Technologies I should read and learn about to pursue dream?

Technologies I should read and learn about to pursue dream? Topic: Technologies I should read and learn about to pursue dream?
June 16, 2019 / By Carlene
Question: I have long been interested in new ideas, but this idea just dawned upon me recently; an armor suit, super technologically advanced, and human operated for use in the military. Now I now that this sounds ridiculous, but I thought about it and I came up with all of the features I would like to have installed in this suit. Where I run into trouble is that I do not now where to start my research, so please I now that it is asking a lot, but I am going to write down all of the features I would like to install in the suit, and you guys can write down all of the subjects/technologies I need to study and research. Like I said, I know it is asking alot, but I WILL give a best answer to the person who gives an honest effort. Here are all of the features: -Bulletproof Casing System (A system to make the whole suit bulletproof) -Propulsion System (A system to propel the suit through the air) -Night/Infared Vision System (A system to have the operator of the suit be able to see at night) -Improved Kinetics System (A system to improve speed, strength, movement) -Internal and External Heating/Cooling System (A system to not only keep the inside of the suit comfortable, but to also keep the suit itself as the same temperature with its surroundings, therefore invisible to thermal vision) -GPS/Objective Focused Mapping System (A GPS that the operator can look at to see their location, but also the ability to have zones and points marked out on the GPS that have to do with the objective) -Climbing System (A system for the suit to climb) -Air Filtering System (A system to filter the air in which the operator is currently located) -Improved Vision System (A system to improve vision within the suit) -Improved Hearing System (A system to improve hearing within the suit) -Improved Reflex System (A system to improve reflexes within the suit) -Chemical Injection System (A system to inject chemicals into the operator who is operating the suit) -Body Diagnostic System (A system that shows how the operators body is functioning) -Armor Diagnostic System (A system that shows how the suit itself is functioning) -Cushioning System (A system to cushion the operator and absorb shock within the suit) -Hydration System (A system to hydrate the operator while he is inside the suit) -Waste Removal System (A system to remove wastes from within the suit such as sweat, bathroom wastes) -Camouflage System (A system to camouflage the suit with its surroundings) -Swimming/Underwater Navigation System ( A system for the suit to swim and navigate underwater) -Targeting/Distinction System (A system that would distinguish between friendlies and hostiles, and show where hostile are located on the operator's GPS) -Action Silencing System (A system to silence all actions the operator makes) -Weapons Storage System (A system to store all of the weapons the operator will be carrying) -Communication System (A system of communication between the operator of the suit and friendlies) -Team Diagnostic System (A system that shows the operator how all of his friendlies are functioning) -Emergency Notification System (A system that displays a distress signal, showing the suit/operator are in trouble) -Self Destruction System (A system to self-destruct the suit if the situation requires) -Authorization System (A system of authorization that would only let authorized users operate the suit) -Counter Electromagnetic Pulse System (A system that would successfully counter and EMP) -Impact Absorption System (A system to absorb impact to the suit/operator) -Waterproofing System (A system to prevent water from entering the suit) -Foreign Particles Prevention System (A system to prevent foreign particles such as dirt and grime from entering the suit) -Radioactivity Prevention System (A system to prevent radiation from entering the suit) -Internal Body Forming System (A system to form to the operator using the suit to prevent rubbing and reinforcing the "one size fits all" concept) Now once again I know that this is alot but a list of technologies/subjects that I should study/research to understand and perfect these concepts would be much appreciated. Thank you
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Andreana Andreana | 8 days ago
despite my better judgment sure I'll take a stab at it. Sorry in advance if I'm sort of a kill joy.. 1. Physics (to learn why it will only ever be bullet resistant) 2. Chemistry (problem with jet packs is the fuel being to heavy to carry enough for more then a few secs of flight. not to mention having people shoot at you while your wearing an explosive is bad.) 3. Electronics/Physics (not much to develop here as off the shelf would probably do.) 4. Mechanical/Electronics (Strength and speed don't go well together) 5. Physics (as tell you why this is theoretically imposable. Sorry there is no way to make heat just disappear) 6. Electronics (again not much to do as off the shelf could achieve all of these features) 7. Grappling hook? /structural( sorry nothing special to climbing trick would be making the limbs strong enough to support the weight.) 7.Physics (sure there are probably better practical fields but theory of how molecules interact is physics.) 8. Binoculars? /Physics (rather sure how light moves is physics) 9. Electronics 10. Biology (Sorry is no magic fix reflexes are all the person) 11. Medicine (all tho why you'd want to dope up the operator is beyond me.) 12. Medicine/Electronics (all though this is a pointless wast of space as it isn't going to tell you any thing useful with current tech) 13. Mechanical/Electronics 14. Physics/Medicine (the bulk of the calculations on how much force needs to transfer to the padding is physics and the numbers about the average human tolerances is medicine.) 15. Medicine/Mechanics (the bulk of the system is how best to hydrate with mechanics filling in the how r part) 16. Mechanics 17. No idea no current viable theory exists on application that i know of. 18. Mechanics/physics/electronics (under water ugg...) 19. Electronics (sorry allies only, as it is unlikely you'll get the enemy to walk around blindly with am "I'm the enemy" transmitter.) 20. Physics (sorry like heat you can't just make sound disappear) 21.mechanical/structural 22. Electronics 23. Electronics 24.Electronics 25. Electronics/Mechanical/Chemistry (oh the joys of explosives.) 26. Electronics (tho this is pointless as every system can be cracked given time.) 27. Electronics (this is a passive system tho as there is no active emp defense.) 28. Structural 29. Chemistry/Physics/Mechanical (Chem for a sealing agent, Physics for how the water and seal behave, mechanical as to how not to break the seal while moving.) 30. Biology ( the only way this is possible is to never have any one get in to the suit) 31. Physics 32. No point, with the tuning alone required for different sized appendages they would have to be custom fit. Now assuming you've gone through all of this post. it should be noted that dabbling even to the point of a doctorate likely won't give you all the info to fully understand or fabricate such systems.
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Twelve is such an early age to try to start nailing all that adult stuff down. Enjoy being 12 and if you like to write then run with it!! You have the rest of your life to figure out what you want your career to be, that isn't the real issue. The real issue is writing your paper, and my guess is that if you enjoy writing then don't stress out about it, just have fun!!!
Andreana Originally Answered: I have to write this essay about "my dream" what i wanna be.but.well.read details!?
You could do what I did. Just write about how it doesn't matter what you end up doing for a career when you grow up as long as you're happy and healthy. Throw in a few examples of jobs you wouldn't mind having and why they would make you happy. Or you could explore the option of an investigative journalist, it would combine the writing you like with the detective work and could also make for an interesting paper. Good luck on your assignment.

Weston Weston
If you are talking about the comic book Iron Man, then dream on. Most of the specs are already in today's modern tank, albeit huge in size compared to what you want. Look into website of General Dynamics Land Systems (http://www.resumeware.net/gdls_rw/gdls_w... ) and see what engineering positions they are looking for today. Most of the postions don't talk about weapons at all and they are typically electrical, software, mechanical engineering.
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Samson Samson
no, not necessarily. depends on whether you are talking about fulfilling parents' wishes or one's own ambition. i had an ambition of becoming a linguist, a teacher, a diplomat, or an electrical engineer. i was discouraged. and i was a girl. so i did what i didnt desire to, but i have no regrets. only wish i could do it differently. i guess in our community as a boy, or future man of the family, you need to weigh the prospects of earning a decent living and provide for your future family and your dreams. but in contemporary lifestyle, girls are also encouraged to pursue the path that leads to a comfortable living, which isn't just getting married and wait to be fed. parents nowadays do not only wish to see the sons successful, but also the daughters :)
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First you're going to have to work on gaining his trust and getting him to cooperate with you. Some of the ways you can do this is by bringing a cool activity to do, something that he won't be embarrased to have his friends see. Sometimes kids this age will open up and talk to you if they don't have to look at you - if you're both doing an activity, such as coloring, sitting at a table, and you don't have to look at each other. It can also be a small craft thing, such as making a keychain or something, as long as he thinks it's cool. Maybe he can bring a friend one day so the friend can meet you and see that this is fun and cool. Then find some books that he will like. If he's into sports and games try to find a book with odd sports facts or video game tips. Try to make sure they don't look like third grade books so he's not embarrased. You might also try to find comic books, or those manga ones that are so popular right now. Books on tape often work well for this kids this age (Try Slam! by Walter Dean Meyers, Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli, Crash by Jerry Spinelli, or check your local library, bn.com, or your teacher for more titles), and your teacher or the school library may have a tape recorder with a special box for headphones for both of you. That way you both know what's happening in the story and you can talk about it. Magazines are also a good source for reading material; the right ones can spark his interest and motivate him to do more. They have Sports Illustrated for Kids and a lot of other titles appropriate for this age group. Maybe he can keep it if he completes the assignments or does a good job with it. His school may have funds to buy supplies with. If not, ask to speak to the School Improvement Committee or PTO/PTA. If all else fails, talk to the principal. You shouldn't have to pay for these supplies out of your own pocket. It is very nice of you to work with this young man. Just be persistent, and chances are he will come around. Good luck!

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