Making an apple pie, the crust caves~?

Making an apple pie, the crust caves~? Topic: Making an apple pie, the crust caves~?
June 26, 2019 / By Carine
Question: I've been making apple pies more than a few times, but everytime i make put one in the oven, the apples cook and shrink, and the crust cooks and hardens. What results is that i have cave like space inside the pie and I was wondering if anyone knew the solution to the problem. I tried adding more apples but that didn't really solve the problem. Thanks in advance.~
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Anastacia Anastacia | 3 days ago
you need to let the apples sit for an hour or so in sugar so the juice comes out. then mix with all of the spices and you will not have shrinking apples in your pie because you will have already shrunk them.
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Webster Webster
Sounds like you need a new recipe. Try simmering the apples in a big pan with a little Seven Up, sugar,cinnamon and nutmeg. Let them release their juices (do not overcook. About ten minutes). Strain the apples, set aside and reduce the juice to a syrup.Pour the apples into your pie crust, add a bit of butter to the syrup and cover the apples add the top crust and bake.
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Salathiel Salathiel
I have seen several recipes that call for cooking the apples first. The problem is almost inevitable with raw apples. I have also seen the idean of slicing the apples really thin and then really packing them in so that they are more solid, but I think that the cooking first is a better idea. See Cooks Illustrated magazine website.
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Murray Murray
try forming your crust to the apples and cutting plenty of vent holes, or maybe even try using a different kind of apple i like gala because they're really sweet.
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Kennedy Kennedy
not enough butter with the crust, you have to work when it is cold. coat your apple slices with flour
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