how do you get a guy to notice you?

how do you get a guy to notice you? Topic: how do you get a guy to notice you?
June 16, 2019 / By Calida
Question: right, ive got this boy mate and he comes round and stuff but he sees me like one of hes mate but i see more then that. waht shall i do?
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Alys Alys | 4 days ago
Get a new look. Don't change who you are, just try something different. Try a new hairstyle, new clothes, etc. Be yourself. Everyone probably says this, but it's true! No guy wants a girl to pretend she is something she's not. Don't cuss. It turns guys off most of the time. Smile. Whether closed-mouth or open-mouth, do it. It'll say to everyone, "Wow, she's a nice person!" Flirt a little - not like crazy, but a little bit here and there. Try to be around him often, such as sitting near him. Show off a little when you're around your friends, but not a lot because then he might think you're just silly. Try to make lots of eye contact - and when you do, smile! (Guys often don't look at girls in the eyes, so looking into theirs when they're talking shows them that you are interested in them). Go up to him and talk to him. Try to get to know him a little by discussing things you have in common. You could even compliment him. Even if you just say he has a nice shirt or a cool watch; it shows him that you're into him. Tell him how you really feel about him once you get comfortable talking together. Be a brave person and stand up for who you are, and what you believe in. This will catch his attention, and his respect. Tips Don't change yourself too much. Let the guy ask you out, make him come after you. Guys like challenges, when they accomplish or finish the challenge (asking you out and you saying yes) it makes him feel good about himself and like he has done something right and special. A good way to start a conversation is to ask him a question - something about an interest you might have in common, or even what the time is. Make sure you hide your watch! Sit close to him an touch him on his arm to show him you're interested. Listen to him and don't interrupt him when he is talking. That makes them really annoyed and it's rude! Act confident but try not to seem stuck up. 'Bad clothes' are those old pants you used for painting the fence and the sweatshirt with the pony on it. Consider helping him out with other things like homework and social problems. Make small movements with anything e.g. pen. Wear shiny jewelry and bright colorful clothing. smile at him get eye contact with him Play with your hair. Once you know him well, drop something when he's walking by and will obviously see it. If he likes you, he may try to help you pick it up. Warnings No guy likes a person who is snobby. If he tries to do anything you're not comfortable with, tell him that you are not ready for that stuff yet. If he's cool with that, great. If not, then he's not really the nice guy you thought he was. Don't wear bad clothes when you decide to be brave and walk up to your man. Make sure to brush your teeth! Be sure to have gum, breath mints, Listerine strips, etc. around in case you need to freshen up quickly. Don't tell him lies. If the guy is a jerk, but you find him attractive, don't let him take advantage of you. Find out more about him before you let things get too serious. You can't get everyone to notice you. You cannot get everyone to like you all the time! Don't act like a tramp or as if you are only interested because of his looks.
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Vernon Vernon
Be yourself. That way you are not pretending and he knows exactly what you are about. If you are funny, a good listener, great cook, love sports. Be yourself that way if there is something he does not like then you waste no time and will meet someone who you do click with.
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Rory Rory
do the trick. "oops! i dropped a pencil (idk etc etc)" then youbend down to pick it up lol. idk. maybeee try flirting with him a little. touch his shoulder. say nice things to him. whisper things in his ear. smile at him. wink at him.
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