If he signed the birth certificate, can he turn back?

If he signed the birth certificate, can he turn back? Topic: If he signed the birth certificate, can he turn back?
June 20, 2019 / By Candy
Question: Ok so I don't need any smart *** answers. I know I did wrong, and you don't know my story. I just had my baby, not sure who the father is. But my fiance signed the birth certificate anyway. Is there anyway, if he isn't the father, that the dad can interfere. Like take me to court and get the baby. How does all that work? Hope you understand this question. And can my fiance opt out if he decides he wants to. Or is he responsible cause he signed the birth certificate
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Amelia Amelia | 1 day ago
Yes the father can contest paternity in order to attempt to obtain parental rights (eg, visitation) and the attendant responsibilities (child support and other obligations). Had you been married, in many states, he would still be able to contest paternity, but there is a two pronged problem for him. First, the husband is legally presumed to be the parent. Second, the judge (in many states) must determine that an alternative finding (that the husband is not the father) would be in the best interest of the child. Still, in this circumstance there is no such hurdle (presumption) or finding necessary. The mere fact that someone signed the birth certificate means nothing. At most, it means that, at the time the document was signed, the fiance believed himself to be the father. In the future he, too, can contest paternity. For example, were there to be a marriage and divorce, the husband could claim he is not the father, and then the DNA would either prove or disprove the finding. In you particular case, whether the father contests or not is not really significant. However, in the event that future health problems arise, it is very important that you know and confide in someone you can trust who the father is. While a remote chance, family history can be important to diagnosis and care, and in the worst case, organ or other treatments may rely on a match. Even in cases of adoption, these records are often maintained for just such a remote possibility. I know that you want to hear that the father cannot contest the paternity. If you were to ask, I would suggest that you come clean to your fiance (it will eliminate potential for future complications, and hiding the truth could be worse than the fact itself). Of course, there is always the possibility (indeed, in this world, the probability) that the father will do nothing, preferring not to be held responsible for the costs of childbirth, healthcare, education, and child support. Good luck.
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Amelia Originally Answered: Signed Birth Certificate Not Father!?
You need to go take a paternity test to rule yourself out. Then you can take the documentation that excludes you and have her go with you to fill out a APPLICATION FOR A NEW BIRTH CERTIFICATE BASED ON PARENTAGE. (This form is used to ADD, REMOVE, or REPLACE information regarding the father and/or mother listed on the original birth certificate according to an establishment of PATERNITY or a COURT ORDER.) It does not matter if she establishes who the real father is, or if she puts him on...all that matters is that she removes you from the birth certificate. Best wishes
Amelia Originally Answered: Signed Birth Certificate Not Father!?
Buy your own home DNA test. Also, I think there's way way to petition the court for a hearing without hiring a lawyer. You said that you asked her to file for child support. Are you paying child support right now? Is there a court order forcing you to? As long as there isn't a court order stating you have to pay child support, you might try not giving her any more money. It may expedite the process as long as you wont get in any legal trouble. BEAR IN MIND, I have never been in a situation like this myself, and do not have enough knowledge of the law to say that my advice will work. I'm just trying to bring some fresh ideas to your situation.

Walter Walter
Hire a family law attorney who can review your case and advise you of your options. The biological father probably has no intention of seeking visitation or even custody rights. You should however, be prepared for that possibility. Good luck.
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Russ Russ
Signing a birth certificate means nothing, A DNA test provided by a court of law determines who the legal father is. Yes if there is another "father" out there he can take action to be the legal father.
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Russ Originally Answered: Can I get dual citizenship if my father is american but never signed my birth certificate?
How old are you? It does not matter if he signed the birth certificate. He and easily prove paternity through DNA testing. If you are under 18 it should be fairly easy as long as he's willing to assist you along the way. Assuming you're under 18 the first stop is the closest US consulate to file a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. You and your father would need to do this. 18 or over is a lot more complicated. Did he ever acknowledge you? Did he ever send support, support that can be proven? Did you ever spend time visiting him in the USA? Pictures of the two of you together when you were a child? ********Check the law in the province where you were born. In many place a the husband of a married woman is presumed to be the father of the child. If this is the case attempt to get your Canadian birth certificate amended to show your father's name. Have you contacted your father to see if he's willing to assist you? Have you contacted the American Citizens Services Section of the closest US Consulate?

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