Why do men act shy around me ?

Why do men act shy around me ? Topic: Why do men act shy around me ?
June 16, 2019 / By Brittny
Question: I've notice the same pattern of behavior from guys I'm attracted to. They confess they are attracted to me but they all act distant and are sometimes mean to me. Usually when they approach me ...they are not very outgoing or casual .they are all serious & quiet and usually stare at me like they are scared or something ... How come theses guys don't act fun and outgoing with me ? Why do they act quiet, distant and shady ?
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Alisia Alisia | 8 days ago
I can only guess the go quiet on you because they fancy you, and think you are beautiful, so they go shy on you.
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Upton Upton
You could be TOO attractive that it makes them feel smaller or make them feel like you're better than them. I know for a fact that sometimes when I talk to a really pretty girl, I kind of feel less confident. I don't know, it weird. But try to just talk to them, and try not to notice it. Once you actually start to know each other, they shouldn't feel shy.
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Robbie Robbie
Jackie, I have the same exact pattern. Even cocky guys acts shy while talking to me. I'm told I am v.attractive, so I guess that's the reason. It's annoying that you always have to initiate things to make them feel secure enough to talk to you. It's like they feel you are superior to them.
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