Is this illegal, can I file a complaint?

Is this illegal, can I file a complaint? Topic: Is this illegal, can I file a complaint?
July 20, 2019 / By Candace
Question: I purchased a used car from a dealership of a 2-hour drive away and because I work so much, I do not have all the time in the world to drive so far. On the trip I made there to buy my car, the salesman reassured me that this is the only trip I need to make that EVERYTHING will be covered. I was given a temporary license plate (printed paper) on my back mirror. It expires November 26th, which is tomorrow. I still do not have my plates and am now finding out they are NOW going to send it. Obviously it won't take 1 day to ship, so during this time, my plates will be expired. I thought it would be in the mail but they let me slip through the crack! I found this here quoted, "When you buy a vehicle from a dealership in Washington, the dealership will handle all the paperwork. You will receive all your documents and license plates in the mail." on http://www.dmv.org/wa-washington/buy-sell/car-dealers/dealer-licensing.php. Can I legally file a complaint against them because they messed up and I will be driving around a car and if caught, will get ticketed? Can I sue the dealership if they do not extend my temporary license? Obviously I was told by the website AND salesman so what can I do if they do not solve my problem of having expired plates (until my real ones arrive)? This is completely unfair and if I am caught, this goes on my record for something I have no control over. PLEASE help me out, shouldn't this be illegal if they "forgot" to send it and DON'T extend my temporary license plate (a new print-out)?
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Amaliya Amaliya | 6 days ago
Why would you have a "back mirror"? Anyway, you're getting all worked up in case something happens. Nothing is going to happen, your plates will show up in a couple of days and nobody will care that this ever happened. Yes, in theory, you can ask them to reimburse you for any fines that ACTUALLY happen to you, due to their alleged negligence. Unless you have damages there is absolutely nothing you can do to them, other than filing an administrative complaint with the AG's office in Olympia.
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Amaliya Originally Answered: Should I file a complaint against this therapist?
Filing a complaint will sadly do nothing. Being " irresponsible " is not illegal. First of all your husband needs to find a Psychiatrist ( not an LPC ) who can prescribe the appropriate medication for him + establish an effective treatment plan for him. The right Psychiatrist can do both for your husband. It makes no sense seing an LPC whose treatment plan is not working for your husband. If you don't know someone who can refer you to a good Psychiatrist that they use, you might want to research Psychiatrists who are known to be affiliated with the better Hospitals in your area. Your husband can then start to visit one of them until, hopefully, he finds the right Psychiatrist for him.
Amaliya Originally Answered: Should I file a complaint against this therapist?
not good practice to drink with a affected person, yet can not rather see a criticism right here. How have been you broken via the therapist's movements? As for "having information of inner maximum love existence", maximum folk see therapists extremely to communicate their inner maximum lives. back, the place is your harm? Has the therapist printed this to others? From what you're saying so a great way, i don't see a lawsuit right here.

Walker Walker
Unfortunately, I agree with the other poster. Unknown how many days you have on a temporary plate, but usually 20 to 30 days? If so, could understand, not worrying about it, but, when it was at "least" a week prior to expiring, then, you should have been on the phone with them, asking them, "where is my plate"? Granted, you just found out that they are just now sending it. But that is because, you realized it will expire tomorrow. In this case, this is both of your fault, since, you cant just call them up 1 day prior, when you could have had days vs 1 day. You might ask if they can fax over that plate has been sent that you could carry in your car, "just in case", but, sometimes, unless you have the real mccoy, as they say, many officers will not accept. Just be very careful driving, so that no officer will want to pull you over.
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Rube Rube
It depends on when you bought the car. You ususally have 30 days to do all the business associated with buying a car. If you bought that car Oct. 26, then you are the negligent one. If you bought it last week, then you might have a complaint.
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Rube Originally Answered: Help! Can I file a complaint against my employer?
You agreed to train for free so no complaint there. They made the bounced check right so no complaint there. The fact that they told everyone else is bad business practice but not illegal so nothing there either. You could try your local labor board but again you have suffered no loss so no case.

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