Working for the United Nations.?

Working for the United Nations.? Topic: Working for the United Nations.?
June 16, 2019 / By Camille
Question: Hey there :) Im 15, and just thinking about future jobs. I love languages, and can ALMOST speak french fluently. I was talking with my family, and they said that the UN hires translators for languages and such. Is this true? And if it is, how would they hire you. And one last thing :) Could being a translator for the UN lead to anything else? My grand father said something about becoming a diplomat or something? Thanks for the help!
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Amabel Amabel | 3 days ago
It sounds like what you actually want to do is interpret, not translate. Translating refers to written work from one language to another while interpreting is usually immediate oral translation (like at conferences or at UN plenary meetings). There are special degrees you can get in interpreting- for a list of schools and other FAQs, see the following website: http://www.aiic.net/viewpage.cfm?page_id... For more advice, see: http://www.aiic.net/ViewPage.cfm/page513... In general you should know that to work as an interpretor for the UN you need to be able to interpret in 3 languages (your native language and 2 others). English and French are a good start, as they are official UN languages, but then it would be good to have one of the following as well: Spanish, Russian, Arabic, or Chinese. You cannot become a diplomat by being an interpretor. A diplomat is an entirely different career track. I also have to say something about the last answer's comment that you shouldn't travel outside the US because of the war. While there are countries you should avoid (go to the State Department website to see which countries have travel advisories out at any given time), there are also plenty that are just as safe for you as for anyone else. Of course there is crime everywhere, but that's true in the US as well. I have been living in Germany for the last 4 years, for example, and have had absolutely no problems. If you want to work on your French then you could go to France with little to no problems. Look into student exchange organizations if you're interested in going even before you start college. Good luck!!
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Vortigern Vortigern
You can only become a diplomat if you have 20 or more years of experience in a certain political area. Yes the UN hires translators BUT you have to be certified at a university level to be even considered. A university professor's strong recommendation will help u get a foot in the door to the UN. I would also strongly recommend against foreign country travel at this time because most countries can't guarantee any American's safety with the w a r going on.
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Royce Royce
The UN is thoroughly valueless (till your frightened of a paper decrease.) They make determination after determination and not basically do not enforce them yet get mad if somebody does. they're corrupt and need to be disbanded. Many have been raped by ability of UN peacekeepers and the UN observers did in simple terms that, watched Israeli squaddies get abducted and not basically did not something yet filmed it. In an unlucky incident 4 UN observers have been killed and Anon suggested it became planned (on no account techniques that Hezbollah has killed a minimum of 10 of them a three hundred and sixty 5 days for 2 to 3 many years) it's time they have been disbanded!
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