, the days of PAs taking grief from everyone are pretty much gone. They have integrated (except for some small instances) pretty much into the fabric of the health care team. The national organization is aapa.org; and all states have a state chapter as well, where you can get info. Good luck; it is a great career.
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Alexandrea Originally Answered: Should I be a Physician Assistant or RN?
Hi Maggie, Your story sounds just like mine. Currently, I'm a psychiatrics nurse. My previous degree was in psychology. But, when all I could find was low wage jobs, went back to school for an accelerated bachelor's degree in nursing. There are lots of scholarships available for nursing school. In my opinion, nursing is based upon the nursing model. While being a PA is based on a medical model. Yes, the two are different. If you're personality is more feeling and relationship building, do nursing. If you're more analytical and in your head, take the PA program. If your goal is to work in a hospital I would suggest, going the PA route. If you want to work in a hospital or community setting, do nursing. You can always get your master's in nursing and become a nurse practioner so that you can prescribe medication. I will probably get flamed for saying this. But, I think that PA's being a more male dominated profession get more respect than nurses. I would suggest shadowing a PA and a nurse. Call up your local hospital and ask for a volunteer shadow day with a nurse or PA. Call your local health department and shadow a nurse. Only then will you truly get a feel for which path you should choose.

Ty Ty
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avjYT No, they are fairly portable, but you do need to get a new license in each state you go to which can be expensive and take time. You would need to plan ahead. You can work locums, per diem, clinics etc and do not need to be tied to a practice.
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Rick Rick
PA's take a lot of crap from doctors, nurses and patients because they are the assistant (not a real doctor). the courses you have to take in school is ridiculous and the pay really isnt worth it. you might as well become a doctor instead. depending on the state they make almost the same or a little more than nurses with less time in school.
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Merit Merit
You DON"T have to go to school 6 years to be a physician's assistant. You can go through a trade school and have a certificate in it in less than a year. If people had go to school for 6 years to be one why not be a doctor for just 2 years more lol.
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Jonny Jonny
you need bachelors (4 years ) and then 2 year masters (some 3 years) and the pay is great anywhere from 68 to 90k learn more at puremedicalJobs.com PA page
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Jonny Originally Answered: Is it too late to by a Physician Assistant?
No, it is not too late. Many PA programs prefer applicants who have had some work experience, particularly in a health care setting. The average PA program takes a little more than two years (26 months). You might be able to take the basic medical sciences part-time and spread out the first year over two years; it depends on the policies of the PA program. You would probably have to do the clinical portion full-time. Many students take out loans to pay for their education and living expenses, or they go to school full-time and work part-time to cover some of their expenses. You might be able to get financial aid. The persons in the admissions departments of the PA programs should know the correct answers to your questions. Talk to persons in the admissions departments of the PA programs of interest to you. Find out what pre-requisites you would still have to take. I don't think you would have to earn a second bachelor's degree, but you may have to take some courses as a temporary non-degree graduate student. How long it will take depends on how many courses you have to take and whether or not you go to school full time or part time.

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