I slapped my BF and he doesn't wanna talk to me again plz HELP!?

I slapped my BF and he doesn't wanna talk to me again plz HELP!? Topic: I slapped my BF and he doesn't wanna talk to me again plz HELP!?
June 25, 2019 / By Caetlin
Question: we both are 17 and he is my BF for 3 years we were at the class having test he was trying to cheat from me i told him to stop then the MR. saw me talking he thought that i was cheating and sent me to the principal and my BF didn't explain anything to the MR. and we i returned back i was so angry cuz of him and i slapped him twice infront of all the class and then he doesn't wanna talk to me again i tried to explain that he was wrong and i was so angry , and he ignores me i really love him and he loves me so much am afraid that i would lose him! PLZ HELP ME!
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Almah Almah | 6 days ago
Tried telling him you're sorry? If he loves you, the problem will solve itself, but you have to realize how stupid you were to slap him. Maybe he should have said something, maybe it was wrong of him to keep quiet, but that's nothing compared to you slapping him. How would you feel if your boyfriend slapped you? Not great? Well then how would you feel if he slapped you twice in front of your friends?
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Who cares? Just let it go. The only way that you'll find out is by asking her and that's a BIG NO-NO! Asking her isn't a good idea because it's never a good idea to bring up a conversation that might lead to a racial discussion with a coworker that probably doesn't like you. I mean, do you really want to open up that can of worms with her? Just be cordial and treat her like a coworker because that's all she should be to you. **EDIT** Matkaantytto - Yes, I would be saying the same thing if it was a White woman acting like that. My point is that you're thinking too much into it and that you should just let it go. I've been in your situation more times than I can count, so I do know how it feels. And it sucks because you really can't prove 100% whether or not it's a racist issue. I've learned not to care too much about social situations at work because it will drive you crazy. The only time I ever confront someone on a social issue at work is if they blatantly disrespected me to my face by saying something or putting their hands on me, or otherwise caused me to not be able to perform my job correctly. So, my point still stands in that you should just say "f*u*c*k her" and go about your business at work!

Val Val
Tell him that your sorry hug him nd kiss him he forgives you .... Nd that waz fuked up what u did if that waz me i would not talk to u 2 he maybe got mad 1.u slap the **** of him twice for no reason lol 2. u his girl he needed your help nd u didit do nutting thats what being together is all about having each other back nd loving each other not hiting him no men like that now if he cheated on u thats diffrent so do what i said u be fine just dont do it again .
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Rolo Rolo
1. Don't slap your bf in public 2. Apologize if you want him back that much 3. Just let him go if things don't work out 4. Tell him to study next time and help him study
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Milton Milton
Don't let him ignore you talk to him make him talk you were mad you had every right to slap him and if he don't want to listen who cares make him listen
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Kae Kae
God he sounds so immature.....He's the one who should apologize because of him you went to the principal
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