Would I end up homeless?

Would I end up homeless? Topic: Would I end up homeless?
June 16, 2019 / By Carrie
Question: I'm a model. I'm 16. 5'8" 100 lbs Nice, outgoing personality ..I really want to live in New York. I hate school. So here's my plan: Save up my money to about $8,000 (I'll get a job when I get there, maybe as a waitress at some fancy restaurant) Buy a plane ticket to NYC Get there (Hotel until then) Rent an apartment for a little while Walk in some fashion show (I'm a model and I know agents in NYC. So when I get there I'll just rent a hotel room, go to the agency, and try to get into the first fashion show available.) Meet some rich guy after the fashion show go home with him live with him (until I can make it on my own) Well, honestly, I think this plan is flawless. Guys tell me I'm gorgeous all the time. Example: Right now I have an after school job waitressing at a diner and yesterday this man (in town for a business trip, rich, good looking, etc.) left me a $150 tip with his phone number. He looked like Lance Gross (google him). So yeah, those things happen to me all the time ..So I'm pretty sure they'll happen to me in New York as well. But what do you guys think? I think it'll work, but I need other peoples opinion...Ending up as a homeless new yorker is my worst nightmare!!!! Thanks ;)
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Angell Angell | 3 days ago
Your job is not like any other job. What comes easy goes away easier.If I were on your shoes I´d ask the secret service for a job because your profession and that of a secret service agent encounter and meet the same problems. Money is received but somehow they never make ends meet. What happens with money ? Are we going to be homeless ? First of all, no economists would dare answer this question but I will. There´s something called The Gresham Law which says that bad money takes the place of good money. In fact only Ludwig Misses would be in agreement with me. In the past, bad money was used to pay and good money was kept. In the past there weren´t banks as we know now. The Gresham Law is still true for some professions, most times when the service delivered is not what people demanded. We don´t know how this Law works in the present but it works. Some people is paid using money which is under the average of what is called the purchasing power. Amazing but true. As our bank notes are not linked to gold any more, the Gresham Law works in the way Walras assured money was a veil. Your job is one of this jobs and you´re afraid because you know that you´re paid but the veil of money might not be there. Some tips: Always play fair. Always save part of the money you earn Pay for a good service when you want to buy a house or a car Never trust thoroughly on anybody Always ask your customers as if you were a secret service agent, Is it good money... ?
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Angell Originally Answered: Why aren't there shelters for all homeless people in America? Why isn't there guaranteed places for the homeless to stay?
Because we have not yet realized that it is more expensive for the police to pick them up and house them in jail for a night, or for ambulances to care for each of them wherever they may have a problem, than it is to house them all in one place. We are a little slow, but we will come around. The latest evidence to support this idea comes by way of Los Angeles County, where researchers just finished an evaluation of Project 50, a years-long initiative to house members of L.A.'s chronic homeless population. The program cost $3.045 million to implement, according to the Los Angeles Times, but resulted in $3.284 million in savings by means of lowering incarceration and medical costs for the people who participated. That's a net gain of $238,700, according to the LAT. Plus, 94 formerly homeless people, three-quarters of all those who participated, now have a place to live. A 2009 study from the University of Southern California examined the cases of four homeless people who were put in permanent supportive housing -- and found that for each person, the cost of public services fell by more than $20,000 for each year they spent in a stable residence. We have to deal with a political wing that is so afraid that somebody will get something for nothing, that they are willing to pay $100 to keep someone from getting $90 without working for it. Amazing, but true.

Willie Willie
It might have been flawless in 2000. The reality is the economy sucks. Many restaurants are closing, people aren't travelling. Many of those rich men in NYC are broke now that the economy is collapsing. They aren't getting their bonuses and they are get laid off in high numbers. And most the other people are right. You sound like you are a hooker or something - not to be mean but attempting to tell you how it sounds to someone who is thinking straight. So many people go to NYC and LA and get hooked up into the scene and lose themselves. $8000 is not much in NYC. You definately should plan on getting a roommate. Use your contacts at the agency to help find you a roommate before you get to NYC so you can move into an apartment right away. A hotel sounds nice, but you can't afford anything nice for more than a week and then it will take 1/4 of your money. There are people in NYC who make a living using up dreamy young things like you who think they are flawless like their plans. At least you have a plan and that is a start and it is positive.
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Sebastian Sebastian
This is every girls dream, or, to go to Hollywood and be an actress, what happens to many sixteen year olds is that they really do not have a clue about how hard life really can be, and sad, but many very pretty, very talented girls just cannot make it and end up doing tricks on the street for money, or worse get raped and then murdered, I wish you well. And hope your dreams come true, but also will pray for you that you will at least be ok.
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Nehemiah Nehemiah
There is one flaw to your plan, you're 16 and naive. Grow up. There is a very very small chance of this happening. Hundreds of good looking teenage girls want to run away and make it big in the city. There's a really small chance it's going to happen. (The same thing goes for musicians, artists, and athletes)
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Kiaran Kiaran
Yep you'll make it no matter what. Just find rich men they are all over the place. If all else fails move to Vegas and become a stripper you are guaranteed at least 10 thousand a month if you are a gem.
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Kiaran Originally Answered: Would I end up homeless?
many top models also have an education and thats another selling point that makes them more saught after... smart and sexy... you're just going to be treated like a dumb ho... used and abused... seriously... if your 16 and you have adults trying to get with you they just are going to have sex and dump you off on the street corner my suggestion if you really have good ties in with agents there is to save money like you planned... but instead of moving there contact the agent and just buy a plane ticket to do the show and pay for a hotel the nights you need to stay... if you end up with a guy that treats you well or make it big fast then you can always stay but plan on returning home and always have the extra cash to do so.

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