When did the age of miracles end?

When did the age of miracles end? Topic: When did the age of miracles end?
June 26, 2019 / By Bryanne
Question: Growing up in the catholic church I remember hearing that the age of miracles is over. When did it end? Fireball, so the catholic church is wrong?
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Alleen Alleen | 6 days ago
Did the age of miracles end? Emphatically....NOT ! I do NOT mean to even remotely imply that miracles are only highly improbable, exceptional, RARE occurrences....I SPECIFICALLY mean that THIS IS THE NORM ! The ILLOGICAL part of this argument is in calling such phenenomena.....miracles in the first place !! If we thought about the subject of miracles carefully, rationally, and truthfully, the ONLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION we could come to is that miracles are not only possible, but are actually the NORM of Reality. The NORM OF REALITY ?? One may legitimately ask, if this is the norm, WHY ARE MIRACLES SO RARE ?? The answer is, because WE HAVE TOLD OURSELVES that these experiences are only impossible, improbable, exceptional, RARE occurrences that are beyond the reach and understanding of "mortal man". BUT.....the truth about the "reach" of our very understanding of REALITY is that each and every advancement has come about AFTER WE DISCOVERED WHAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN TRUE, AND WAITING FOR US TO DISCOVER IT.... ...even when the tightly held ideas WE THOUGHT WERE TRUE were REALLY based on false information and dogma, WHICH virtually everyone believed, transmitted, and acted upon AS IF TRUE .....that is, until others, following their OWN ideas came along, who had quantifiable, repeatable, verifiable evidence based on a DIFFERENT set of ideas that turned the paradigm of established scientific or religious consensus on its head !! Can there be any truer indictment of the history of mankind’s exploration and discovery of both scientific and religious Truth than to acknowledge that it is replete with examples of this or that scientist or religious prelate pontificating that this or that phenomena is impossible ??? Do the Heavens still rotate around the Earth? Not after Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo. Are time and space separate from one another? Not after Einstein. Did you get your vaccines this year? Thanks to Pasteur you did. Is the Earth still flat? Ask Erikson, Columbus or Magellan for the answer. Do you have to study your science homework or read the scriptures of whatever faith you profess in the dark? Not after a little help from Gutenburg and Edison. You can readily see the impact of individuals with their OWN ideas helping other individuals change THEIR ideas about these things, which eventually results in the civilization changing, right? The Principles of Life uncovered by scientists that govern the relationship between mass, gravity, time, and the curvature of space to produce black holes have been in perfect operation just as eternally before their discovery of those principles as is the frequency upon which you enjoy listening to your favorite music; indeed, existent ever since the Universe cooled it into resonance along with the infinite gradations of frequency radiating beside it. These principles HAD to have been in operation just as perfectly BEFORE we discovered how to harness them into technology as they presently operate now. Or we would not be able to continue to utilize them for our technology today, much less build them into technological improvements tomorrow! What we call miracles is NOT contravention of science. The accomplishment of miracles comes from a knowledge base that NEITHER SCIENCE NOR RELIGION has yet incorporated into its paradigm of "what is possible", EXCEPT for "special circumstances" that THEY determine are legitimate. Such as stance is ripe for refutation by verifiable, repeatable, quantifiable evidence, as I mentioned before. IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS THAT the accomplishment of miracles is based on immutable principles, too. And once you discover them in yourself (and they ARE waiting for you to do so) just as scientists have been "discovering" new ways of looking at the Universe, we, too will be able to utilize Spiritual principles to accomplish the very same things. Understand, though, that you must scientifically uncover, know, operate, and practice the correct principles within the "laboratory" of YOURSELF! Exactly as any scientist learns to apply the principles of mathematics or any other scientific discipline. Whether scientists, theologians, philosophers, or laypersons, we “see” through our ideas. "Perfection does not come from projecting our own ideas but from awakening to the knowledge that it is already the established order of things.", as indicated in the reference. ....don't believe me? Try MAKING 2+2=5. Doesn't work, does it? We cannot even MAKE 2+2=4. 2+2=4, whether you sum the equation correctly or NOT ! WHY ?? Because neither Truth NOR Perfection cannot change OR be changed. ALL the principles of Life operate that way, perfectly, without variation, deviation, or attenuation for anyone, at anytime, anywhere !! We can ONLY accept its perfect operation, because we cannot change Truth. If Perfection is ALREADY the established order of things, AND is PLAINLY EVIDENT IN ALL THE PRINCIPLES OF LIFE, WHY HAVEN'T WE KNOWN THIS ?? BECAUSE WE ALL are free to choose to believe that 2+2=5 for ETERNITY until we have acquired FOR OURSELVES the necessary knowledge of the immutable principle that correctly sums the answer. Please understand that I am only using this mathematical example as a metaphor for THAT which is not only real, but is also true, and which ALSO cannot change. The same Source Who created perfect principles of mathematics which operate undeviatingly to create ONLY 4 as the answer to 2+2, ALSO CREATED US out of perfect principles. The Creator Himself IS the VERY pattern by which mankind was made. Jesus' message and reason for coming to this earthly dimension was to show us, in as stark, as uncompromising, and as definitive a manner as possible, that we are as He is, which is as our Creator endowed us all to be, and that is as immortal, Spiritual beings who are the Spirit and Image of our Creator. We are NOT physical beings. We are Spiritual Beings like He is! Our Father created Jesus just as He created us...the exact Spirit and Likeness of Himself. We are PERFECTLY CREATED SPIRITUAL BEINGS, who have forgotten Who we are. If we really thought about it, if the accomplishment of miracles was not ALSO based on perfect, unchangeable principles, Jesus would not have been able to truthfully say to us, "Greater things than these shall you also do." Not so just one person can do it (Him), but so that anybody could do it, following relevant principles. Though WE may have forgotten Who we, and each other, we are yet Sons and Daughters of the Most High. Again, we are Who the Creator is in Spirit....not subservient adherents to whatever religion or philosophy we profess to include ourselves. No attempt on our part to ignore, change, disbelieve, or rationalize affects its perfection in ANY way whatsoever !! Furthermore, WE can validate that the correct application of such principles enables us to accomplish anything consistent with those principles. Yes, WE can deny this.....but WE still cannot change the Truth or Perfection of it....any more than WE can CAUSE 2+2 to equal anything but 4. THAT is the part you WON'T hear from those who've sought to keep access to the Truth about ourselves limited to ONLY a self-approved “credo” or scientific theory of beliefs espoused in some religion's scripture or scientific text, filled with sanctioned interpretations about it. Belief is what we choose to tell OURSELVES is true about Reality until we experience what IS true regardless what we believe. Beliefs can be predicated upon false perceptions (lies) propped up to masquerade as Truth. Experiencing what IS true about Reality is knowledge. It is ironic that Man, usually comes to the knowledge that he can only be the perfect Creation He was created to be AFTER having amassed an advanced maturity of years of pain and suffering in ignoble ignorance of the greatness of His true estate. It is NOT supposed to be this way..... As author Baird Spalding says in the reference, ”Becoming aware of yourself as a spiritual being, offspring of an infinite spiritual system and one with all the powers and capacities within that system, is the very essence of attainment. To grow from the present state of awareness of himself as a material being and into the consciousness that he is a spiritual being contains the full secret of man's attainment.' Man's nature cannot be reversed for he always remains a spiritual being. He can only reverse his notion of himself. Instead of doing this, he should reverse his mistaken idea that he is a material being and retain the truth that he is a spiritual being created in the image and likeness of God." We must RE-awaken to the knowledge that OUR OWN PERFECTION within this infinite Spiritual system is ALREADY the established order of things....and act accordingly. The fact is, that Man, created as the very Spirit and Image of the Creator, Himself.....IS the MIRACLE.... .....which awaits His discovery of that immutable Truth.... .....every moment of Eternity.... Orin
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I thought this "god" character has a plan for everyone. So why wish and pray? Doesn't that show a lack of faith in god? As for Somalia...the greatest disservice you can do is help someone who can help themselves. They have some hard lessons to learn, but they will never thrive if everyone keeps doing everything for them. Does that sound cold? Well, the truth is not meant to be pleasant, it's meant to be real.

Utai Utai
Sometime soon after the death of the apostles at the end of the 1st century, for by then the entire Bible canon had been completed. Paul told the Corinthians that prophesying, speaking in tongues (miraculously speaking in a foreign language as at Pentecost), and other special gifts of the early Christian congregation would cease. Once the Bible was completed with the writing of 3 John, humans had the Word of God and such miracles were no longer needed.
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Roderick Roderick
Right about the time that people started recording things more accurately. So maybe the age of miracles ended right about the time the age of reason started?
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Mickey Mickey
Miracles came with the Prophets according to the situations of their times,like prophet Moses was having the miracle,the stick,because that time Egyptians were famous for magic and to encounter their magic Lord gave Moses stick which became snake and ate all the false snakes of Egyptian magicians.Jesus Christ was given the miracle to cure sick,blind and making birds with clay and the final miracle was given to the last prophet Muhammad pbuh the Quran,which is the same as it was 1430 years ago,no change in it,no altration at all.May Allah guide us to the straight path.Aameen
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Jude Jude
To put it very simply, miracles are happening every day and all around us. I truly believe that every morning when I wake up, open my eyes, sit up and put my feet on the floor all by myself that is a great miracle. 4 times I have been in very serious car accidents that were not my fault and I am still alive. Last year July 5th 2008 I was out for a walk and was hit by a car from behind, thrown in the air and landed on my back. I was awake through it all. Had my head cut open, bone sticking out of my elbow, and my left ankle hanging by a thread. When the doctors saw me in the emergency department at the hospital they were amazed that I was alive. I told them God still had work for me to do and that is why I was alive. They looked at me and told me they agreed with me. That in itself is a miracle. If you would like more information about these accidents, please feel free to e-mail me.
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Brilliant Midwest Arsonist, truly brilliant. It's like a poem of dedication to everything we experience in this life. I also like how it seems to go through the stages of humankind from the early, primitive stage, to the in - between stage, then to the modern stage of growth. Fantastic, I really enjoyed it. I feel that you should somehow put all your poems to music, but I'm not sure what kind of music would best suit it yet.

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