Storyline Competition?

Storyline Competition? Topic: Storyline Competition?
June 16, 2019 / By Carey
Question: Write me a storyline featuring MVP and The Rock, i am in a fantasy wwe grp as an assistant GM and the GM asked me for storylines, i gave him one and he liked half of it! i will give all ur storylines for him to choose, and i'll personally choose the best one as a best answer, make it creative pls + if u give me other storylines abt other superstars u will have bigger chance of getting the best answer Thanks!
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Amity Amity | 9 days ago
2 Weeks before WM24, Mr. McMahon announces (on RAW) that Ric Flair will face him at WM for his carreer on the line.But Ric Flair says that he will wrestle Vince only if he hires HBK as guest referee and HHH as ringside enforcer in the match to stop any kind of interference. Vince does not look happy with this demand but finally he agrees. THEN DURING THE MATCH - Ric Flair locks Vince in fig.4 leg lock. BUT bfor Vince taps, Mr Kennedy and Randy Orton enters the ring and start beating HBK and Ric Flair then HHH comes inside to save his friends.But Ken. and orton manages to beat him. THEN suddenly CENA enters the scene to help RIC.HE comes inside the ring, KEN and Orton tries to stop him but HBK AND HHH push them away. Then Cena helps Ric to stand on feet. As Ric stands,shocking everyone Cena gives a LOWBLOW to Ric. B4 Ric falls, again shocking everyone HBK and HHH gives their finishers to him, allowing vince to pin him. And after screwing FLAIR all the newly turned heels and old heels get appreciated by Mr McMahon.All of them starts laughing and hugging each other.Then picking up a mic HHH announces that they dont need 40 years old crap here,all they need is new generation superstars,all they need is a reunion of D GENERATION X and he announces CENA,ORTON (with his 2003- 04 smiley gimmick), KENNEDY the new members of dx. TO be continued in the 'source'......
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Watkin Watkin
After Wrestlemania...MVP is in the ring boasting about his win over Matt Hardy, when Ric Flair (who lost the prior night to HBK) comes to the ring and MVP asks him what he is doing there since he lost and should be retired. Flair: You know WOOOOOO you remind me of someone who I used to run with for a few years and would like to become your manager and show your the limosuine riding, jet flying lifestyle. MVP: What exactly do you have in mind...you can't even wrestle anymore. FLAIR: That does not mean I can't manage. I want to be your manager and I have 3 other young guns in mind also. At this point Ric whispers into MVP's ear who the other three are. Mvp's eyes light up and he gets a smile on his face. MVP: You got a deal. The following night on Raw MVP and Flair show up and go behind close doors. You catch a glimpse of the feet of a few other guys. During the show you hear Flair's music and he comes to the ring with MVP. Flair: Vince, WOOOOOOO you thought you had me out of your hair, well you were wrong I would like to introduce to you the first member of my young stable, MVP. Now you can't have a group of just one, so let me introduce to you the first new member to my group...KENNEDYS music hits. JR and KING start to flip out. KENNEDY: Flair I have a great amount of respect for you after you kicked my butt at No Way Out and I would be honored to learn from the dirtiest player in the game. Kennedy and MVP shake hands. Then LANCE CADE and TREVOR MURDOCHS music hits. They run to the ring and get in to the ring and act like they are getting ready to take out Kennedy and MVP. After a long stare down, they all Embrace. FLAIR: Ladies and gentlemen, WOOOOO let me introduce to you My next Generation 4 Horseman. WOOOOOOO At this point the Rock's music hits and he comes out to the entance ramp. ROCK: Are you seriously saying that you Ric Flair and these four jabronis are thinking you can form a new 4 horseman.? FLAIR: I... ROCK: It doesn't matter what you think. I don't care if you are the next generation 4 horsemen, the next generation nWo or the new DX. The Rock says that he will beat all of you jabronis to kingdom come. This storyline starts a huge fued between the Rock and the next generation 4 horsemen, similar to the fued Dusty Rhodes had with the original 4 horseman.
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Sage Sage
the rock makes his triumphant return and tells mvp that i've been in wwe longer than you. ''even though i've been makin movies'' i've been watchin you and you've shown no respect for legends like flair and that guy from wccw. next week after rock wrestles some jobber mvp attacks him from behind and drills him with a playmaker. their fued leads to a match at a ppv where loser leaves for good
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Murdock Murdock
after wrestlemania m.v.p boasting about how he beat matt hardy in a ladder match and he says there is no body who can beat him for the u.s title then he says next week there will be a special guest in the V.I.P lounge followed by him kicking the special guestes *** in a match at backlash or what ever ppv you have next week on SD m.v.p comes in the ring crowd are screeming to know who the special guest is and then m.v.p says now it is time to reveal the special guest the rocks music plays crowd are crazy ROCK : HEY M.V.P YOU SAID THAT NOBODY CAN BEAT YOU WELL YOU MUST BE WRONG BECAUSE OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS I HAVE SEEN YOU GET BEATEN UP BY SOME RANDOM JOBBERS M.V.P : SHUT UP THIS IS MY SHOW AND YOURE NOT EVEN IMPLOYED BY WWE IT WAS MY IDEA TO BRING YOU BACK AND IT WILL BE MY IDEA TO GET YOU FIRED ROCK : LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WHO WANTS TO SEE THE PEOPLES CHAMP LAY THE SMACKDOWN ON M.V.P CROWD CHEERS and the rock is about to hit the rock bottem on m.v.p but m.v.p doges and hits the play maker on the rock M.V.P : SEE I TOLD YOU GUYS THAT THIS GUY HAS LOST ALL HIS TALENT the rock gets back up and hits the rocks bottom on m.v.p ROCK : CANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMELL WHAT THE ROCKS COOKIN
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Kendrick Kendrick
MVP is on the set of his own talk show, the Playa's Lounge. HE says that tonight he has invited a very special guest. This guest has been on a hot streak since entering the WWE. He's captured 2/3 of the Smackdown brand's titles, and has overcome odds and retirement after a dibilitating illness that would have ended a lesser man's career. He's been a constant inspiration to his career...and he is...Montel Vontavious Porter. The crowd begins to boo as Porter swaggers around his private set. Porter says he's won almost every title worth winning, he's fought at every PPV worth fighting at in near career ending gimmick matches, and he's beaten everyone in this industry worth beating. Just then, the lights go out. A city skyline appears on the titantron with a chopper beaming down a beacon of light on top of one of the buildings. "Is Cookin'!" The Rock bursts out of the curtain as the crowd jumps to their feet. The Rock struts to the ring, climbs in, and nudges past Porter to play the crowd. He hops down from the turnbuckle, and goes to nudge past Porter again. Porter stops him, they go nose-to-nose in the center of the ring. Porter shoves the Rock back. MVP: "What the hell do you want, ;Hollywood?" The Rock: "One second, one second, one second...FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO THE WWE!" MVP yanks the mic out of the Rocks' hand. Miavia stares down Porter, giving him the eyebrow. MVP: "What the hell is the meaning of this?" The Rock: "Well, I was backstage catching up with some old friends when I heard your jabroni @ss jabbering on like an @ss monkey about how you've beaten everyone worth beating. So I turned to my good friend, Dave Batista and I said 'Dave, who in the blue hell is this loser.' Dave scratched his head like a mongaloid and shrugged while grunting 'I dunno' So I said to Dave 'Boy, you ain't no good to me then, now are ya? Now go get me an ice cream sammich before I shove my foot up your candy @ss!" MVP: "My name is Montel.." The Rock: "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS! What does matter is the fact that you haven't gone one on one with the great one, you haven't been in the squared circle with the Brahma Bull, and considering you haven't done those things, putting two and two together, it looks like you haven't beaten the Rock! So I'm going to ask the little ringside ******** set guys to tear all this crap down, take out this particle board furniture, I'm gonna ask them to take my boot, shine it up real nice, so I can take it and shove it up your candy..." Porter cuts the Rock off with a kick to the gut. He sets up for the Playmaker, but the Rock ducks out and reverses into the Rock Bottom. Rock rips off his shirt, throws it into the crowd, and signals for the people's elbow, but just as he hits the ropes, Vince McMahon's music hits. Vinnie Mac: "Hold on there! Now wait just a damn minute! Nobody wants to see this crap!" The crowd boo's VKM: "Oh...you do want to see this crap? Then you're just gonna have to pay for it, because I'm not giving this match away for free! But seeing how Mr. Miavia isn't signed with the WWE, we'll have to draw up some sort of contract that doesn't make me liable when Porter messes up those hollywood good looks. I don't want to be sued from Mr. Too Good for Wrestling." The Rock: "Now wait just one damn minute! Sure, the Rock left the WWE, the Rock did some movies. The Rock expiramented with acting, sure...but the Rock never turned his back on the millions and millions of the Rock's fans. Now you write up them papers, McMahon, and the Rock will put his name on that dotted line next week, in this ring, out here amidst my people." The following week, the Rock, Porter, and McMahon meet in the ring. The stipulation of the contract states that there's a no compete clause for both men leading into the pay per view, and if either man attacks the other in an unsanctioned match prior to their PPV match, they will be fired. The Rock signs and slides the contract across the table to Porter. Porter tosses the clipboard at Rock's head. The Rock catches it, but Porter boots it into his skull. MVP pulls the contract off of the Rock's bloodied face and signs the contract. Porter holds the Rock's legs up and open. McMahon stomps down on the People's Jewels, takes the pen, and puts his name on the contract as well. At the PPV, the match goes off well, and ends when Porter elbows out of the Rock Bottom, twists into a reverse attempt on the Playmaker, but the Rock grabs Porter's leg and trips him onto the mat and locks in a sharpshooter. Porter taps, but the ref's distracted at ringside by McMahon. McMahon levels the ref with a stiff punch to the head. McMahon pulls on the ref's jersey, just as the Rock drops the sharpshooter. He DDT's mcmahon and nips up and turns to porter just in time to catch a sick big boot to the face. Porter covers, but McMahon's down. A fresh ref runs in to make the count, but the Rock kicks out. Porter attempts to roll the Rock into a Crossface, but the Rock fights out and hits a samoan drop. He goes for the people's elbow, but Porter nips up, kick to the gut, goes for the playmaker, and connects. Porter hits the ropes and hits the Ballin' Elbow Drop for the win. Porter helps the rock to his feet and they shake hands. The Rock raises Porter's hand in congratulations. The Torch Has Been Passed WAIT! The Rock snaps around and hits the rock bottom. He yanks off the elbow pad, and goes for the People's Elbow. McMahon's up, and rushes the Rock, but the Rock catches him with a spinebuster. Rock rips off his other elbow pad, hits all four rope sets, and delivers a double people's elbow on McMahon and Porter. Rock, exasperated, makes his way up the rampway. Out of the crowd comes Batista, and he hits a northern lariat to the back of the Rocks head. He takes him up to the sound stage and powerbombs him off the side. To Be Continued...
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Kendrick Originally Answered: What do you think is a better storyline and why and how can i inprove it!?
I prefer the first idea as there is too much dying/killing in the second which kind of distracts from the main idea of the twins finding their special abilities and each other. However there needs to be a main problem for the twins to solve together (once they have found each other of course). Maybe they find out they were created in a top secret lab for the sole purpose of destroying another 'super' being that turned evil... (random bad idea I know) But definitely have boy and girl twins. Which ability they have depends on how you develop their characters. Their personality should definitely reflect their ability, for example the outgoing/popular/optimist one should be light and the more secretive/thoughtful/intense one should be dark.

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