Great depression question.?

Great depression question.? Topic: Great depression question.?
June 16, 2019 / By Brooke
Question: During the Great Depression, when people were accused of crime was there corruption in the trials? were there times when the officials wouldn't listen to the person's case.Would the officials just send them to their punishment without questions? If so,can you please leave a source.It's very important for a source.
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Alivia Alivia | 2 days ago
Well I can say frontier justice then was "give the guy a fair trial then hang him" I can also say go do your own research, anyone who answers this question and researches it for this person is no better than some smart low life that does a bully's homework.
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Uria Uria
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Rocky Rocky
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Michael Michael
There was a lot of corruption at that time, if you were rich you had a better chance of being found innocent, or getting a light sentence if you were found guilty. If you were poor, your outlook was a lot bleaker.
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Michael Originally Answered: What was FDR part in the great depression? And what was Hoover part in the great Deperssion?
Hoovers presidency was just ending when the economic slump started. It would have just been a recession until FDR extended it into a depression with his New Deal and other Socialist programs. Govt. stepped in and messed up the economic cycle. What could have lasted a few years extended into a 12 year depression which got cured by the production needed for World war 2.

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