Getting prescribed adderall?

Getting prescribed adderall? Topic: Getting prescribed adderall?
June 26, 2019 / By Brittney
Question: I'm 23, and took adderall for the first time yesterday. I couldn't believe how much it helped me. I'm not sure I even realized I had an issue until I had taken it. I did poorly in high school, I couldn't keep focus in class and spent the majority of time either not showing up (sleeping), or chatting with my friends. I took some time off, and then went back to community college. Same deal... I couldnt stay focused on the teacher. When we were assigned homework, I'd be able to start it.. but not finish. I'd get bored and get up and walk away. It's not that the material was too difficult, it was the inability to sit my butt in the chair and do something from start to finish. Alternatively, some times I have the exact opposite problem. I ZONE IN to something I'm doing (hair braiding, video games, baking etc.)so much that the entire world melts except for what I'm doing. I read a lot as a child.. maybe five books a week. Now, I read MAYBE two books a year. This makes me so sad... I used to love to read, but now I can't even get halfway through a chapter. So... I'm starting college again this coming spring.. I don't want to have the same issue all over again. I really feel like this could help me, but I'm worried that I'm going to be seen as a drug seeker. I know it's incredibly hard to get adderall, but I feel like I need it for what it's meant to do.. Who should I talk to about this? Should I tell him that I took it and it helped? I've really tried everything.. I even changed my diet to see if that would help with the concentration.
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Alishia Alishia | 7 days ago
Who should I talk to about this? ---> As with any non-emergent medical concern, speak with your primary care provider. S/he is well-qualified to make an initial assessment to determine an appropriate course of therapy, be it medication or specialist referral for additional workup and treatment. If s/he does not feel you'd benefit from medication, then you'd have to accept the fact that you might be one of many college students that struggles to pay attention in a boring lecture or finish a boring homework assignment (I was the same way....) and would rather play video games (which seems to be perfectly normal based on my experience as a child....). But one step at a time --> talk with your primary care provider.
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Alishia Originally Answered: Paxil prescribed to children?
The entire premise that antidepressants should be prescribed should be questioned. This is a marketing driven "medical" practice. Situational depression should be addressed by changing the situation to a more positive condition, not medication with side effect risks all the while the "caring" councilors won't so much as lift a finger to promote a positive change, like stop bullying, or address adverse economic circumstances. Not their department, well the money spent on medication and counselors would be better spent on people who would have that as their department. In terms of side effects the drug companies are giving the wrong idea regarding caution with suicide idealization risks. What really is going on is the agitation side effects of these serotonin/norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitors. The person (child or adult) gets agitated from too high blood levels of the drug, this agitation is constant 24/7, they want to crawl out of their skin to escape it, if people are complaining to them while they feel this way they can turn violent, it is a horrible feeling that in terms of common experience is the feeling that a person is very late for an important appointment. If you were driving a car you would feel that if you could go the speed of light it still would be too slow. The drugs should not be prescribed in the first place in the vast majority of cases, even then the blood levels of the drug should be measured. They never ever do that.
Alishia Originally Answered: Paxil prescribed to children?
Paxil should NEVER be prescribed to kids under 12 years old. The process of using the drug isnt that bad BUT when withdrawal hits, it is horrible. In fact paxil's withdrawal paxil should be illegal. I was on paxil for a couple of months when i was taken off of it i couldn't go to school i was so aggressive due to the withdrawl. People described as being an angry drunk the whole time. A better anti-depressant would probably be prozac or celexa.

Unni Unni
Without sounding like a mean person you may just be unintelligent... Adderall is a cortex stimulant and will make anyone perform better at mental tasks. You can try to get it from your doctor, it is extremely over prescribed so its not hard to get.
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Rob Rob
Magnesium controls the release of many main brain chemicals. A person with add dosent produce enough dopamine.(attention and feel good chemical) It just happens to be that 80& of americans are deficient in this mineral due to the rapid deterioration of it's availability in the soil. Supplements cured my ADD. How about yours?
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Rob Originally Answered: is it safe to take Dr prescribed codeine or ativan while nursing?
The American Academy of Pediatrics puts codeine into the category of "Maternal Medication Usually Compatible With Breastfeeding". See first reference in sources section below. Ativan (lorazepam) is categorized as "Drugs for Which the Effect on Nursing Infants Is Unknown but May Be of Concern" (see second reference). Dr. Thomas Hale, the world's foremost expert on drugs and breastfeeding takes a more liberal stand on lorazepam; see third source below for details. You may have to sign in as "guest" to read the pages, but you don't have to give *any* personal information. Codeine has a long half-life, so taking it right after nursing won't help keep the baby from getting it. Lorazepam has a *very* long half-life, so it matters even less. Codeine is frequently used postpartum with only rare side effects; lorazepam is less commonly used and less studied. In any case, if you are taking any narcotic or sedative, watch the baby for a reaction. If you see a change in behavior or anything worrying, stop taking it and talk to your doctor. All of the above is from Dr. Thomas Hale from his book, _Medications and Mothers' Milk_, 2002 edition.

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