need help with math!?

need help with math!? Topic: need help with math!?
July 20, 2019 / By Carley
Question: please please need help with my math homework were dealing with surface area any help please 1.9width 12 cm length 9cm for height 2.13w 8L 5h 3.20w 15 L 8h 4. 42w 21L 11h 5.6.5w 4L 5h 6.14.5w 8.5L 4h cylanders round to the nearest unit 7. 4 diameter 21 length 8. 15 radius 8 height 9. 1 diameter 5 length 10. 3 radius 10 height 11. 2 diameter 9 height 12 6 radius 6 height please please help i suck nuts at this crap and no wrong answers on purpose pleasee
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Andri Andri | 9 days ago
SA = 2lw+2hw+2lh Follow the same procedures for other questions I didn't answer for you. 1. 2(9)(12)+2(9)(9)+2(12)(9) = 594 cm² 2. 2(13)(8)+2(8)(5)+2(13)(5) = 418 units² Last 6 questions: very vague (are you referring to volume?)
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Whitaker Whitaker
all i knew is, VOLUME=width x length x height thats it...u will got the answer..... and ALWAYS remember, when dealing with the round area /surface/volume please think about [Pi] that is [22 divide by 7] or 22/7 or in rounded [3.142].... so , when comes to the cylinders...please or ALWAYS/MUST use the Pi x radius x radius x height = u will go the VOLUME answers..[not surface area] but REMEMBER, Diameter = 2 x Radius, So if u been given the Diameter value..please divide by 2, you get the radius value..thats how u would play when u got the diameter or radius value... so if u get radius value...u have to multiply by 2 to get the diameter value..so that means the DIAMETER SHOULD BE LONGER THAN THE RADIUS OF THE ROUND SURFACE/AREA..... BUT HOW ABOUT THE AREA SURFACE CALCULATIONS.. IF VOLUME OF THE CUBE IS = width x length x height , so the area surface should be different..and that is [remember...cube or its related have 4 surface] so, the surface area = l x w x l x w x l x w x l x w... so thats it...we will got 4 of [l x w]...so surface area of the cube should be the same value, [cos it was the cube] same length and same width...so that means surface area [cube] in shorter = 4 x l x w..[remember this for the CUBE formula].. and..the cylinder surface AREA....IF VOLUME IS, Pi x radius x radius x height, if the round surface area be = 2 x Pi x radius... so bt seeing the cylinder shapes..that should be, 2(pi x radius x radius) + (2 x pi x radius) x h [REMEBER this bro...] bye.. [CORRECTIONS IS WELCOMES].....
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Samuel Samuel
Surface Area (boxes)= 2 x height + 2 x length + 2 x width or 2 x (height + length + width) Surface area (cylinder) = 2 x (pi x radius^2) + height x 2 x pi x radius
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Nahum Nahum
For surface area you add up all of the measurement's and times them by 2. That way you get the answer. So for example if a question was something like ..... 4cm length , 7cm height , 2cm width , Then you would times 4 twice times 7 twice and times 2 twice then you would add them all up together and you have your surface area but be sure to show the formula.
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