Can anyone help me get a job at victoria's secret in north little rock ar?

Can anyone help me get a job at victoria's secret in north little rock ar? Topic: Can anyone help me get a job at victoria's secret in north little rock ar?
June 25, 2019 / By Caryn
Question: i am looking for a different job since my currant one is driving me insane. i really want to work at victoria's secret at the park plaza mall in little rock ar. can anyone help? i need to get away from my currant job soon. its a unorganized day care and the workers are really bad with the kids. please help
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Anima Anima | 7 days ago
No, no one here can help you get a job. A hiring manager would never hire someone off of Yahoo Answers. Are you looking for a management position or a part-time position? If you want a management position, go to the Limited Brands website and submit a resume. If you just want a part-time position (such as cashier, saleswoman, stock) go to the Victoria's Secret and ask for an application. Timing is key. They won't hire you even if you're the best saleswoman in the world if they have no open positions. If you're lucky, and they are actively hiring new saleswomen, then you will get a call back for an interview. I will tell you now that you have bad timing, most stores won't be hiring in the middle of the summer. The next hiring slot will be in October-November for the holiday season, but these will only be temporary workers (they will lay you off after Christmas). Another hiring slot will be right as school starts, as many employees will either quit/have reduced availability during the school-season. This is of course, assuming that YOU aren't in school yourself. If you manage to get lucky and score an interview, prepare yourself. Victoria's Secret wants outgoing, approachable women. It is a very sales intensive job. You don't earn commission, but the company will hold you responsible for making sales during your shift. Most important is the sale of credit cards, which are the hardest to sell but make the company the most money. If you CANNOT randomly walk up to a woman who is shopping and convince her to buy something then Victoria's Secret is not the job for you. If you do not make sales, you will get yelled at, and your hours will be cut to a pathetic one shift per week. There are other retail jobs that are not so sales intensive, such as Abercrombie or Old Navy. Victoria's Secret is not like those stores. If you have no retail experience, or saleswoman experience, it is very hard to get hired. VS doesn't typically hire people with no retail job experience. At your interview, look charismatic, upbeat, optimistic and approachable. Smile. Make eye contact. Ask questions. Look enthusiastic. Be ready to make a sales pitch if asked. A common interview question is "Convince me to buy _____". Other questions are "Why do you want to work at Victoria's Secret, as opposed to other stores?" "What is your best trait?" "Tell me a time when you had to sell something to someone" "Tell me a time when you had to work with a difficult customer" "Why should I hire you?" Wear fashionable buisness casual to your interview, preferable all black, as that is uniform. A white button down under a black suit is acceptable. Pinstripes are not acceptable. Good luck.
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Anima Originally Answered: How do I apply for Victoria Secret?
You should call a store in your area beforehand and ask them if they are hiring. And if they are, then go get an application. Be ready with a resume and at least have two letters of recommendations when they call you for an interview. Also you want to to make sure that you're dress properly like such as wearing slacks, a non-revealing blouse, blazer, and closed toe shoes. Also don't forget to shake the interviewers hand with a firm handshake. Remember: Be polite at all times!

Wilmer Wilmer
I went to EdgeFest. I had decent time, considering the whole situation. It could have been better, but then again, it could have been worse. My husband, my friend, and myself left our house at 12:00 pm. We got to the Faulkner Lake Road exit around 12:15 and waited in line to exit until 1:00 pm. The police officer directed us to some man's house that was allowing people to park for $10.00. We paid to park and walked about a mile and a half to two miles to get to the gate of Cooper Farm. At the gate, the police officers informed us that you could not walk in, that you had to ride in a vehicle (I don't know if they said that to everyone, but when I got there, they were telling everyone that.) We asked some guy with a truck if we could hop in the bed and ride, he said yes, so we got a ride in. We waited in line.... FOREVER. The Edge was telling everyone to leave, or get in their cars until the thunderstorm was over; that they were not opening the gates until the storm passed and the lightning had quit. Some people left, some people stayed. I stayed. The Edge's website said "Rain or Shine", so I assumed they would do they show. After the rain, and lightning "quit", they opened the gates and people started going in. The first thing I did was check out the t-shirts. And then I got a Powerade and headed for the sludge pit. It was soooo muddy, but I expected it. There were mud fights, mud wrestling, and moshing. I know it must have been hard for all the staff and law enforcement that day. Miscommunication and technical difficulties plagued the event, but many of us made the best of it. It wasn't their fault that the weather was what it was. They couldn't help the equipment shorting out (or whatever it was doing). I know that the people slinging the mud on the stage while they were trying to fix the situation didn't help. The bands rocked. It was my first time to see any of the bands playing so I was happy. Some negative things: No trash cans!!!, kids being brought into areas where there were people fighting and moshing, People throwing glass bottles, rocks and other hard things... I had a blast, and would love to make it to "EdgeFest 2" (or whatever it's being called.) When it was all over with, 10 +/- hours later, we walked that mile and a half back to the car, tired, a little banged up, but overall happy I'll be back next year.
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Selby Selby
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Nelson Nelson
Well you could start off with the basic thing. Learn about the brand. Its history,rise,products. The information about the company is very important. Then the rest is presenting yourself, keep an eye on your bad habits, be confident. That will never stop you.
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Killian Killian
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Killian Originally Answered: Victoria secret lip gloss?
Well, after looking at the website, it seems to me like there are 3 with a coconut-type scent. There is "lotta colada," "hot cocoanut," and "coconut craze." They are each a different color, so maybe you can find the one that looks most like yours and order that one. The "coconut craze" looks more copper/brown to me, the "lotta colada" looks more coral, and the "hot cocoanut" looks more like an orangey light brown. Good luck finding the one you liked! :)

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