What should i major in if i'm interesting in becoming an event planner?

What should i major in if i'm interesting in becoming an event planner? Topic: What should i major in if i'm interesting in becoming an event planner?
July 20, 2019 / By Caren
Question: i am not 100 percent sure that i really want to be an even planner, but it seems like a good career and something i would enjoy. the thing is i need to pick my major for college and was wondering what would be a good major if i were to choose a career in even planning? or is there like a special school for that? thanks!
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Amilia Amilia | 8 days ago
Business (you want to be able to run a successful business) and Sociology (you want to better understand the people your planning for).
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Amilia Originally Answered: How can I become an Event Planner or Meeting Planner?
I have been an event and meeting planner for 15 years. The answer to this is a long one - too long to post; but I do have a website dedicated to this and every other question about event planning. It is: www.careers-in-event-planning . com. I am not selling anything, and I provide in-depth explanations of the event industry, what types of events you can plan, and how to break into the industry. I also discuss schooling and whether it's right for you, as well as other resources. The short answer is, you need to start volunteering for local events. The industry is just too competitive to get a job with no experience. Summer is a great time to get some experience, with so many events and festivals! I cover this topic in my upcoming newsletter (due out later this week) so if you hurry and go to my website and sign up for my newsletter, you can learn a lot more about this. Volunteering is also a great way to see if you really like the business....it's a lot of work but very rewarding and always, always exciting! You also need to find a mentor or go on some "informational interviews," which I cover on the "Career Planning" page of my website. Informational interviews are a way to interview someone in the 'biz, not for a job, but just for some advice and tips. These can be very helpful in guiding your career. Your travel is helpful, although not every planner has to travel. But if you love to travel, then being an on-site coordinator is a great way to break into the business - you travel all over the world, helping out with meetings and events (that's covered on the "On Site Managers" page). Good luck and don't give up - it's the best career path you could ever take!
Amilia Originally Answered: How can I become an Event Planner or Meeting Planner?
If you’re great with people, detail-oriented, budget-conscious and creative, you might want to explore a career as an event planner. 1.) Get a hospitality degree.: A bachelor's degree in hospitality can set you firmly on the path for a career as an event planner. 2.) Find a mentor : A mentor is someone who can teach, encourage and guide you in your career. Mentorship often develops from a relationship you already have in place or establish with someone you admire. 3.) Practice your skills: Chances are your interest in this field stems from skills you already have when it comes to putting together parties and organizing events.

Wat Wat
Having a business majored degree will allow you to go in many directions, including event planning.
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Wat Originally Answered: How to become an event/ party planner?
Event Planning or management is most probably similar in analogy to planning a typical birthday party, where the preparations need to be set up in the most effective ways. However, there are more intimate details in event management that needs to be paid close attention to. Nowadays, the term Event manager seems to refer to an easy yet sophisticated and chic profession. Yet in actuality, there are consequences and accountabilities that are attached to this classy title of being a service provider. The name suggests the job profile of an event manager involves organizing a special affair. Concepts have to be visualized, planned, budgeted, and executed in events that are often highly regarded such as fashion or beauty shows, concerts, corporate seminars, exhibitions, wedding celebrations, theme parties, product launching, etc. What is good about this career and its gaining popularity is the minimal requirement for financial investments, yet it allows the planner to be independent and flexible. Personal traits, character and attitude are of more importance in event planning. The planner of events must possess a real passion in holding or conducting affairs, they need to be organized and able to work in flexible and often extended hours. Although this exciting career among the younger generation may have been seen as a sensational one, it also demands a substantial amount of hard work and effort. Perfection is a major quality that must be achieved in any event management and therefore requires a great quantity of patience, good communication skills and comprehension to be practiced by an event manager. Duties must be discharged with efficiency, challenges must be confidently faced and situations must be given due attention and reaction. Team spirit, leadership and organizational skills are as well required in event planning. Every detail no matter how minute must be paid close attention to. There are also courses available to be taken by anyone who decide on taking a career in event planning. Eligibility courses usually requires to have a bachelor's degree in any discipline but most preferred are management-related fields, social sciences, liberal arts and humanities. Individuals who are of interest simply have to finish these courses that are offered in many academic institutional and universities. Short term certificates as well as post graduate MBA courses may also be taken. Major areas of principles and techniques must also be mastered to effectively perform and execute the duties of an event planner. These principles include public relations, organizational development, communication and implementation. Training and experience also contribute in becoming an adept and qualified event manager. While at school, the aspirant may work as an event staff personnel for sporting festivals and leagues. If there are local music shows to be held, assist in the preparation. Internships also play a major role in molding a successful planner. Upon completion of qualifying courses, the event planner can join established companies in event planning or they may choose to set up and start their own business. Employment are available from corporate and public sectors, government agencies, tourist agencies, hotels, banks and other financial institutions, private consultancy firms etc. Good Luck...
Wat Originally Answered: How to become an event/ party planner?
Before to become a event planner you have to know about the event management, Connections are very important to to become successful event planner. Gain Knowledge, Communication skills should be high, you have the ability to tackle the situation, you have to control on yourself these are the basic quality to become a event planner.

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