Tips for moving out at sixteen?

Tips for moving out at sixteen? Topic: Tips for moving out at sixteen?
June 25, 2019 / By Briony
Question: I am sixteen years old, and I am seriously thinking about moving out, since I've been criticized for the previous questions I've asked, I guess I should say why I'm thinking about moving out. #1, I just found out last night that my family and I have to move out of the house we've been living in for almost eight years. Well, I'm not very good when it comes to change, and I figure that if I move into my own place now it will save me having to move again in two years, and have to get used to a new place. #2, my family is not rich, and buying a house is not going to be a very easy task for them, and one of the reason's why I am thinking about moving out is because it would save them money, besides, here in Ontario, Canada it is legal to move out, and I am old enough to start supporting myself. #3, I haven't really been getting along with my mom and dad lately, and it would be better if I was living by myself, to prevent fights and more stress than my family already has. Any help will be nice, but if your going through this too I would like to know. I'm very nervous about this, but I think its for the best. How much money will I need then? I am open to answers, I'm not one of those teenagers that ignores advice. You can't possibly know how stressed I am. I know it won't be easy, but staying with my parents is going to be more stress on them, and thats not fair. It would be selfish for me to stay with them. And, I want to work. Its my choice, but I will listen. Please don't call me names, and make fun of me, I have been dealing with that for at least a week, and all I am doing is trying to get some help. I'm very stressed out. I'm even thinking about selling all my stuff. I don't have any friends. And new clothes and stuff aren't important to me right now. My family, however, is. I am not trying to be selfish. I had no intention on moving out at sixteen, but the situation is pretty bad. I have been saving my money, not buying anything really, saving up for a place when I'm older, I told myself at fifteen that I am going to move out at sixteen, right on my birthday, but I noticed the closer my sixteenth birthday came, that thoughts came to me and I realized that life can't be any easier out there than here. But I am thinking about my family, I want them to be happy. My parents have four kids, two toddlers, a fifteen year old and me. I have to start learning that life isn't all fun and games, is it right for me to be playing around while my parents are working so hard to support me and my siblings and themselves. Thats simply not fair. I was thinking about a summer job, but they want me to enjoy my teen years. But I feel like I'm being lazy. My mom was on her own at sixteen, and not by choice. She told me all about it. But, I can handle it, I will avoid moving out, as much as possible, but if I do decide to move out, I need to know what to expect. I am a nervous and shy person, so getting a job is probably the main thing I'm worried about. I'm have anxiety. I have mixed emotions about this whole situation, and last night after I told my mom my plan, I found out she's spying on me, and I don't feel she likes me because I told her some things that are upsetting me, and also that I have symptoms of OCD, and guess what she did, she started mocking me and picking on me. Thats more stressful than you think. I agree that families should stick together, but that includes parents, and my parents keep talking about the house being none of my business, and yet they expect me to be happy? I work around the house, and they say I do nothing, and then they take out their frustrations out on me by yelling at me and my mom said that I'm "writing them out" and thats not what I was trying to do, I was thinking about them, and I won't lie I am also thinking about myself, do I want to spend the next two years in a house with them getting in fights and in trouble, and being picked on and then probably kicked out on the street at eighteen? No. I would rather leave on my own terms, and also when I am not angry and leaving them only for the purpose of getting them out of my face.
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Alica Alica | 9 days ago
You really don't want to rush into things. Trust me, I know you've probably heard this a thousand times. But just enjoy being a sixteen year old kid. Time goes by so fast you'll be on your own faster than you know.
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Alica Originally Answered: Can I get some tips on moving to another state?
The 4 places you picked are far apart and different life styles. Start looking on line at local newspapers & see if they offer what you want. Look at prices for apartments & the want ads for ideas. See what insurance will cost in these places. In theory, you should visit these places before moving there, but l doubt if that is feasible. At some point you need to narrow down the list. Keep in mind that moving doesn't change your life, it only changes where you live. Look at business publications regarding your field, especially the want ads, it may help. Also, start saving money. Moving is more expensive then you would think.

Tyrrell Tyrrell
Well I went ahead and looked at your previous questions and here are my opinions. You are different from your other sisters and your mom does'nt take well to it. Your family is having some financial difficulties that will in time hopefully not be as burdensome and you are very frustrated and are trying to convince yourself to move to be on your own. Hmmm... Have you thought of maybe getting a part time job and contributing to your family? I dont know if your family is very strict but maybe having a job would help the family and also give you some time away from home to gain experience BEFORE you go on your own. It's a risky leap to take and there are so many things to think about. Where will I work, what transportation will i use, will I finish school or will I have to quit in order to pay my bills, what will I eat, what if i get sick , can i afford medical treatment, etc... I would say "no" because you dont live in an abusive home. I know you're not getting along with them but, you wont get along with a lot of other people out there in this world either. Just hang in there a little while longer until you at least have some work experience to go on. Be honest with yourself, it seems like you want to move out more for yourself at the moment than for any other reason and im saying this based on your first explanation. Im sure this is'nt what you wanted to hear but, this is a serious matter. Dont be in such a hurry, everything will be ok.
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Rikki Rikki
I think you're being very mature about the whole thing, but it might be more than you realize once you get out on your own. The utility bills add up and things go wrong. The kinds of jobs that you can get at the age of 16 are hard to support yourself on. Are you still in school? If you are, it will be hard for you to work enough to support yourself. You will be pretty much cutting out any chance you have for fun because you will not be able to afford it. I had some friends who moved out when I was in high school and within a month they had moved back home, and they were splitting bills between 3 people! However, if you do move out, try to make yourself a budget and stick to it so you won't be stressed out. Find somewhere cheap but safe to live and remember that you can't afford all the things that you used to.
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Mervin Mervin
What's wrong with you working while you go to school and giving half of your paycheck to your parents? It will help them, if they can count on it reliably, to be able to afford a house. Other siblings should do this as well. You would set the example. Housing is always expensive. Unless you have roomates. You can be incredibly lucky and get a great roommate. But usually the hardest thing is paying what is usually a lot anyway for a bedroom and sharing a living room and a kitchen. Living at home, you can actually think about college. Living on your own, there will only be more and more bills, never less. No one is going to cook a meal so that you can be sure of not starving. I think you really really want to live on your own. You are ripe for meeting some guy who will want to shack up with you. Types like this will come out of the woodwork if they know you will have sex with them and share the bills. As I said, it will still be more expensive than living at home. And more likely that you will get pregnant!
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Jordyn Jordyn
I would think long and hard about this before you decide to do anything. When i was 16 i wanted to move out soooo badly, i found i was always arguing with my parents and thought it wud be so much easier if i had my own place. Now that im 23 i can see that if i had done it i wouldnt have had much of a life. Even if you can afford the rent on somewhere, your never going to accumulate enough savings to buy somewhere eventually. Just think of all the things you need to buy to furnish a flat, your essentials, food etc. Unless you walk into a fantastic job you could find your money coming in, then going straight out again.Wouldnt you rather be able to go buy new clothes and go out and have fun with your friends. Iv spent the last few years saving up all the time and buying items for when i finally get my own place. Now im in a position where i have a steady wage, my own car and lots of items to put in an apartment when i finally get one. I know a few people who have moved out at an early age but that its only due to being abused etc. They found they had no option. So as i said think long and hard about it, work out what you wanna do with school/your career etc, and see how much rent etc would come to and and see if you could realistically afford to do it. Good luck Have you tried talking to your parents, tell them how you feel.
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Hanani Hanani
I honestly don't think this is a good idea. I know you believe in yourself that you want to move out, and can back up yourself, but I can tell you that I moved out at 19 and I still didn't think it was a good idea. It's way too costly, and most places will not rent to you as you are underage. Some places you need to have steady income, so saving up isn't really worth it. There are utilities to pay, unless you happen to stumble upon a all utilities are paid for place. It's a huge step, and just because you aren't getting along with your parents and you are moving doesn't mean that it is the way out. I moved out because my mom and I weren't getting along, and it's been a year and I honestly would have found another way to solve that problem (even if it meant moving in with a friend).
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Edmund Edmund
Just to shed a little tuff love, i don't know how jobs are in Canada or really anything about Canada, but with my own personal experience, it doesn't work!! to start backwards, the answer to number three is that all teenagers have fights with their parents at that age... if you have never fought with your parent at sixteen then you must have been sent strait from heaven above by god himself. second, do you have a job that will pay for rent because if you don't a credit card is not the way to do it. it just isn't the thing to do to all ready get yourself into debt at the age of sixteen. and last i know money can be an issue, my life as a teenager was never too pleasant with knoeing that my parents could never pay for the things that every other teenager has, but when you get caught up in the world it means it can get you in trouble. it never hit me till i went to college is that friends nor money really matter, it is family and that is what you need to stick with because i know that no matter what family is what you come home to...family is what will be there for you in the end. now you do what you think is best with my advice. whether it goes into your head or into the trash it is the strait truth.
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Camden Camden
I'm 19 and married to a soldier. He went to Iraq (for the 2nd time) for a year 9 days after we married. I lived with my mom for most of the year, and then moved into an apartment about a month before he came home so we'd have our own place. He's been home almost 2 months now and since he's a reserve, he just received his last paycheck from the Army so we have to try to make it on our own paychecks. He drives to work 45 minutes one direction and I drive to work 45 minutes in the opposite direction. We have about $1000 in bills per month including rent (the landlord pays everything but our internet and our electricity). Altogether, we're paying about $2000+ including our gas to and from work. Living alone is ridiculously expensive and a lot of places won't rent to you if you don't have a job that you make enough money at to actually pay your rent and your utilities. It's a waste of their time. Most places call your references (including your workplace) and do a background check and make certain that you can afford to live there. At 16 years old, can you really afford it and still pay for everything you need to survive?
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Camden Originally Answered: I'm moving in 4 days and I need some helpful tips.?
Hi, I have a few ideas that might help you. First of all you will need to pace yourself! Take a few minutes to plan things out before you start. You have a limited amount of time to get this job done. I believe the time you put into planning up front will pay off in the end. 1. Do you have someone to move your big items like furniture and all your boxes after they are packed? If you don't, Then you need to work this out first. You can work on this while packing but you need to get the ball moving on this. 2. Next, go through all your rooms and estimate the time you will need to pack each room. Rough estimate is all you need. You need to do this because you have a short amount of time and you have to pace yourself to make sure you have time to do it all. Then, block the amount of time throughout your 4 days on paper. This way, you will have a plan and a schedule and you'll know throughout the next 4 days if you are on schedule and whether or not you need to put more time into it to get back on track. Also add another 10% on each time estimate. Things always take longer than we think and stuff happens to delay us! 3. You will need supplies: boxes, styrofoam peanuts and/or bubble wrap, paper to wrap things in, sharpie markers and packing tape (get the big rolls with the dispenser), notebook or pad of paper and a pen. The last time I moved, I had a box company right up the street from me and they had everything I needed for the move. Moving companies also have this stuff and may sell it to you even if you don't use their service. I got boxes from various sources like costco, sam's club etc. If you can't buy the packing stuff, I would suggest you keep out your sheets, kitchen towels, blankets, comforters, etc and use them as packing. Then there is the old standby - newspapers. 4. Before you start packing, put aside the things you need to live in your home for the next for days (eg, plate, fork, spoon, paper towels, soap, toothbrush, pillows, blanket, clothes) then pack the rest. 5. Can you enlist the help of a friend or relative to help you pack. If so call them! 6. At the beginning of the packing put aside one box called "OPEN ME FIRST". This is the box you will need first when you get to your destination. As you are packing, put in this box things like: all purpose cleaner, paper towels, toilet paper!, any important papers or belongings that you might need immediately, light bulbs, your house phone, - you get the idea. Since you have already put aside your living essentials for the next 4 days these will be packed last and carried with you as well. 7. Start packing the room that is most important and will take the most time. This is so you are sure to pack the most important things first and if you go over time on this job, you can adjust your schedule while you still have time. 8. Keep a pad or notebook with you. To write down things you think of while you're packing ("to do" items, etc) and to make an inventory of items you are packing - I explain this further below. 9. Label and number your boxes. Keep a list of the important things and what box number they are in at a minimum. If you can, I would suggest that you keep a running list of all the boxes and generally what is in them, you never know what you'll need sometimes. Label your boxes sequentially 1, 2, 3 and so on, also label the box for what room it belongs in when you get to your new home (kitchen, bathroom, living room etc). This way, you will be able to sort the boxes when you get to your destination into the room they belong. Label any box that doesn't need to be unpacked right away or doesn't have a destination as "other" ( you should still give the box a sequential number). By the way the box numbers serve a purpose so you can be sure you received all your boxes at your destination and you are not missing anything. 10. Tape all your boxes shut and make sure if something is fragile inside you've filled the empty space in the box. You can use comforters, pillows and other belongings to act as packing. If you are gonna mix things up in boxes though (put the dishes in a bed comforter for instance) the list becomes even more important. 11. For your large furniture, this will depend on if you have help moving it and who is doing it. I assume you are not moving dressers and couches by yourself! Some movers will tell you to not to empty your drawers and they move the stuff as is. If you have friends or others moving, get some painters tape and tape your drawers and doors on your furniture so they stay shut during moving. 12. One last thought is, if you have an ipod or an MP3 player, use it while you pack. It always helps me to stay on task if I have something to listen to....Less boring anyway. I hope this was helpful. Good luck in your new home. I hope I covered the information you needed. Feel free to email me if you need to. Best wishes, Maryann

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