Apple? What "i" means in iPod and another?

Apple? What "i" means in iPod and another? Topic: Apple? What "i" means in iPod and another?
June 20, 2019 / By Caramia
Question: Apple usually use "i" before there application or software or hardware. So what "i" means? Is "i" copyright? Can we use it in our web or software without asking for permission?
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Amice Amice | 6 days ago
I think the "i" is supposed to convey that their things are personal. like your ipod is personalized with your music, your imac is personalized with your stuff. I don't think you can copyright a letter.
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Of course, they will they will tell yu whether they will cover the problem or not. And they will tell you what is wrong with your iPod. A diagnosis will be placed on your iPod and then they will call you to tell you what is wrong or if there is nothing wrong with it and they will let you know when they'll send it back etc

Warwick Warwick
At first, when Apple began to produce products with the letter i at the beginning of the product name, it loosely stood for internet. Since the only product was the iMac at the time, that was the story. With the introduction of the iPod, no one wanted to go on the record about exactly what it meant. And don't even think about using i in front of any commercial product. Apple Legal is very active in cease and desist actions when they find your product or service.
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Rylan Rylan
The "i" is widely assumed to stand for 'innovative' these days although it originally stood for "internet".
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Murdie Murdie
someone in england made a naughty toy with i- in front of it, and Apple sued them (or at least made them change the name).
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Right....thats a tricky one. First get rid of the cydia host thing you done then try another DFU restore. This might solve the problem. If it doesnt try downloading redsn0w from here http://www.idownloadblog.com/iphone-down... Download the latest one. Then go into and point to your IPSW (your firmware) then press next then tick the just boot tethered now option ONLY then press next then follow the steps to boot. If that doesnt work it is must be bricked. You must have broken the hardware its self. Take it to the apple store!

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