What is a master's program like?

What is a master's program like? Topic: What is a master's program like?
June 16, 2019 / By Capucine
Question: I have graduated last spring with a bachelor's degree in computer science and have been accepted into the master's program with the same university--I will begin in the winter semester (I need a break!!!) I was talking with a friend about the ordeal, and she seemed quite excited for me about it, being that she personally holds a doctorate herself. She gave me little tips and pointers, but what blew me away was when she showed me her thesis that earned her the master's degree....it was TWO HUNDRED PAGES LONG!!! How in the world does someone come up with even one hundred pages discussing any topic?!? I thought the master's program was delving deeper into the program of choice. This seems like they put you out in the lab and say "Your turn to do the teaching"...can someone give me a runthrough of exactly what a master's program involves, what is expected, and how in the world someone comes up with a 200 page essay? Hey Carol? Go fück yourself!
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Amey Amey | 4 days ago
My daughter did a research project while an undergrad that ran 60 pages. It was on highway safety while she dual majored in economics and political science. She used that to get into a masters program in Technology Management specializing in Transportation. Her masters thesis was about 60 pages as well further exploring highway safety. Her bachelors research also got her a masters fellowship in Transportation which got her into a fully funded PhD in civil engineering specializing in Transportation. Her dissertation was about 80 pages. While there she did research for the federal government and over the 5 years wrote hundreds of pages on the research and the findings. She is now working in the federal government in Transportation. She routinely turns out documents into several hundred pages. My point is that while her majors at each level were totally different they were all towards expanding her knowledge in her chosen field of transportation policy making. But she put it together herself. She used the schools to do the program she wanted. As for doing something that is 100+ pages long in discussing one topic, in reality am imaginative person would have to work very hard to keep it down to 100 pages. My daughter's projects all started at hundreds of pages until we edited them down. Heck I just read a free e-book published by NASA on the X-15 project that was over 900 pages and another on research to make sonic booms quieter that ran over 600 pages. A masters program is indeed delving deeper into a field most of the time while at the same time supporting whatever research programs the school may be following.
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Amey Originally Answered: How difficult is it to get into a master's program in the U.K.?
U.K. Universities are quite similar to their American counterparts; there are highly selective ones and less selective ones. You can obtain a list of Universities and their selection criteria through Barnes and Noble (or similar booksellers) in a book on U.K. U's. Just like in the U.S., you should try for a few "reach" schools (i.e. those that are most selective), a few schools that are right in your SAT range and a couple of fall back schools. Often, Universities, admit foreign students under slightly less rigid requirements than they do for the locals to get a more diverse student body, so shoot for the stars. Just remember that if you're going to be in or around London, it's going to be quite expensive, so look into grants, scholarships, etc. Also think about attending a U.S. University and studying abroad for part of the time. Many U's have great programs for doing so.
Amey Originally Answered: How difficult is it to get into a master's program in the U.K.?
It's really difficult for sure especially if you are a foreigner in that place. You may have to meet or comply some requirements. If you are a citizen there, you already have one step to get into it. But for you to pursue getting masteral program in UK, first and foremost, you have to be determined and you should have actually prepared yourself for that even before hand.

Warner Warner
I think you're panicking and losing focus--it's really not that bad. I know you've had to do research in your bachelor's program, right? The master's just involves a deeper volume of research and writing--you should expect to spend an ample amount of time in the library. As far as the length of your thesis is concerned, this is something you discuss with your advisor. 200 pages is quite lengthy, but I'd say most should average around half of that. And no, they don't expect you to come up with it in a month...it is putting together all you have discovered in the course of your studies, backed up with analysis and solid arguments. Good luck!
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Warner Originally Answered: Can I get into a Good Master's Program in Bioengineering?
You should be considering PhD programs, not MS programs. Many PhD candidates get paid to go to school through grants, teaching or research assistant positions. Many PhD programs will grant a MS as a consolation prize if you don't complete your dissertation, and some programs don't allow applicants for the Masters degree directly unless they are first admitted as PhD candidates. In any case, if you qualify for the PhD program, you'll save a ton of money and have a lot more options for research. You don't need a masters degree to apply to many PhD programs.
Warner Originally Answered: Can I get into a Good Master's Program in Bioengineering?
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