Is my resume any good? This is only the cover letter part. please no one copy?

Is my resume any good? This is only the cover letter part. please no one copy? Topic: Is my resume any good? This is only the cover letter part. please no one copy?
July 20, 2019 / By Cadence
Question: Hello my name is Leah Thomas I am 12 years old and acting is the love of my life. My parents and I together have decided that it was about time for me to become discovered and jump into the acting career. I have come to learn that acting is much harder then it seems to be and that if one wishes to act he or she must give there complete all, and I am willing to give my complete all for your agency. School is also very important to me and through my life I have maintained a 3.0 or higher. But if I look back to it I know that during school all I was being myself and expressing to the world what I could do with performing arts. Whether it was the school talent show or the drama club I was always involved and my parents Cameron and Jazell were also there to encourage me. I will make a promise to you that I will work my butt off to achive any goal,because I share the same thoughts as wise Eleanor Roosevelt, " The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." This is an acting resume. If there are any more things I need to add to the cover letter please do tell. I made a typo in the cl i meant to put all I was doing i copy n pasted it from mic word Thank you Crayola Flavored Can…wat ever for your constructive critizsim or what not. So it is too long and too personal what can I do to make it less personal. But you are just one person like any other critic so at this point I dont know. What do I need to do to make it more profesional. and sorry if i misspell workds im in a rush right now. I respond to every one who comments and Chelsea C thank you. Thats a nice idea never thought about it that way! =D
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Best Answers: Is my resume any good? This is only the cover letter part. please no one copy?

Allycia Allycia | 3 days ago
1. Take out the "discovered" part, you are coming to them, therefore, you are not being "discovered." 2. Take out your age, you make look a different age (just including an age range on your resume is enough). 3.Take out the quote, it is somewhat cheesy, and shows that you aren't original, you're using SOMEONE ELSE's quote. 4. Take out the "acting is hard" bit, because then it shows you aren't ready. 5. Take out "your agency" and put a specific name, agencies like to see you spent time especially on them, and they aren't just on your mailing list. 6. Take out the school part, save that for the interview. Only talk about your career as a performer in this letter, also, it makes the letter a lot longer, and you want it to be short, so the filterer can just skim. 7. Put a comma after "parents" and "Jazell" 8. Take out "butt" - It looks young and unprofessional. 9. Achive is supposed to be spelled as Achieve. 10. Include a personalized comment at the end (hand written). 11. Include contact info, and your signature. 12. Do not say "Love," "From," or "Sincerely," etc. Just sign your name. 13. Do not put "per your request" on it. 14. Take out the "hello" in the beginning, just jump into your name. 15. Don't forget your headshot and resume. Good Luck!
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Allycia Originally Answered: When writing a resume to apply for a part time job, like working at the mall, do I really need a cover letter?
no you don't but it won't hurt.It probably will set you apart from the rest of the crowd, which is a good thing.

Uzzia Uzzia
Hi there Leah, First off you did a nice first draft. I'm glad that you are so passionate about your acting career. However, there some minor adjustments that make your cover letter exude more professionalism. First, remove your age from the letter. The first answerer is right, they will typecast you. Also, remove the sentence about "working your butt off''. An agency assumes that you will do that regardless, and it is not professional to say "butt" in a cover letter. Put more of your acting experience into your letter. (i.e. I knew that acting was my passion when I landed the lead role in The Wiz, or whatever) The more experience you incorporate, the better. Also you say that you are willing to give your complete all to the agency, but that school is also very important to you.The agency probably doesn't care that school important to you. And it kind of makes it sound as if acting isn't actually your number one passion. Finally, you include that you will do anything to acheive your goal, but it is important for you to explicitly state what your goal is. I hope this helps and that I didn't come off as too harsh. I wish you the best of luck and be sure to repost your second draft!
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Rolland Rolland
It's too personal. You obviously don't understand the professionality of this business. Like any other job, acting is work; a business. People who perform to make money. Agents want someone who is professional and loves the business. It's also rather long. Agents don't have the time to read long soap operas about your life. They want it to be short and sweet. If the letter is too long, it takes the agent's attention away from your headshot and resume. Also, don't put your age. You can find that you may look 14, and not 12. If you put your age, the agents and casting directors may only put you down only for the roles of 12 year olds.
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Miles Miles
A cover letter isn't a full view of your life. It's purpose is to tell them why they should chose you, things that you cant put on your resume. and this is not a resume a resume has your name height, excpierence etc. and the cover letter should make them want you make them want to represent you and sucking up is annoying
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Justy Justy
i don't know why you would need a cover letter for a resume at all but what you have written sounds nice... they should see all this in the actual resume.... Here is how i did my resume if that helps.... Acting resumes are easy..... just follow these steps!!! Don't lie, be honest because the theater world is a small one and it can REALLY bite you in the butt. Name (in middle) Age (left side of paper)........................... (right side) Address Height (left side of paper)...................(right... side) City state Zip Weight (left side of paper).... (right side)phone # (No CELL) Experience...Start with most recent Schooling Skills... (here is where you can be creative, Most judges like random skills but you better know how to do them b/c they will call you out on them) ALL ON ONE PAGE (glossy paper) and on the other side you picture in black and white
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Justy Originally Answered: Is this a good cover letter? Resume Help?
I would change "I'm fortunately not shy at all.(I'm very Social)" to simply "I am outgoing" - the way you've worded it now over emphasizes you being outgoing to the point that as an employer I may wonder if you're more apt to socialize with your coworkers than get your job done. I would drop "You can say i have a very artistic mind" as it makes you sound a bit flaky - unless of course you're applying for a summer camp arts & craft supervisor position the potential employer isn't going to care too much about this particular aspect of your personality. It would be better to be perceived as a bit more down to earth over artsy unless you're actually applying for jobs in the arts. As for this part: "I'm looking for employment for many reasons. One is that I would like to gain experience for upcoming jobs in the future. Second, I would like to expand my ideas on full time jobs for when I'm older.And Third, I would like to obtain a part-time job in general." it's a bit much - You should be focusing on why you would make a good employee and what you can do for the company that may hire you, not what you want to get out of a job. Put the focus back on what you can do for your potential employer by instead offering one or more reasons of what benefits or skills you're going to bring to the job. Comments for your resume: * For your job experience you need to be more specific about how long you worked at each. "Many years" and "2 years" should be replaced by dates if you can of when you started and finished (or put May 2009 to present, if these are still things you're currently doing). * Vendor is spelled incorrectly * Expand on this job, as it's probably going to be the most relevant to jobs you'll be applying to. Approximately how much money were you handling? Did you work with little supervision or was there always someone to help. Anything that shows you were a good independent worker (such as working shifts on your own) or respected (trained other employees) helps. * Expand on what you did at petsmart. All you say is that you volunteered there, but no mention if you were grooming pets, sweeping floors, etc. * Special Ed. (not Special E.D.) or preferably, use the term "Special Education". * Again, list specific dates for each of these activities including start and end dates - even for volunteer positions. * "Computer skills" is too vague, Trustworthy is one word, Fast worker is not hyphenated, Optimist is irrelevant and not a skill/qualification - it's a disposition/personality type, and "writing skills" is pretty vague. Do you have any awards that support any of these claims (such as awards for writing skills)? Personally, I would just leave off the "writing skills" part as most employers just read the cover letter and take that to be a sample of your normal writing and judge for themselves if they think you have writing skills. Good luck!

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