Teens: Do posers annoy you?

Teens: Do posers annoy you? Topic: Teens: Do posers annoy you?
June 16, 2019 / By Carina
Question: OH MY GOODNESS I AM ANNOYED! So I got off this glorious site momentarily to go clean my room and I was scrolling through instagram while my room heated up (space heater, don't judge) and someone put up a selfie of the last paragraph of Looking For Alaska, okay of you know me, you know that that is one of my favorite books. the little - (who said it) was John Green so I was like...okay your not completely wrong, so I commented I love that book. Her response was "what?" OH MY GOODNESS DO YOUR SELFIE QUOTE HOMEWORK! *sigh* I just needed to vent, then after quote was that she was really digging John Green quotes now. Okay she probably thinks he only does those Crash Course things that our history teacher makes us watch and I would've been less annoyed if she at least would've said "What book?" BUT NO! She didn't know what I was talking about! DO YOUR RESEARCH! Okay Im done, girl had to vent and my cat didn't understand.
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Anabelle Anabelle | 2 days ago
No. Once you get out of school and into the adult world, "posers" don't exist anymore, because there are no cliques or groups or classifications to fit into. People either like you or they don't.
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Anabelle Originally Answered: Any idea's for classes teens. Homeschooling teens.?
We did a Rube Goldberg class for pre-teen and teens this year at co-op and it was great fun. We competed locally. http://www.rubegoldberg.com/ This year my son will be on an Exploravision team: http://www.exploravision.org/ The teens at our co-op LOVE drama class. We also have cooking, sewing, guitar, karate, photography, journalism, Math Counts, Art of Problem Solving, and more. How about a biology lab? A geography study like "Mapping the World by Heart" or "Around the World in 180 Days"? What about making a yearbook or student newspaper? Along with it you could learn photojournalism, composition, art layout, etc.

Weaver Weaver
I'm confused, how is she a poser? She posted a picture of a quote she enjoyed, she never said she was an avid book reader or that this was her favourite novel, she simply liked the quote and shared it with others. I could see your anger if she implied she had read the book and then didnt know what it was, but that didn't happen so I think you are overreacting. However, I do loathe posers.
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Salal Salal
Well, 13 year old me would've been like "yeah screw posers... Lol how do you only like a few songs from a band and claim you like them" but now I don't really care and I haven't even noticed any "posers" since middle school. I can understand how saying that quote and not knowing the book can be annoying though, but it's not like she said "I love John Green" or "fav book" or something haha. I've also realized that you don't have to know every single thing about something in order to like it... Unlike what I thought when I was younger.
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Murphy Murphy
No, not really. It's kinda more "eh". I don't see how quoting a book makes you a "poser". Not everybody does detailed research on the people they choose to quote.
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Kennard Kennard
I roll my eyes at such people and pity them. Theirs must be a miserable life if they try to imitate who they want to be instead of trying to actually be them. Take comfort in the fact that you're the genuine one here. That's what I do when I encounter posers who don't know what they're talking about.
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Kennard Originally Answered: DOESN'T THIS ANNOY YOU?
i agree with you. i loose stuff 24/7, so that always happens to me! i also agree with the time thing...i'm like, okay, so what time is it?!?!? lol my biggest pet peeve is copycats, of any kind. i hate when people copy your school work (such as on yahoo answers ppl ask if they can have answers to their homework!!). i also hate when people steal creative ideas YOU came up with. people always copy my ideas because i tend to think of different ideas then them! i also hate people who think they are soo amazingly cool at my school that they think everything you say or do is stupid and they never just be kids and have fun...they try to grow up too fast. another thing i hate is ppl who are always just staring at you. i have this girl on my bus-she is in 6th grade, i am in 8th. she stares at me a lot...i am just like, 'can i help you?' oh and i hate when ppl try to correct you when you are in a hurry or upset, etc. i'll be like calling them or something, "hey, maybe we should get together tommorow after school. hey i really gotta go. bye!" and their like "but tommorow is saturday!" it's like, you know what i mean, so just go along with me!!

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