I told my grandma I wanted to have a career in music?

I told my grandma I wanted to have a career in music? Topic: I told my grandma I wanted to have a career in music?
June 26, 2019 / By Candida
Question: So when I told her she just laughed. Is it bad to have a music career? Im only 13 but im just thinking. I feel really bad now though because It could be a bad job or whatever and I might change my mind. Whats your opinion? I told my mom and she didn't like the idea either :( Is having a music career a bad job?
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Amber Amber | 9 days ago
It is very difficult to earn a living as a musician. Most musicians, even those who find steady work, spend their days worrying about how they're going to pay the rent. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it, but have a backup plan. Learn about music production or music business management. Those are still risky jobs but it gives you more options to make money making music. The other thing I can tell you is that music as not as much fun when you are trying to make money with it. It becomes a job and you end up playing with people who's music you don't like just because it pays a few dollars. You end up doing things because you have to not because you want to. Also, musicians are often unreliable and many of them are drug addicts. If you make a living in music you will be constantly putting up with people like this. It is much more fun, in my experience, to have a steady job and make music on the side on your terms.
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Wally Wally
A career in music is a risky career. If you're good at it and get spotted, then you get paid a lot. If you don't, then you won't anything (how are you going to pay for stuff?). Anyway, since you're 13 now, just try to pursue it and post some videos on youtube. If you're any good, you might get spotted!
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Rudy Rudy
First,talk to your aunt. Is it best to move and all.. Then,talk to your grandma. If she ask why,just inform her,"we did not suit (or whatever like that) i can't maintain going like this,it wasn't you. It's me" the item is,just be open. Inform your aunt the whole lot. And so does your grandmother (if you happen to have got to)
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