What's your opinion on cell phones?

What's your opinion on cell phones? Topic: What's your opinion on cell phones?
June 16, 2019 / By Brett
Question: It has been said that cell phones are creating isolated individuals. Rather than interacting with each other, people are busy talking on their cell phones in public. On the other hand, some say that cell phones have promoted interaction and connection. Which statement do you agree with and why?
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Alexina Alexina | 2 days ago
I think cell phones make people less aware of what is going on around them. Ever been stuck in a Supermarket or bank line behind someone who has to talk to someone on the phone about who got voted off American Idol??? Have you ever been in a near car accident because the other driver was chatting on their cell phone. The best one I saw was last week, a woman was crossing the street chatting away when an ambulance with lights and sirens was coming her way. She looked up just in time to get out of it's way. Thanks to cell phones, I have also found out more about people's personal lives without really trying because they talk so loud. I didn't have a cell phone until three months ago. I only bought it because my wife wanted to have a way to contact me in an emergency. I bought a go phone because I don't understand the different plans and because I am usually on it long enough to say "I'll be late" or "I just got done with my business". I prefer long and in depth phone conversations to be done on my home phone because that way I can be comfortable, I can move away from distractions, and I have pen and paper to write information if I need to. I will actually admit, I cannot drive and talk on the phone at the same time. Therefore, talking, driving, and writing is an accident waiting to happen. The best thing about talking on my home phone is that if you call me, you have my undivided attention.
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Alexina Originally Answered: Overusing cell phones?
All this new technology only makes people more dependent and unable/unwilling to do things themselves. It's the corporations' way of keeping the people down; give 'em gizmos, and they'll be too busy with all their new toys to wake up and realize how badly the corporations of this country are screwing them over.

Tye Tye
First statement. The only reason for this is because when we do talk on the phone it's usually for: 1) Pranking 2) Listening to one of those stupid commercial junk nonsense which I like to call junk calls Ex. booty call, listening to jokes, or the pyschic help 3)Talking over business with someone who's nothing but on a professional level with the person on the phone and 4)We never take the advantage of truly meeting anyone new just someone who meets standards that we can have a quick or long phone conversation with and that whole dating service thing... that just doesn't cut it in my book to say that calling promotes interaction and connection. It still has to move further than just that...
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Ricki Ricki
Overwhelmingly, I believe that they have created a society of people who cannot be alone. No matter where they are, they NEED to be in contact with others. I gave up my cell phone when I gave up my career...and I haven't had one for two years now. And I haven't had one instance in which I felt that I NEEDED it. Sure, it would be convenient...but it is not necessary. There is also the theory, now, that cell phone signals have been the major cause in the bees dying off. Without the bees, our planet will die. So how many people will give up their cell phones in order to save our planet...and the human race? Anyone?
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Merlin Merlin
Well by increasing your availability, more people can talk to you which I suppose is good socially however I do have to say that people are becoming too dependant on their cell phones, believing that they have to be available 24/7.
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Jools Jools
both. ppl are stupid and will talk on the phone the entire time while with other ppl. but when they are not they keep in touch and form better more understanding relationships w. ppl because they dont need to be in any particular place at any time. also, when buissiness needs u, its easier to reach u
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Jools Originally Answered: ban on cell phones while driving in the US?
I certainly understand the logic, but I think it is an attempt to put the proverbial band-aid on cancer. It wouldn't solve the safety problems because it is designed to reduce distractions and many other distractions are still legal. People will still drive without complete attention because they are allowed to listen to the radio, talk to passengers, eat, drink, read, apply make-up, shave, etc. Accidents occurred before cell phone use in vehicles, and they will continue to occur after cell phone use in cars also. From my experience, most people I see talking on cell phones unknowingly channel their distraction in a fashion that is ironically safe--they drive slower. So, bottom line for me is that I understand the opposition against cell phone use while driving, and it might prevent a few accidents, but it's naive to think that it will offer a complete solution.

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