How to reach your goal?

How to reach your goal? Topic: How to reach your goal?
June 16, 2019 / By Brooklyn
Question: my goal is to have my own house and lot, to become a good person, to become a linguist, to be a hunk (im thin so i have to work out), to become a of course some gadgets like imac, macbook, iphone, dgicam, etc. im a webdesigner anyway.... How am i going to manage that?
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Alix Alix | 3 days ago
Goals are great! I teach sales management classes and the motivation you have for specific goals in life is the first step to reaching them. I noticed your goals are several different types. You have physical goals, like to be a hunk. Make that more specific. What does a hunk look like to you? As silly as it sounds, clip out photos of your ideal body style. Give yourself a specific goal, like the exact measurement you want your biceps to be, etc. Then, come up with a long term plan that will help you build your body to that image. For example, work out 1 hour a day every other day with weights or in a gym. Writing out a plan and then checking off the steps as you go, and tracking your progress on paper will help you reach that goal. You also mentioned you want your own house First thing here is to build your credit so you can buy. Aim for a credit score above 700. First, find out what it is now, then study ways to improve it. Meanwhile, cut back on your spending, and start saving. Use credit wisely, to buy your computer stuff. Instead of using store credit cards to pay for them, apply for a regular Visa or Mastercard, and never go above half of your available credit line. (If the line is $5,000, never have a balance over $2,500) Pay as much as you can each month, not just the minimum payment. Becoming a good person is a little harder to nail down in goals, because it depends on what you consider a good person to be. In general, an honest person who keeps his word, does things for others with no expectation of anything in return, and lives according to the law and societal guidelines can be considered a very good person. Some people feel that being a good person is a religious thing, or being charitable. Whatever that means to you, seek out the types of other people you admire, spend time doing things that will build your character. Quite often, volunteering to help someone else is a great way to bring out the best in you. A good web designer is hard to find. Build your presence in the business community, and build your reputation. Charge what you can, and take a sales class to help you work with clients. Doing up really cool business cards and brochures or a business card CD with your sample work on it will help you reach your goals. You can make really good money in this field, but the one area many designers lack is interpersonal relationships with their clientele. Its important to keep involved in the community to work on that part. Remember, people are more interested in results than in technical lingo that makes them feel stupid. So, when working with a client, be sure to talk to them at their level of computer expertise, not yours. If you can do that, and you have lots of web design talent, the world is yours! I would recommend you check out your local SBDC or SBTDC. They offer free counseling and low cost training classes to help your business grow. You can also find lots of business information from the SBA. For pure motivation and goal setting, Dale Carnagie and Stephen Covey courses and books cannot be beat. Your local library will have their books, and one of your goals could be to attend one of the workshops they offer on goal setting. Its an invaluable tool. When I was 12, I set a huge bunch of lofty goals for myself. Many I have reached and exceeded almost according to the schedule I wrote up. Some weren't as important to me when I got to that stage in life, so I changed them. I have a list of lifetime goals, and annual goals that are always visible to me. This year, one of my annual goals was to vacation every two months for at least a week. It looks like it will be! I work hard the other times in life to make this possible. Next year, I will probably revise that goal to be home more, and possibly add a wing to the house for my home office instead. I learned early in my 20's that work is not everything. Its a means to an end, and that balancing life is just as important. So now I have goals to visit friends and family monthly, to learn new things, take classes, and rescue 15 animals a year. My largest life goal is to stay happily married for our lifetime. It has been nearly 17 years right now, and it just keeps getting better. Best wishes to you. One more piece of wisdom.....a quote I heard in college and had written in calligraphy and framed, "If its to be, its up to me!"
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Alix Originally Answered: I set goal to Contact a doctor in seven day, how do I compute the percentage of my goal done?
With this type of "goal", there is no percentage everything because you either did it or you didn't. So it's 0% until you contact the doctor and then it's 100%. Your "program" would be for projects that have individual tasks that are completed ongoing. For example: you have to write a research paper = - you determine your topic - you research at the library - you research it on the internet - you write an outline - you write a first draft - you edit your paper etc, etc = finishing the paper is your 100% goal but each time you complete these individual tasks your percentage complete will reduce based on how difficult that task is. Determining the topic will be a much smaller percentage than writing the first draft.

Uriah Uriah
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Rod Rod
Firstly you have listed several aims. To turn them into goals I suggest you break each one down into SMART . Specific , Measurable , Attainable , Relevant , Time Bound. This will highlight the resources , process , skills and management to attain your desire.
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Michah Michah
Hello I hope this link helps to get your answer: http://vaishalivadgama.blogspot.in/2014/09/go-get-that-t-done.html
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Michah Originally Answered: How do I reach someone at Yahoo?
This was probably caused by someone obtaining your ID and password and copying all your contacts or a friends ID and password and copying their contacts. From that point on they do not need either account. Anyone with a separate email program can use any address as the FROM address. There is no way to stop this method. They can continue even if the account is closed. They already have the list. To make sure they are not actually in your account you can change your password. This is not normally caused by a virus. In the rare case where it is then the virus is in your computer and not at the Yahoo mail website. Changing your account may not solve the problem since any virus is going to get access to your new account too. --- Yahoo has spam, technical, and abuse support at the link below. There is no free phone support. There is live chat. It sometimes takes a few seconds for the chat icon to appear. http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/ym... ʎəɿʞɹɐq  ̊ ͜͡● ̊

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