Communism, is it that bad?

Communism, is it that bad? Topic: Communism, is it that bad?
June 16, 2019 / By Cary
Question: Ok so can anyone explain to me what communism is in laymans terms? Is this a good definition of communism? "Communism is when, each and every person has the exact same salary, for example, a doctor, and a janitor have the exact same salary, and goods are cheap, and each person is alloted the same amount of land to build on." IF, and I mean IF, this is the definition of communism, is it bad? ok guys, thanks for the help, it looks good on paper but sucks in real life got it. Thanks. I was just honestly asking, there's no need to insult, ******* prick, go **** your grandmother.
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Angellina Angellina | 5 days ago
If salaries are the same, where is the incentive to be a doctor when you can make the same money being a janitor? Goods are cheap? How? The cost of raw materials is driven by the world market. The only way to keep the price of goods down is to subsidize (the government pays part of the price) them. That is what eventually drove the Soviet Union into bankruptcy. If everybody is allotted the same thing, there is no incentive to excel or improve. Also, everyone may have been allotted a piece of land, but they each have to get approval to do anything with it. That lets the government run your life. Communism works great on paper, but as soon as people are involved, it falls apart. It is supposed to be a classless system, but inevitably people in power decide they deserve a little extra because of their selfless service. Now, you have classes. The elites, and the peasants. That is how it was in the USSR when it collapsed. So, I'd have to say, yes, communism is a bad system because it fails when people are involved with it. It produces a bleak outlook with no hope of improvement for its people.
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Angellina Originally Answered: Can communism help?
Yes absolutely. The reason you received the answers you did is because most Americans do not understand true communism... most believe the propaganda against it. Capitalism breeds greed and throughout history eventually destroys a nation from the inside... dissolution of the middle class then an eventual revolt by the masses. Communism has failed in history due to capitalist interference manipulating circumstances in order to make it fail. IE) N. Korean sanctions, Vietnam War, Soviet Union

Willoughby Willoughby
What you're is at a loss for words. Criminals can get rich less than both device. i assume you knew that so i did not comprise them interior the equations. With capitalism the rich get that way via serving others. rich, undesirable and middle all have upward and downward mobility. in case you cite any united states of america the position "the gulf between rich and undesirable is increasing each and every of the time," i am going to teach you that is both a fiction or is by way of authorities intervention, not capitalism. There aren't any exceptions. Communism continually motives an authoritarian regime or maybe then by no potential works. lower back, there aren't any exceptions. In one hundred% of situations an enduring ruling type reigns over an enduring underclass who've no danger of escaping their misery and deprivation.
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Seir Seir
In communism, nobody owns anything although they claim the people own everything. How do you collectively own your home? You work hard and get no more than what you need. In other words, forget about shopping for the next new techy innovation. Forget about looking for a better job to improve your lot in life. It will be illegal. You'll have no rights and no person hood. You are one of many and will never become anything more. Think of an ant colony.
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Neill Neill
My ex girlfriend and her family had to flee the Soviet Union because they feared for their lives. Sounds like a Liberal utopia with a powerful government who eliminates anyone who gets in the way.
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Neill Originally Answered: Is my cat a believer in communism?
Your cat is doing best for mother russia. She will be strong like bear. Perhaps you should learn to read and enjoy the workd of comrad Marx.

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