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Question: SORRY THIS IS LONG BUT PLEASE CONTINUE READING!:) So i have to write a paper...3 pages...about some example of obedience to authority that we see in our society. My professor told us we can do it on anything so thats where I'm having slight difficulty thinking of a topic. i really want something creative and something i could focus deep on. One example he gave us was the authority that a uniform possesses. So a doctor wears that white coat and automatically has such authority over others. We believe they are smarter than us and we obey them without hesitation. Umm another example he used was corporate america and how its run by white males. He was discussing how they have authority over women in the business world and stuff like that. BOTTOM LINE I REALLY NEED A GOOD TOPIC TO IMPRESS HIM!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH! OH he also talked about the milgram experiment and how poeple automatically obeyed the person telling them to shock the person all because they were told to do by someone they believed had more authority. And IM NOT ASKING FOR ANYONE TO DO MY HOMEWORK. I AM SIMPLY ASKING FOR HELP BECAUSE IM STUCK AT THE MOMENT. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT SO TAKE YOUR RUDE COMMENTS ELSEWHERE. OTHER THAN THAT, I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU THAT ARE TAKING THE TIME TO HELP ME:)
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Almira Almira | 7 days ago
I would recommend dong it on titles, in general. Not only doctors, but many assume that lawyers have actual legal authority, which they have none. We see how the context of a relationship changes and the ring is put on their fingers defining their relationship as being husband and wife. Often their is an added sense or obligation of control or submissive behaviors associated with the act of getting married.
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Valentine Valentine
If you're looking for a religious example, you could go with Jim Jones and the Jonestown cult. A man that talked hundreds of people into taking their own lives might be a chilling, even morbid example of obedience to authority, but it's a significant one.
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Roly Roly
I think the simpler solution is use the example of military authority. As someone told me long time ago if you don't know how to obey orders you'll never know how to command. You can take it from there... good luck!
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Mitch Mitch
You could try the concept of obeying your professor to write this paper or how we obey our bosses, parents, older siblings.
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Kam Kam
Look up the Milgram experiment...that should be deep enough for you. And you should be able to get three pages easy. lol Oops...well here this should help too. http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_ariely_on_o...
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Hasshub Hasshub
With lazy-azz "students" like this, it's no wonder that American employers are outsourcing everything.
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