Simple Sentences? Complex Sentences? Compound Complex Sentences?

Simple Sentences? Complex Sentences? Compound Complex Sentences? Topic: Simple Sentences? Complex Sentences? Compound Complex Sentences?
June 20, 2019 / By Carreen
Question: Hi I am not very creative and i need to create some sentences and all i can come up with is The dog ran in the yard. Can some one help me create some sentences? I need 2 simple sentences, 2 complex, and 2 compound complex sentences. Thanks
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Angelique Angelique | 2 days ago
This is better posted in homework help. You are safer not to post questions in which you are asking (however obliquely) others to do your homework for you. The trolls from Homework Help check over here too.
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Angelique Originally Answered: Complex sentences with these 10 words!?
There's a lot of this about just now! It must have been set as homework. A Complex Sentence is where you join a main clause with a subordinate clause, for example "Although I was scared, I carefully crossed the bridge." Here, "I carefully crossed the bridge" is the main clause; it's a sentence that could stand alone; it makes sense on its own without the subordinate clause "although I was scared." All you have to do is make up a sentence using one of your words, and then add a subordinate clause. I'll do the first one for you - Although he was said to be extremely articulate, I had difficulty understanding him. And now YOU have two days to work on the others yourself.... !
Angelique Originally Answered: Complex sentences with these 10 words!?
Although you are articulate, you cannot spell. Because you provoked me, you cannot go to the movies. Even though that is your prerogative, I do not approve. Until you finish building the mausoleum, you cannot place any body in it. Unless your symbol is round, it will not resemble the sun. Since I am ambidextrous, I can write with either hand. I cannot respond to you unless you edify me further. Inasmuch as the trauma occurred to his brain, his heart is probably not in danger. Since I am resilient, I will recover from this insult. Because acrimony is unpleasant to everyone concerned, it is wise to avoid it.

William William
Simple: (A simple sentence, also called an independent clause, contains a subject and a verb, and it expresses a complete thought.) A. Some students like to study in the mornings. B. Juan and Arturo play football every afternoon. Complex: (A complex sentence has an independent clause joined by one or more dependent clauses. A complex sentence always has a subordinator such as because, since, after, although, or when or a relative pronoun such as that, who, or which.) A. When he handed in his homework, he forgot to give the teacher the last page. B. The teacher returned the homework after she noticed the error. Compound (A compound sentence contains two independent clauses joined by a coordinator. The coordinators are as follows: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.) A. I tried to speak Spanish, and my friend tried to speak English. B. Daniel played football, so Chelsea went shopping.
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Sean Sean
Simple: The man nodded his head furiously. The elephant stamped on the ant without knowing Compound: The kangaroo was hit by a boomerang and began to limp. The cat meowed and the dog ran up the tree Complex: The politician said that he would do it, but he didn't I tried to run up the hill but the fact that I was tired made me slip back down.
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Sean Originally Answered: can you check the grammar and logical mistakes in the sentences? [less than a minute] [3-4 sentences]?
Observation is the best motivating force. It has kept me going right through to my success. 2) Fixing puddles in the blacktop caused huge traffic on the road and people inside the cars were getting annoyed until the road was open. 3) Calculators and phones must be handed over before the exam and must be given back by the time exam finishes. 4) Colored wearing people grace the world and rest of the people are getting annoyed since they prefer black & white colours. 5) She achieved success given her inclination and her inner power because she was told a lot of inspirational quotes which helped her the most in establishing willpower. Those sentences are now grammatically correct. However, some are still a bit ... awkward. For one example, we don't think of observation as in and of itself being a motivation. I can't fix that - it's just not something we would say. Here's how I would write them. Observation has served to motivate me. It kept me going till I achieved success. Fixing holes in the blacktop caused a huge traffic jam on the road and people inside their cars got annoyed until the road was opened. Calculators and phones must be handed over before the exam and they will be given back when the exam is finished. People who wear bright colors grace the world even though they annoy those who prefer to wear only black and white. She was successful because of her inner power and many inspirational quotes which served to strengthen her willpower.

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