If someone starts taking antidepressants does that mean they don't need emotional support anymore?

If someone starts taking antidepressants does that mean they don't need emotional support anymore? Topic: If someone starts taking antidepressants does that mean they don't need emotional support anymore?
July 20, 2019 / By Carolyn
Question: If someone needs emotional support because they're depressed and then they start taking antidepressants does that mean they do not that support anymore (10 points)
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Best Answers: If someone starts taking antidepressants does that mean they don't need emotional support anymore?

Angelina Angelina | 10 days ago
Absolutely not! They definitely still need emotional support! Every human being does. Antidepressants are a tool for combating depression, but they aren't a magic bullet. Medication can help someone feel better, but it can't solve that person's problems. Look up Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to learn more about dealing with problems.
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Angelina Originally Answered: Emotional Support Dog?
You do not need a doctors note to get a service dog or a ESD in most states, you do need medical documentation or a disability to get a service dog - most applications will explain the procedure once you apply. They will also have to confirm with the doctor / clinic you go to for information making sure you qualify to beagle to care for a dog, or have support to care for a dog. ESD animals do not have the rights that a service animal or mobility animal have, they are different classifications, such as you may have a drivers license, however it will not allow you to drive a plane or motorcycle or certain sized vehicles without other endorsements etc. A license is a license is it not? If you own the business why can you not take your dog with you when you go to work? There is something I am missing from your post I guess. People just assume a few classes, a test or two and the dog is ready to be assigned and go out into the field to work, but there are many tests the animal has to pass before it is even considered for training. Many pet dogs make it into the service dog programs, however for every dog that gets in there must be around 30 if not more that do not. You may have a very well mannered dog, your dog may be obedient to you, the dog may behave well in public and have good people skills, however if someone Had to takeover your dog in a public place, would your dog be able to handle that, has it been socialized enough not to be reactive to strangers, other animals (of all breeds) loud noises and stressful situations? The dog needs to pass physical health tests and must be capable of working whichever job it is being trained for. Most service animals will receive a minimum of 2000 hours of classroom training and 1500 or more field hours logged once they pass their classes before they can pass their certification. Most people don't think about that. If you apply for the program and your dog fails, you have the choice of getting another dog from the program, however you usually have to re home your pet dog, a you ready for something like that? Service dogs have to be steady, even if they were to be accidentally hurt, such as having a tail stepped on, pushed, pinched over crowded etc, the dog must not react. Going online and finding some quack to charge you x amount of dollars and say. " yes I think you need a ESD," then send you a piece of paper is a scam, I don't care if he/she gets a million hits a day and can prescribe dark Starr dust therapy from outer space, it is not legal unless they practice and are certified in your state, the person jut be available to talk with the program manager/trainer etc to talk about your specific needs etc. I would listen to the other people that have posted, support dogs are not service dogs, they do not have the rights of a service dog period. If you decide to go through a program of some type and they do not find your current friend/dog acceptable then you will either be turned away from the program or many of them do not allow a second dog in the home so be prepared Just my thoughts on this, good luck.

Will Will
Of course not. Some doctors, like mercola.com, drhyman.com , amenclinics.com, doctoroz.com, and others have finally come out of the closet and stated openly that antidepressants are no more than placebos, look that up. They don't work. They all have side effects that are dangerous. Many doctors still tell people to take them . if you search antideprssants at any of those sites you will see for yoursel fwhat they are saying. Psychotrophics are not 'magic pills' they do not cure anyone or anything, those are the facts. The reason that therapy is included in antidepressant use is because it is the support and therapy that actually causes any difference in the person, not the pills. So, the more support a person has , the better. If a person wants to heal and feel better than they are going to have to use a method known to do that.
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Scotty Scotty
they still need someone to lean on and there is a danger of suicidal thoughts occoring while taking antidepressants so be careful
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
They will still need emotional support. We all do. They may need it less intensely, or less frequently, once they find a medication that works for them.
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Nedabiah Originally Answered: Emotional Support Dog in Arkansas?
First, it's an emotional support animal (ESA not ESD). ESA's can be ANY domestic animal within reason, unlike service dogs which can ONLY be dogs or, in special cases, mini horses. ESA's are not covered or protected under ADA law. Not under state law either. HUD/FHA covers ESA's. There is no registration required for ESA's. Companies online that sell registration, licenses, certifications and identification for ESA's and service dogs are all scams and worthless. They're for novelty purposes only and will not hold up in court. Landlords are on to the scam and rarely accept them - actually most consider the person a liar if they present one. If they do accept it, or they figure it our later they can evict you for lying. ESA's are not service animals. They do not have the same legal protection as service animals. Legally, ESA's are considerednothing more than pets. ESA's are only afforded special accommodation in no-pets rental housing and flying in cabin on an airplane. They cannot "go everywhere" with you like service dogs can (no public access). There are qualifications to have an ESA and steps you must follow. Here are the steps to get an emotional support animal and it into rental housing: 1. You MUST be mentally disabled or have a mental condition severe enough to be considered disabling. 2. You MUST be under the ongoing care of a mental health professional. A regular doctor will not do. 3. Your treating mental health professional must recommend an emotional support animal as beneficial for your ongoing treatment plan. 4. Your treating mental health professional will write a letter stating you need an ESA for your mental disability, that it's necessary for your ongoing treatment and your disability as it appears in the DSM IV. 5. Turn this letter in, along with a letter requesting accommodation, to your landlord. 6. Wait to be approved before bringing the animal onto the property. That's it. Any domestic animal within reason can be your ESA. No special training is needed. But you will be responsible for any damage caused by the animal and the animal cannot be a nuisance to other neighbors or maintenance. If it is, the accommodation approval can be revoked. Not mentally disabled? Then you don't qualify. Pay the pet deposit, wait for a pet apartment to become available or go to another apartment complex. There are exceptions. A owner/landlord with 5 or less units is exempt from having to slow reasonable accommodation with ESA'S and the elderly can get a note from any Dr plus they don't have to be mentally disabled. http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=... .

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