Router assigning same IP to all devices?

Router assigning same IP to all devices? Topic: Router assigning same IP to all devices?
June 25, 2019 / By Britney
Question: My Netgear router is assigning the same IP address to all of my connected devices. I have DHCP enabled. Is this normal behavior? I determined the IPs were the same by going to whatismyipaddress.com. The same IP appears for all my connected devices.
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Alicia Alicia | 1 day ago
it is not that your router is assigning same ip address to all your devices. when u go to any site and check for the ip address, it will show u the internet ip address of your router, which is assigned to your router by service provider. it is a public ip address through which your router communicates with internet. this is your routers ip address not your device address. the ip address that the router assign to your device is local to u and for windows based system, u may check it through command prompt by entering "cmd" without quotes in RUN and press enter then write ipconfig and press enter. it will show u your local address.
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Uel Uel
That sounds very strange. How did you determine that all of your devices are being assigned the same IP? The only thing I can think of off hand is that setting the range of IPs the router can assign has been misconfigured and limited to one address.
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Rimmon Rimmon
hi, did you reset your instant router attempt reset from back of router and then run router configuration CD to Renable passwords or final option improve application of router from Thomson website.
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