Why did my cat have a bowl movement beside the litter box?

Why did my cat have a bowl movement beside the litter box? Topic: Why did my cat have a bowl movement beside the litter box?
June 16, 2019 / By Burgundy
Question: I was in the kitchen..and my cat is 4 months old i have had her since she was a kitten and she decided today that she was going to have a bowl movement on my new plush carpeting. I dont understand why because she has been using the same litterbox with no problem so i dont understand it. We have a new kitten but we have 2 litterboxes and they been getting along playing and using the same litterbox. So i dont understand it at all! I use fragrance free litter, Could someone please let me know what the problem could be.s Well i she just had a bowl movement this morning and its always clean and i have been using Special Kitty sense she was younger so like i dont know? I wantedto maybe think that she missed it but i just kinda find it hard to believe when she aint had no other problem till today.
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Allissa Allissa | 1 day ago
If it was right next to the litterbox, she was probably in the litterbox and didn't realize her butt was sticking over the side. Putting a cover on the box might solve the problem.
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I see you have tried to do a lot on your own. I would get a professional carpet cleaner, their products are more intense and powerful. Just call some carpet cleaners and tell them your problem, get a price quote first. You should also get a feel whether or not they will be able to handle the dilemna. I'm sure they can help you or Try going to Lowes or Home Depot and asking the sales people if they have any suggestions on products that would clean your carpet, or how to solve your problem. They are very experienced people and should be able to give you some ideas. Good Luck!

Uziah Uziah
As indicated, if it was next to the box it was probably an accident. If he does it again, then he may have a bit of catattidue, or upset about something. Also, are you using the same brand of litter? Cats are funny creatures and express themselves oddly.
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Rohan Rohan
As chz said she could have missed, or the litter box wasn't clean enough for her liking, or she could have been so desperate to go she couldn't make it in time. At 4 months shes still very young.
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Milburn Milburn
My daughter just adopted a cat from the shelter today. She was told that some cats poop in one box and pee in another. And they don't always like to share. They said that they recommend one box for each cat and then one extra. Hope this helps.
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Justice Justice
I agree with chzbrgr ... just make sure the box is alway clean two .. I have seen cats go beside the box if its dirty.
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Many cats dislike eating out of bowls that are too deep because they find it irritating when their whiskers touch the sides of the bowl. Try putting her food on small plates or a shallow dish to see if that solves the problem. Are the bowls made of plastic? Over time, plastic retains odours no matter how thoroughly you wash and rinse then, so this may be putting her off eating from them.

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