"B" in Honors vs. "A" in Regular class?

"B" in Honors vs. "A" in Regular class? Topic: "B" in Honors vs. "A" in Regular class?
June 20, 2019 / By Caltha
Question: What one do colleges prefer? Also, how many honors classes should I take? I can get a B in each class but I dont wanna stress myself. What'cha think?
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Alysia Alysia | 8 days ago
The thing is (if you're in high school) if you're getting excellent grades in your regular classes, it means you're not challenged enough. Or did you just barely scrape an A? Is the material challenging? Do you spend time on your homework, or occasionally need to ask your teacher to slow down, repeat the question, or maybe even stay after class to help you? If the answerer is yes to these questions, you're doing just fine. Going into an "Honors" or "Accelerated" class will stress you out. If you get 96-100 on all your tests, papers, and breeze through homework, you should switch. When I switched from normal to Accelerated math, I was having trouble with things. I needed to be helped by friends, I had to retake a couple tests, even. Honestly, it was awesome. I was finally challenged. Instead of snoozing and being bored, I could actually work. It's hard at first, and frustrating when, for the first time, you don't get it right away. But being challenged is better than being bored. And usually, if you study and work hard, and get a teacher's help when needed, you'll do fine, at least scrape a B+, and if you find it's too hard, just switch back to Regular classes. And as for how many, I suggest only the subjects you find to be exceptionally easy or simple.
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Alysia Originally Answered: Should I drop out of Honors class and into regular?
I'm pretty sure if you're a senior and you're not failing your honors classes, that they can count strongly toward college in some way or another whether it's credit hours or if it's just good reference. If I were you, I wouldn't drop it if a C+ has been your lowest grade and you truly are working hard and studying. If you're not up for the work on the other hand, I would drop it and get out easy. I wish you the best!

Victor Victor
Honors classes aren't much harder than college prep classes, and if you did well in middle school (A's and B's for the most part), you'll do absolutely fine in honors. Honors classes will also prepare you if you wish to take AP classes in the future, which can earn you college credit. Honors classes may also weight your GPA. Like, in my Spanish 3 class, I got a B, but it looked like an A- towards my GPA. Choose honors classes that suit you. Good at english? Take honors english, but that doesn't mean you have to take honors math if your not good at it. Good luck in high school. =)
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Rowland Rowland
What stretches your mind.??? I would think that getting B's in honors is showing them you are working harder at a higher level than being bored and taking it safe with all A's. What are you comfortable with? I would take a B honors student any day....they are working hard, committed to standing tall and taking the high road...and they aren't afraid of difficulty. They welcome it. When you can get all A's without an effort...are you happy? Are you fulfilled and challenged? Only you can decide.
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Mordecai Mordecai
I've heard that a B in honors is preferable to an A in a regular class. Probably because you're challenging yourself?
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Keaton Keaton
Is your honors class weighted? If so, I would definitely take that class. Otherwise, you just need to ask yourself how much work you're willing to do. I'm taking 4 AP classes, and it's time consuming, but I think it's worth it...
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Keaton Originally Answered: Is it better to get a good class rank with regular classes, or a bad class rank with Honors/AP classes?
it is extremely difficult to answer this question so i will attempt to answer it as best as i can 1. you should only take an AP class if you think that you will get at least a B in it.....an AP class is is the regular class is way to easy for you 2. If you dont want to go to an ivy league, i wouldnt even really worry about AP classes.....however, if you want to go to an ivy league.....an A in a regular course would not be enough...you would need an A+ in an AP course 3. Colleges don't only look at grades so if you think that you will struggle in an AP course, then take the regular course and find other ways to appeal to colleges i.e extracurriculars, community service, a great college essay....you know what i mean 4. It would be smart to take a few AP classes in the courses that you know you will do good in...it is not necessary for your whole transcript to be APs and honors 5. Also keep in mind what school you go to.....in some of the prestigious high schools, APs aren't even necessary because a regular course is just as difficult as an AP or Honors course i know someone in my school who got into harvard with a 94 average and only one AP.......but another person had a 94 average and ALL APs but didn't get into Harvard i hope this helps...but it all really depends on what college you want to go to and what kind of person you are (grade wise etc.)

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