What should the age of enlist be raised too?

What should the age of enlist be raised too? Topic: What should the age of enlist be raised too?
June 20, 2019 / By Caron
Question: I think 25 is old enough and good cause your brain is fully developed meaning the risk taking and critical thinking part and you know what will hurt and how to really fight in war.At 18 you are too young the risyou should be going to college or maybe even 21 would be a better age to enlist cause by that age you will be almost done with college so you can get money to live on your own.
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Angeline Angeline | 1 day ago
Let's forget about a second that some people actually WANT to serve in the military as soon as they get out of high school. Not everybody will get a scholarship to go to school. Not everybody has rich parents who will pay their way through college. Not everybody wants to rake up a mountain of debt in student loans. With those things in mind, what are those kids supposed to do between graduation and their 25th birthday, when you say they should be allowed to enlist? Work at McDonald's for at least seven years? Even at 21 that's still three years they have to wait if they want to get started sooner. I joined the Army at 17 and shipped to basic on my 18th birthday. Because of that, I can retire at 38. Not too many people can say that but if I had to wait there's no telling what I would have been doing. Even if I didn't reenlist I could have still got out at 21 and went to school with my GI Bill, getting my bachelor's before I turned 25, the year I would have been eligible to join if we raised the age like you said.
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Angeline Originally Answered: Is it better to know Military material before you actually enlist?
Everybody is different. You want to be prepared for what is coming at you and your friends are willing to be b1tchslapped because they didn't have a clue when they signed the papers. You'll do research and find the Rate or MOS that fits you and those two will end up as ABMs of BMs for their entire (short) career as non-rates. This is where you're stepping ahead and acting like an adult. Congrats on whatever you decide and judging from your question- you'd be a good addition to the military. BZ and following seas.

Willard Willard
They should either drop the drinking age to 18 or raise the enlisting age to 21. But that's just my opinion.
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Seamour Seamour
No changes are needed. At 18, you are allowed to enter into MANY different types of contracts that could backfire if one is not careful. By 18 you have been equipped with all the education you need to exercise common sense. Also, you can make other important decisions like voting, thereby making decisions not only about your own future, but also about your country. Now that we've been kind enough to answer you, please stop posting this question over and again!
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Ned Ned
I think the age of enlistment is just fine the way it is.They could probably raise the age for internetting, though.
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Kevyn Kevyn
If they didn't target the young and stupid we would not longer have a voluntary system. It is unfortunate, but necessary...pawns are expendable.
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Kevyn Originally Answered: Why was my army recruiter in a hurry to enlist me?
Your recruiter was being pushy. As far as your other job, keep it, get your bonus. I have to disagree with the other poster when he wrote that the ASVAB is only an aptitude test not one that tests knowledge. NOT TRUE. There is very specific information to know that you don't just learn from breathing everyday of your life. For example, what is a castellated nut? This is not a common term and is an example of some specific information that you might learn by studying. There are a lot of things like that too. While there might be questions which test how you think or arrive at ideas or even information you should have accumulated up until now, study anyway. Take the practice tests. If you have a higher ASVAB it makes you eligible for more MOSs (enlisted jobs in the Army). Now, they may not all be available at the time you go to the recruiter OR you might have to wait longer for the job you want but still, a higher ASVAB gives you more options. Good luck and thank you for your service.

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