Sagittarius girls are scary?

Sagittarius girls are scary? Topic: Sagittarius girls are scary?
June 16, 2019 / By Brenna
Question: they sound so dry when talking on msn /skype. like no emoticons, no laughs, and sometimes just log off without saying bye. it's scary.. are most sag girls like that?
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Alexia Alexia | 1 day ago
Sounds more like an overtired Sagittarian to me. Let your Sagittarian friend have some space and she should be in a better mood in no time. If she stays in that mood, then perhaps something is bothering her and she's too focused on solving this problem to pay attention to you. The Sags I know hate to need help from others, they prefer to be left to think things over.
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Alexia Originally Answered: Sagittarius-dragon?
Good! You have the gift of seeing the best in people and are kind and caring to those who need your help. You have a lot of empathy - you can put yourself in someone else's shoes to imagine how they are feeling. Your optimistic attitude is contagious and helps friends to be more open-minded. You also love coming up with different ideas on how to solve a problem. bad:( You are a Fire sign and with that comes impatience. You like to get moving and sometimes you fail to plan things out in detail. You also can be very sensitive and get your feelings hurt when friends don't view the world as you do. Try not to be so preachy! Your friends get enough lectures in school! PS I am a sag. tooo!!!
Alexia Originally Answered: Sagittarius-dragon?
I've known 2 Saggy-Dragons. My co-worker is a Sagg-Dragon. She will NEVER admit to a mistake, would rather die than doing that. When I was training, she wouldn't train me and when I went to others for help she didn't like that either. She is a bit sneaky and doesn't always tell you the COMPLETE truth so i never know what to believe. We've have our differences cuz ,like a Saggy, I'm a fire sign~ An Aries. She's divorced but is dedicated to her grown kids and treats her 2 small dogs like they were her children. BUT! She seems to be intelligent and knows a lot about different stuff. She can be funny sometimes too. She works at her her own pace and get all of her work done, though she has told the boss that she thinks I am a slow worker. She does sometimes think she is above me, job wise that is. She wouldn't stoop to do my job because as she says "it's not my job." She can be a bit negative sometimes and sometimes she could be short and have a temper. The other was a guy. He did all of the talking and was sometimes negative but real smart though. Sometimes he too had a temper. I noticed both were not big on listening. They liked to do the talking. This is just my personal experience is all. I still believe Dragon people are some of the most intelligent and powerful people.
Alexia Originally Answered: Sagittarius-dragon?
I am with a sag-dragon male. He is stubborn & angry & doesn't give an inch (very firey). Very masculine. He likes to talk but not into listening if it isn't what he's interested in or wants to talk about. He is very sensitive. He loves to bring little gifts. Family is very important. When he gets over himself he shows his beautiful soft side that is adorable. He is happiest & most loving when he is getting his own way. His heart is definitely in the right place. Females prob have easier time with this combination than males but I'm no expert!

Tybalt Tybalt
Yeah...Thats called a Bored Sagg Girl. She is Boredddddddd....like always If you Entertain her , she will waite for you On Msn Like everyday.
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Fine I aplogise for my other question answer. I hate it when girls, bathe in perfume instead of small dabs Give themselves makeovers in class or public(example: therers this girl that sits infornt of me and every day she uses this toothpcik thing and digs at her cuticles) Girls use their feminity to avoid doing work. Same class lol these girls don't do anything at all except sit there and take seats from people that actually want to be there. They never take notes, they never do homework, they never particapate but they sit on their phone bbm or text messageing eachother oh hey did you see that handbag or clothing or look how sluttly that girl is or w/e refuse to look at a situation fully and side with their emotions. Such as this. Everyone knows obesity is bad. Not one perosn would say they love obesity. A law comes to say lets make fatty foods illegal. They say yea now people will get healthy. Well they forget that their are other ways for people to stop eating fatty foods, and get healther such as indviduals taking responsibility for themselves instead of relying on goverment. Sorry that was a bit of a rant. Put themselves infront of guys. Mothers day and fathers day for example. Mothers get at least a &100 dollar gift a father gets a $15 golf shirt like every other year. Guys earn the money and the wifes spend it. (If you say that women earn money to well, that may be so but in most relationships Guys make the primary income and the wife is the primary spender) When girls say they want a good guy that will take care of them and be honest, then dump the guy because hes to sensitive or tooo good. TWO Headed Freak out about the little stuff such as a break up. (example my sister and boyfriend have broken up so many times I stopped counting generally around 4 breakups a week) Well ever dam breakup she would come home and be hyserically crying for hours. Youd think she would use her head by then How most of them want to be an artist, actor, singer, model, markiting. Persue higher education then give up there carreers so they can take care of a kid. My father raised me as a single parent and he worked atleast a 12 hour day think fashion is a neccesity not a desire and are willing to throw away lifesavings so they can buy a pair of shoes If you cross their paths they become sadistic physcos majority tend to vote democat I explained this earlier majority tend to follow celebrity news than important news such as world affairs live in a bubble have a couch in a bathroom can't drive can't parrellpark think everything is offensive They drive SUV's even though they are alone most of the time. Can't drive and dont understand a vehicle so they gunn their accelertor pedal past 5 RPM everytime so they can go to a redlight or stop sign. Dress up to make themselves think they are important even though they are not. become overbearing mothers that forget logic. I had a friend, his mother was fine with him drinking and driving and smoking pot in the house. She was not okay with him staying at my house past midnight.
Tybalt Originally Answered: POLL: I hate it when girls (or other girls)(or some girls) ___________. UNISEX QUESTION?
I hate it when girls ***** all the time about everything, despite how trivial the matter may be. I hate it when girls talk down about other girls to make themselves feel better. I hate it when girls cake on their makeup. I hate it when girls call themselves ugly, and/or fat when they're not. Wow, I could really go on with this for days, but I won't.

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