need to find a teen sleep related car accidents research poll?

need to find a teen sleep related car accidents research poll? Topic: need to find a teen sleep related car accidents research poll?
June 16, 2019 / By Carla
Question: well i need to write a persuasive paper on early school bedtimes ive done pretty good but i neeed a research study of how many teen sleep deprived driving accidents there are i had found i good article but lost it just please post the info of the poll and the sources also i need to know like how many accidents are caused you know WHAT ARE THE NUMBERS MASON K thX BAI
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Andrea Andrea | 7 days ago
The percentage of sleep-related collisions is about 18%. Younger drivers (16-20) need a greater amount of sleep hours, but maintain a life style of sleeping too little, and are likely to be involved in such collisions at long, straight roads at hours between 4:00 to 6:00. Alcohol consumption makes the driver more sleepy, so both factors (intoxication and deprivation of sleep) are often related. Falling asleep intensifies internal abdominal injuries due to shallow breathes and an overly-limp body. Adults are also involved in sleep-related collisions in mid-day (after getting up early and having a heavy meal at noon) during long drives, or in the morning when getting up very early. The only real solutions for fatigue are: - avoid fatigue by getting proper sleep, avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol, avoiding heavy meals). - avoid driving when sleepy - get some sleep (30 minutes of sleep = 50-60 minutes of wakefulness). If there is no safe place to stop (the hard-shoulder of the highway is an extremely dangerous stopping place!), it's best to keep on driving slowly to a safe stopping place. - All other solutions (like opening a window, listening to music, talking to someone) are only temporary and can help you finish the drive if you only have a short way to get home.
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Westley Westley
I'd put money, and a large amount of it, on the biggest cause of teen accidents NOT being sleep related. Driving too fast, being drunk, not being able to read other peoples' actions / not paying enough attention, not being used to the car / inexperience, and probably one or two more things before sleep crops up!
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Sammy Sammy
Interesting topic, I did a search for teen driving accidents lack of sleep and found the following there were several more. http://psychcentral.com/news/2010/02/17/... http://www.sleepfoundation.org/article/s... http://www.ygoy.com/index.php/teenagers-... hope that helps
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Naftali Naftali
well you can find every single detail that you want from here :) http://www.driver-ratings.com/US you will get the list from this website for sure i am sharing it with you because i found it useful for me :) you can also enter here plate # of your car as well to rate it :)
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yeah. same here. some days, i love it. and other days, i can't wait until the weekend. it just depends on how much pressure i have that week. (tests, essays, homework, etc...) usually, i like it. :)

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