Should i tell HR?in my job we have something for the sales reps called the acheivers club.the department?

Should i tell HR?in my job we have something for the sales reps called the acheivers club.the department? Topic: Should i tell HR?in my job we have something for the sales reps called the acheivers club.the department?
June 16, 2019 / By Cari
Question: takes them for a day to somewhere like golf n stuff, or bowling, or speed way racing. my position as sales support there are 4 or us and since they cant track our work as goals like they do for the sales reps we all have decided to rotate it or take turns on who gets to go to the acheivers club since we all do an equal amount of work. well it was suppose be my turn last quarter but the manager made up some excuse that no support rep was going this time. he knew it was my turn and instead told the other support rep he can go. so for sure its my turn this quarter and i was already told i get to go. this time they are flying us to our oregon office to meet with the other reps for wine tasting. so in the last 2-1/2 wks i have missed about 4 days due to my son and having to take him to the dr. when i confirm my trip with the reps they now tell me i cant go due to attendance and i fight telling them i was suppose to go last qrtr then they tell me its not a good time because i have my son!!! to add : the days i miss where for very important Dr. appts for my son and i brought back Dr. notes from each and every appt.
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Amy Amy | 10 days ago
From what you describe it sound like a clear case of unfair labor practice. FMLA and OFLA (US and Oregon Family Medical Leave Act) emphasizes you can not be penalized for taking time off to care for a family member which includes your sons doctors appointments. Often just talking with HR will solve the problem, most HR departments knows the law and most supervisors don't. If HR does not resolve it, then...... You can fight this treatment either through the State or US Government. You might get quicker response from the State..... Check Oregons BOLI site: http://www.boli.state.or.us/ or here is the like directly to Oregon statute covering Oregon Family Leave Act: http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/rules/OARS_800/OAR_839/839_009.html Send BOLI a e-mail telling them what has happened: http://www.boli.state.or.us/BOLI/contact_us.shtml If they retaliate against you for enforcing your labor and medical rights, just hop on over to the Oregon Employment Relations Board and file a complaint...:) http://www.oregon.gov/BOLI/TA/contact_us.shtml You can also get help and find out the ins and outs of making a claim at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Oregon_Family_Rights/ For the US Government look here: http://www.dol.gov/ The US Codes: http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode29/usc_sup_01_29_10_7.html and http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode29/usc_sup_01_29_10_7_20_II.html For general employment law: http://www.eridlc.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=hrlaws.main You can make their life a living hell if you want to and if they fire you, it just gets worse for them. Sound like you and your fellow employees need to be in a union. This kind of crap wont be tolerated there. Good luck.
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Wayland Wayland
No they are telling you are not going because you missed 4 days of work in two weeks - an obvious attendance problem. Bonuses/ perks are given to people for doing a good job--- missing 4 days out 10 or 12 is not exactly a stellar employee in my book, and obviously not in your managers book either. To you addition: Running a business is very important to your employer. Doctors notes do not make missing work acceptable. You chose to take your son to the doctor - as a mother I would have done the same thing - but the bottom line is that your employer doesn't have to care and can consider 4 days excessive absenteeism. Sorry that is just the way the work cookie crumbles!
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Saladin Saladin
i'm working as a brief at a decision center on the on the 2d and we don't supply out our final names; the reason we don't supply out our final names is that there are 3 call centers in 3 diverse states. What they got here across might ensue is purchasers might call and can ask for that rep via first and final call. this is obviously a situation for the call center is they are calling and get a decision center wherein that rep isn't placed. in addition they like to have any of their reps be waiting to remedy any shopper issues. it somewhat is made possible while representatives do not supply out their final names.
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Murdy Murdy
Since you were denied the previous trip, I would inquire with HR about the way things are being done. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have due to your attendance, even though it should not matter since they denied you before.
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