Periods!? When should i change?

Periods!? When should i change? Topic: Periods!? When should i change?
June 16, 2019 / By Carlyn
Question: Im in middle school. and my period is coming up! No, this is not my first period... Ive had them before. But my problem is im not sure when to change! Im in the 8th grade, so different schedule. We dont have no restroom breaks! Im not sure when to change. I wear tampons and pads. But if i wear tampons to school, im not sure i can change that fast. :( When your wearing pads/tampons on a heavy day, How many times would you change??
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Originally Answered: Women-Help Me, Help You (Periods)?
NO, there is no other way..but to use a tampon.. Don't freak out..just go to your nearest store and purchase a TAMPON. IT's like upgrading from dial up to dsl. I didn't want to use them either..but I was kinda in the same situation your in. And I didn't want my blooody period/pad to ruin my time! Tampons actually catch the blood BEFORE it drips out of your vagina. The brand I suggest is either tampax pearls or playtex gentle glide. PLASTIC applicators ONLY. Get the mixture box which comes with tampons for light heavy or regular period flows! If you have been brought up to believe this is "sinful" or devilish..trust me, it's not..more like god's gift to women! Start practicing ASAP! Took me about 3hrs to get a SMALL one in..LOL. I called my friend crying becuz I couldn't push it in! She was my support..she was just like.."YES it's normal..keep PUSHING". It will be SLIGHTLY painful when inserting it..even if you have had sex. There's like a little gate there that makes you feel a little pain..after you push pass that wall..it GENTLY flows right in! This goes for EVERY size tampons. I upgrade to regular the next day... The best position for you is STANDING up and putting your left or right feet on the toilet or bathtub..The way you position yoru body has a lot to do with how easy the tampon is inserted. Relax your body. And if your like me who COULDN'T relax for the life of me..just GET SO PISSED..that you just don't care about the flipping pain and push!! Then press that stupid applicator thing down that relaeases the tampon..and then WALAAAH..problem solved! The actual PUSHING to realease the tampon feel ackward too! READ the directions carefully before and DURING application. REMEMBER, The plastic sorrounding is JUST the applicator..the tampon is inside. This applicator makes insertion easier because it SLIDES in better. Some people don't feel ANY pain at all. By the way, your period DOES actually stop IN water! However, once that water dries off of you, that period is back on!
Originally Answered: Women-Help Me, Help You (Periods)?
Unfortunately, pads are not going to work at a water park...unless you opt not to go into the water. I was scared the first time too, it's natural! Do you have the smallest tampons available? It might make things a little easier for you. Follow the directions that come in the box and by all means... take your time. Relax! Thats just might be the reason you had such a difficult time... you were all tensed up. Once it is in right, you won't even feel it! After the first time, you will wonder why you were so scared in the first place! You will do just fine :)

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