Which essay topic is easier? WHITE COLLAR CRIME or ORGANIZED CRIME.?

Which essay topic is easier? WHITE COLLAR CRIME or ORGANIZED CRIME.? Topic: Which essay topic is easier? WHITE COLLAR CRIME or ORGANIZED CRIME.?
June 16, 2019 / By Britannia
Question: I am deciding on which particular essay topic to choose... Question1 What are the key issues about the nature of white collar crime which affect the way it is dealt with by society? Question2 How do the problems of defining organised crime affect national and international law and policy in this area?
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Best Answers: Which essay topic is easier? WHITE COLLAR CRIME or ORGANIZED CRIME.?

Alice Alice | 10 days ago
White collar crime is typically just people embezzling, or transferring money between accounts. Other cases are pretty dry, dealing with tax evasion or due dilligence failures. Organized crime would be more interesting, especially since it already includes two of those areas (embezzling and tax). Defining organized crime automatically has the problem of being too broad and dishing out penalties that are too severe. It also relies a great deal on insinuation. There is rarely a smoking gun, either via a paper trail (like white collar crime) or actual direct evidence (like in violent crime). Organized crime is like a virus--it adapts to law enforcement pressures and new opportunities. It conducts itself differently as the laws change and prior members get prosecuted. It also uses corruption and straw organizations regularly, which means prosecution on an international level is made very difficult as foreign governments are made uncooperative. As it adapts, it exploits blind spots between international agreements that are responsible for law enforcement targeting the activities of organized crime.
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Tyson Tyson
2nd one looks easier to deal with (look at different definitions and see how different definitions would make different things criminal or not, i dunno) - 1st look a bit more difficult, subjective - but way more interesting Hey i dunno who came up with those essay topics but they are realy badly formulated
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Riley Riley
I would suggest Organized Crime as an interesting topic. White collar crime is pretty boring if you were to make a presentation. More people can associate with the Capones, Lansky, etc. than they can with Bernie Madoff. Cyber crime, fraud, contract fraud, laundering, embezzlement are fun in their own scope, but boring to report on.
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Mervyn Mervyn
In my opinion, Question 2 is an easier question because I'd think that it'd be easier to look up examples of organized crime and examples of national and international law and then pertain them to each other; and the same with the laws and policies in your area.
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Josaphat Josaphat
Question 2 You can find unbelievable amounts of information on this, especially parodied in the media. Finding the policies should be esay enough, especially when you see the dramatic changes to these laws and policies in the past twenty to thirty years! The police in the US we notorious for going along with organised crime. See American Ganster (based on a true story) as this gives a very good example of they way it used to be and the changes made.
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Hananiah Hananiah
Usually white collar criminals are high, drunk or both and Organized Criminals are selling the drugs. I'd say white collar cause the mentality is rather common... Stupid or drunken mistakes.
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Edric Edric
I'd agree.. question one does sound easier. It is more opinionated as opposed to question two, which seems like it is more factual.
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Edric Originally Answered: When did the first organized crime group come to the U.S from Italy?
I know the "La Cosa Nostra" were in the NY area in the 1920's (possibly earlier). The 1950's and 1960's saw a HUGE surge in various Italian mafia syndicates. In the 1970's, the first Russian mobsters came to the US (many of them let out of Soviet prisons under the the newly enacted "Jewish" repatriation program). The Russian criminals either faked a Jewish heritage, or has some.....another surge of Russian mafia came over in the early 1990's after the fall of the Soviet Union. The Japanese mafia has been in America since the late 1970's, and really establishing themselves in the 1980's. I know that is a lot more that what you asked for, but if you are writing a paper, it might help.

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