My Aunt passed away in 2003?

My Aunt passed away in 2003? Topic: My Aunt passed away in 2003?
June 20, 2019 / By Caroline
Question: and I have yet to find her obitchuary.. ive looked evey where on the internet and cant find it.. i went to the library and they opened in 2004 so they dont have it they said .. im looking for..Brooke Smith died 04-02-03 in virginia she was 27 or 28 yrs old
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Angelica Angelica | 9 days ago
If you know what city in Virginia she died in, then you could write the local paper and ask them to look in their newspaper morgue,(this is where they keep old newspapers) You might also call the local mortuary, they may know if and where the obituary was run. If you do contact the mortuary, they may be able to answer any questions you have about your aunt. Ask family members if they know the answers to your questions, or if they remember which mortuary handled the service. Good luck with your search.
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Angelica Originally Answered: Book help! Please! Need help with the Aunt?
Well, a mansion is sort of cliche by this time--but it all depends on the background you give her. Maybe underplay it--she isn't failed "quality," but middle class and bitter over THAT. Her house could be a bit too big for her, as I've seen in many Southern towns--a second floor she never uses but for one bedroom, a dining room gathering dust, etc.' NEXT--you show genuine talent in paragraphing, panning for focus, sentence rhythm, and word choice. But remember that LESS IS MORE--too many words will make this sort of think look like warmed-over Southern Gothic a la Faulkner or Flannery O'Connor. Why TWO adjectives before "sky" and "stares"? Let the reader supply some imagination--your talent invites it. After "stares" try shifting the focus like this: "The windshield wipers smeared the small, sad rain without wiping it away." At THAT point two adjectives becomes a bombshell the reader didn't see coming. Oh, and I like always referring to her as Aunt Kathryn, never "she"; she would insist on the formality from a junior, even if she were forty years old. For rhythm and focus, put "and needed to perfect her biting wit" AFTER "tea." Find a better word for "false" in a thesaurus--it would fit the diction of the sentence better. "Fictitious"? "Mendacious"--I love Big Daddy's "Mendacity" speech in "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof." "Assumed"? I taught writing of one form or another since 1969, and I can see at once that your talent is genuine. My strengths were in discursive and critical writing, poetry, and editing--I never could come up wit a decent PLOT because my own life was so Gothic. I used to tell my students hat I was far fro the best writer in the world, but I WAS the best editor. If you have found my advice useful or even plausible and would like more, feel free to e-mail me with inclusions. Although I'm starting a new business at age 65, I'm retired from teaching and have always loved the contact with the talented young. My undergrad degree is from Illinois and my graduate degree from Duke.
Angelica Originally Answered: Book help! Please! Need help with the Aunt?
Probably the mansion. Make it all cold and chilling like a lot of books. There is dust everywhere and books covering the floors in sheets; layers of them. That is always good for old, wicked people. And maybe have Riley Anne find like, a deep dark secret or something hidden in the dark, cold, scary attic,cellar,basement. Like Skellig. (It is a book by David Almond; more of the first home, but I still think a big, dark, scary mansion would be better)
Angelica Originally Answered: Book help! Please! Need help with the Aunt?
The aunt strikes me as a mansion owner. She just seems like the kind of bitter old woman who would be living in an old, run down mansion clinging to the last status symbol she has to make everyone jealous. She just comes off as the kind of person who is bitter and has to make herself feel better by making others think she is rich and important.

Wilfrid Wilfrid
the only way youd get info like that is to write to the city hall were she died and request a copy of the birth certificate ... but youd need id and proof that she was a relative to you
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Wilfrid Originally Answered: Does my aunt have cancer?
can you talk to your aunt and ask her? you sort of do deserve an explanation. she cant be upset that you are concerned about her. also, if it was benign then she will be ok.
Wilfrid Originally Answered: Does my aunt have cancer?
The word is benign and that means it is not cancer. You should have asked your mom to explain when she told you.

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