Can I make it to UCLA MBA Program?

Can I make it to UCLA MBA Program? Topic: Can I make it to UCLA MBA Program?
June 16, 2019 / By Caelie
Question: Hi, i was wondering what is needed to get into UCLA's MBA program and if I have a chance in making it. Right now I'm in a community college in California with a 3.63 GPA. I plan on transferring to UCSC next year and major in Business Management Economics. Im going to try my best to graduate with a 3.7-3.8 GPA. My question overall is, what will I have to after I'm done at UCSC or wherever I end up to be able to get into UCLA's MBA program or any other UC that has a MBA. Thank you :) I've also being volunteering a lot in a elementary school. Next year as in Fall 2013
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Alma Alma | 5 days ago
You will need at least two years of post-bachelor's degree business experience that is full time, paid, responsible, and difficult to have a chance of admission to any top MBA program. That is the minimum to be competitive and is not a guarantee of admission.
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Alma Originally Answered: How hard is it to get into the UCLA paramedic program?
Hi! My name is Rosa Calva and I work for the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care which is the parent organization for the UCLA-Daniel Freeman Paramedic Program. Part of my job is to help prospective students learn more about our paramedic program. I appreciate your question because it is a question we get asked all the time: since everyone has to meet the same minimal requirements (minimum of 6 months of EMS experience, current EMT cert, BLS cert, etc.) - well, then how can you stand out in what is a very competitive process? The short answer is that we are looking for a candidate that has a great balance of: - EMS experience (type and length of experience count - see the questions we ask in the application packet...) - formal education (e.g. college - some coursework, a degree, an advanced degree, etc.) - some continuing education course work (a sample list is available in our application packet) - and other experiences to draw from (e.g., supervisor work, CPR instructor, volunteer, are just some examples) To find out the DETAILS of each of the categories I listed above and more, including: - what we look for - how to prepare for the entrance exam - how to prepare for the oral application review (interview) - the program in general, student services, and more... I invite you (and everyone that is interested), if you haven't already, come to our free Student Information Session. There you get to hear from the faculty directly about how to be the best qualified applicant and student. We keep it easy and fun and extremely informative. And you can use the opportunity to talk with us directly about your particular qualifications and learn about where you are strong and if there are any areas you may consider strengthening. Yes, the program is competitive but it is attainable and you are doing the right thing by asking "what do I need to do now?". We just graduated another class a couple of weeks ago - and it reminded me that not that long ago they too were asking, "how do I get in?" and now they are off and running to the next phase of their career. :) You can register for the free student session at the web site below. The next one is on 2/15 so don't wait. And if you are not local to the area, you can always visit the program on another day, or call the program directly at 310-680-1100 (ask to speak to Michael, Registration Coordinator). I do hope you can make it on the 15th! If you do, make sure you come up and say hello. Thank you for your interest in our program! Rosa [email protected]

Uzziel Uzziel
Your community college GPA will not transfer to UCSC with you, so you will start over. This means that you could potentially graduate with a 4.0 GPA. The average GPA of students admitted to the MBA program is around 3.5, but most students have at least 3-6 years of work experience. You could apply right after you graduate from UCSC, but most people work for a few years first.
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Rolly Rolly
Your chances may be good if you maintain a high GPA, score high in the GMAT, and get 2-4 years of work experience after your first degree.
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Millard Millard
Dear Friend, Please getting touch with mba counselors, they can better helping you. I m sending you the one of contact url. http://www.mbauniverse.com/mba-exam-preparation/ask-mba-queries.php Hope this will help.
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Millard Originally Answered: UCLA MLIS Program-competitive?
One of my coworkers who is a librarian at the library at the company I work for graduated from the UCLA MLIS program. She doesn't think that it is that competitive as there are not that many people who major in the field. However, the classes and coursework are not a cake walk either. UCLA's MLIS is one of the best in the country and my colleague states that she had no problem finding work after she was finished. So it would be good to go to the program. I don't know anyone that went to SJSU. Good Luck.

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