About when does a cat go into her first heat?

About when does a cat go into her first heat? Topic: About when does a cat go into her first heat?
June 20, 2019 / By Caryl
Question: I'm wanting to get my Male cat neutered, but my Mother INSIST that my cat breeds to hers beforehand. I don't mind the wait, I've always wanted another cat by our cats and she wants one of his kittens by her cat as well. They're both Persian cats, pure-breed too. They're both kept in-doors, and live in the same house. Just so everyone knows. But anyways, her cat is turning exactly 1 year old March 13th. Shouldn't it be soon that she goes into heat, or should it have already started? Thanks for anything you can tell me, I'm really wanting to get my cat neutered, but since I have the opportunity to get another Persian, for free pretty much, I'm more than happy to take that because I'm looking into buying a new one so my cat has a friend to keep him company when I move, which will be within the next 6 months.
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Angie Angie | 6 days ago
Pretty Kitty has a great answer. Persians tend to be "late bloomers" It is not unusual for a Persian to be over a year old with their first heat. Keep in mind that if YOUR cat reaches sexual maturity he is likely to spray. Even if you get him fixed after breeding him the spraying will last another 1-2 months if it stops at all. Do you and your mom have registration papers on these cats and have breeding rights? If you do not have papers PLEASE do not breed them. It just adds to the back yard breeders in the world. If you do have papers but do not have breeding rights (stated on the registration paper and/or in your contract) then do not breed as your would be in breech of contract. If you do have papers and have breeding rights then PLEASE do your research before getting into this. Breeding cats is not a one time thing. It is a long term commitment involving at least FOUR cats.. three queens for one stud. Please be responsible. You want to get your cat fixed, why not do so and share with your mom some of the stuff you have learned on here. Your cat. Your choice. Not your mom's.
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Angie Originally Answered: My dog went into heat the first time in March, when will she probably go into heat again?
Shelties have two heats a year, 6 months apart (so possibly as early as late this summer). Make sure you have her screened for all the typical Sheltie genetic disorders. This is serious business. Von Willebrand's disease is just one of the disorders and it could prove fatal to her if she has it and complications with the pregnancy arise. Also, you will need her and the sire tested for all the diseases because you don't want to pass on any defects. It is good to hear that you already have owners for the puppies lined up. Look for a show dog or herding trial breeder to find a sire as they can help you choose a good compliment for her to improve the line.

Willy Willy
What breeder sold you - a complete novice - unaltered Persian cats? Reputable breeders don't sell unaltered cats to just anyone. They only do so to someone who's first showed an alter for a couple of years to prove they're serious about the breed, they've learned about the breed and they plan to breed for the RIGHT reasons - to better the breed and for the love of the breed. So this means you have cats that are definitely not show quality animals and most likely aren't even registered - which means they should never be bred. You bought them from some horrible backyard breeder. Is this the same person who's giving you another one "for free pretty much"? Were these cats tested for PKD? Do you even KNOW what PKD is? Are you aware that Persian females often require Cesareans since the kitten heads are so large - and this can end up costing thousands of dollars? Do the right thing - get your cat neutered. If you want more Persians - go to a shelter and adopt some. Since they're so high maintenance they're one of the breeds most often surrendered to shelters. If you breed more, those cats won't be adopted so the Persians at your local shelter will instead be PUT TO DEATH. Do you really want that on your conscience because you selfishly bred your cats? FYI - funny you use the word "pure-breed". That term is never used with cats - it's PEDIGREED - something your cats clearly aren't.
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Selah Selah
Unless your Persians are top show quality cats, both of them need to be neutered and spayed. Persians also need to be tested for PKD - you don't want to breed any PKD positive cat! Second, Persian's are slow to develop and your male may not even be ready to breed till he's 2 yrs old - and he could start spraying in the house before that time. Female Persians can sometimes take that long too before they come into heat. Persians often need to have c-sections to deliver kittens ($1500). Unless you are gonna show and breed to the written standard, you are doing nothing more then adding to the cats ending up in shelters. What if mom has complications? What if she can't take care of the kittens - do you or your mother have time to take care of kittens 24/7 and bottle feed and hope they survive? What if she only has ONE kitten? Or 6-7? As a responsible breeder you also need to have homes lined up in advance, need to have a contract agreeing that you will take back any of her kittens if the owners can't keep them. You also need to guarantee the health of the kittens for 1 yr against genetic problems. And you need to spay and neuter every kitten before they go to the new homes. This means you have to keep them for at least 3-4 months before releasing them. If you won't do all of the above, then call your vet and get your boy neutered now, and your mother needs to spay her cat.
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Nekoda Nekoda
Have both these cats been tested for PKD? If not, do not breed them until it's done. Does your mom know that Persians often need to have c-sections to deliver because of the large heads the kittens have? C-sections can cost over $1000. Does your mom have suitable homes lined up for at least 5 kittens? A good breeder doesn't breed until they have a waiting list of enough good homes to cover a litter. Will she accept the return of the kittens she sells for any reason at any time in their lives? A good breeder will. Does she plan to keep the kittens till they're at least 12 weeks old so they get the proper socialization from mom and siblings? And will she have the kittens spayed/neutered before they go to new homes so they aren't at risk of ending up as breeding stock in kitten mills? Does she know that Persians are the #1 breed of cat turned in to shelters because impulse buyers get tired of their high maintenance? There's much more to breeding than just letting two cats go at it. I hope she's done her homework. There's absolutely nothing "free" about breeding cats. To answer your question, cats can have the first heat as young as 4 months old. By 8 months old, most all kittens have hit puberty. Hopefully, her cat is infertile but she should have the vet check her out. Remind your mom that intact cats are at risk of developing deadly infections and diseases of the reproductive tract. Google Pyometra for her. Lots of top breeders have lost queens to Pyo. It's a monster uterine infection that can kill a cat in a matter of hours. Treatment is emergency spay. @ JC: I live in rural Alabama and I have noticed our prices are generally cheaper than some of the prices I've seen on here for vet services. I won't argue a bit with you on the $2500+ in some parts of the country!
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Killeen Killeen
It does differ from cat to cat, I've had two female sisters who've come into heat at different times - so it really does depend. Ignore her first year, strike it off, she's a baby, she shouldn't be breeding when she's young, yes - it could all go fine, but it could also turn into your worst nightmare, complications with the birth, complications with the kittens and difficulty getting the mother to actually be a mother. You could end up losing the babies, or the mum - either or both would be heartbreaking. Tell your mum about the risks. If you're definite about breeding, make sure you and your mum do your research, look after the kittens PROPERLY (inc. appropriate vet visits) and re-home them all responsibly. You say about getting a kitten for free - breeding is NOT free. Very few responsible breeders actually make a profit, they are expensive, if they get sick - you pay the vet fees, if there are problems at birth, you pay the vet fees, when you get your kittens jabs done before re-homing - you pay the vet fees. After that litter, I wouldn't breed anymore, there are more than enough kittens out there. Get your cat neutered and your mum's spayed. You're are obviously a loving owner, but be wary, breeding is a whole other game. Good Luck.
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