In a committed relationship are your lives not entangled?

In a committed relationship are your lives not entangled? Topic: In a committed relationship are your lives not entangled?
June 16, 2019 / By Brook
Question: I am 26 years old, I have been with this man who is 42 yrs for 3 yrs on and off. We have finally been talking about marriage, he claims that I will be his wife! Now in these 3 years we (more so I) have went thur A LOT and yet I am still here. I have seen a positive change in him over the years. Well I have gotten to the point that I am ready my clock is ticking and I feel like if he is ready to commit then he should already, but I have some issues. no matter what function I have or what I have planned I invite him and try to get him to come, him on the other hand has functions all the time and don't invite me. Things like a cookout or car wash. He's been to my church (which church is very important to me) and has yet to take me to his, I have mentioned it a couple of times and he says "there is too much mess in my church!" On facebook (which has been a problem) over the years we have added each other and every time we break up I delete him (for my sake) this time I asked him again and he wont add me. Because he knows I will post stuff on his page ( which is how he got caught one time before) He has women that call his phone at different times Friday one called at 12 am (he didn't answer) in my opinion someone isn't gonna call you that late unless they know it's ok, unless you have spoken to them that late or you let them know it was ok! His phone is a issue too. it's always face down. when I had guys calling my phone I would let them know not to call anymore, if they called back he would say "you didn't put them in their place right because if you did they wouldn't call back, next time let me answer!" anyway I fixed that and I don't receive any more phone calls. him on the other hand still does I told him exactly what he told me and he said "You don't understand females aren't like men" I said "well let me answer it" he replied "How will that solve anything, you two will get in a argument and they will keep calling to make you mad!" When he comes over it's at night. We don't go places together hardly ever unless it's at night. He's self employed, during the day he does nothing and at night (when i'm getting off) he's busy! Keep in mind that trust has been destroyed and he's suppose to be fixing it. I don't see how you can say i'm gonna be your wife and our lives are so "far" apart. we have gotten to the point to where we fuss often he said "I feel like i'm walking on eggshells!" I told him of course he put them there. he said "I feel like you should be growing to get past that" He says that people don't do everything together (particularly black people) even when they are married they don't go and do everything together! After the argument he left and didn't call or come by for two days! The thing is I know alot of married couples and regardless of race they spend quality time together all the time. They always want to be in each others presence. They show their better half off to in walmart together message each other on facebook and fully commit! Please, tell me what you guys think!
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Originally Answered: If you discovered an affair between your husband and a woman in a committed relationship would you tell their SO?
Some people are happiest alone. There is no requirement to get married or be in a long-term relationship. There are many people who never do either. While some of us feel compelled in the presence of another person to do things they wouldn't otherwise do, out of consideration for the other person - that cannot be sustained over the long haul. Eventually, the forced behavior breaks down under the pressure of other concerns, and we revert to acting as we normally would on our own. If you are the sort who is most content going for days without speaking, and doing only the activities that you are currently interested in/engaged with, then the breakdown of your attempt to be considerate would be dramatic. The other person would be greatly disturbed by it. If, on the other hand, you are the sort of person who welcomes a bit of conversation a couple of times a day, and who is pleased to have a daily change of pace introduced by someone else who wants to include you in something different, then the eventual breakdown would not be so dramatic, and your relationship with the other person could probably survive it. Of course, marriage often includes a presumption of child-rearing and, in that case, a person who feels ill-at-ease if they are not able to think deeply and study for extended periods is NOT going to be happy.
Originally Answered: If you discovered an affair between your husband and a woman in a committed relationship would you tell their SO?
Only when by taking responsability so setting aside the time. Some prethought then deep thought, for self development even within A marrage. Very best wishes Mars Source:) life.

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