Is this what happens when Christianity meets politics? What would Jesus do?

Is this what happens when Christianity meets politics? What would Jesus do? Topic: Is this what happens when Christianity meets politics? What would Jesus do?
June 16, 2019 / By Cassia
Question: Politics aside, the fact is that millions of children will be denied health care because of the veto of our "Christian" President, George W. Bush. Many of these children will suffer, and some of them will die, because of that veto. "Christian" leaders (who are themselves wealthy, whose own children have health insurance paid for by their contributors) agree that these children should be denied health care if their parents can't afford to pay for it. Real Christians love their neighbors. Real Christians care for the poor and needy. Harming children to pay for tax cuts and war is not "Christian," nor is anyone who advocates doing so. We put billions of dollars into the pockets of corporate fat-cats (including the Bush and Cheney families), and hundreds of billions into a war of choice, but we can't help poor children. Maybe because they can't vote? Or make big donations? If hurting children to stuff our own pockets is "Christian," then I want no part of it. Do you? Keve, your expression of Christian love is just so touching. Let 'em work, or let their kids suffer and die. Too bad if he hurts himself and can't work or pay for health insurance for his kids. Too bad if they get laid off because corporate fat-cats send their jobs overseas, with the President's blessings, so they can make a few more bucks. Can't you just picture Jesus kicking the poor widows and telling them to get a job or go to hell? How sad if that is what some Christians have become, if that is what they call love and compassion. Pdooma, well said. What a great world it would be if everyone took the personal responsibility to help the needy. But everyone doesn't, not even many Christians (case in point). Thus it is the job of every government to help the needy, if only to prevent revolution. Matt, read the facts. Bush offered a pittance which would not have helped most of those who needed help. Bush has rarely done anything to care for the truly needy, and probably never if it didn't help him politically. His record shows that he is not and never has been compassionate in the least for those less fortunate than he was.
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Ann Ann | 1 day ago
I totally agree with you. I wish others would do the same. Jesus wants us all to get along with each other and help each other. If the rich merchant needs a little push, I dont see why the government, whom has the responsibility and ability to do so, doesn't take the necessary steps for it to happen. I work at a factory that pays good by the hr., but has no healthcare plan. My state says I should be able to pay up to a full weeks worth of salary for health insurance. How can someone spend 1/4 of their monthly salary on insurance, when you have house, car, credit cards (none for me thank god), furniture payments, or whatever. And what about all these black marks on my credit report for not paying old medical bills? Maybe I could pay them if I quit my job and moved into government housing selling homemade crafts.......or crack- I hear its a very lucrative business! Maybe one day we can all afford to take a week off and march on Washington......yeah right! A week off! I'd be fired and have to live on Ramen for weeks! Yep, it would be great to see, or be a part of, millions marching in Washington, demanding change and action...... ......................................... ya Space Cowboy.
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Ann Originally Answered: Is Christianity has Jesus no more?
Thank you for an uplifting insight. I have long felt that Paul muddied the waters of Christianity. Jesus Teachings were simple: Love God, and Love your neighbor as yourself. You will get to heaven when that happens. Most of the apostles were not learned men but they each had a following that accepted their incomplete stories. So there were probably at least12 "christian churches" from the start and it is possible that the brothers of Jesus also had followings. Then along came Paul. In "Disappearance of the Universe" the author claims to be the 20th reincarnation of the apostle Thomas. As I recall, He said that all the apostles have had at least 20 lives on earth since their association with Jesus. So you can see that there is much room for misinformation and rumors to be the basis of our faiths. Several other Learned authors have also provide guidance on the subject recently: former fundimentist, Professor Bart D Ehrman has written 20 books. One of the latest is "Misquoting Jesus" He cites many errors and some outright lies. Professor Elaine Pagels found much new information in the Dead Sea scrolls.She has written at least 5 books on the subject. Seven Theologians contributed ten essays to a book titled, "The Myth Of God Incarnate" "For many people, the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ is the essence of Christianity. Here a group of distinguished theologians and Biblical scholars ask whether the idea of the incarnation is essential to Christianity: and they question the whole developement of the doctrine. Their thesis is that "Jesus was{as he is presented in Acts2:21] 'a man approved by God' for a special role within the divine purpose, and .... the later misconception of him as God incarnate, the second person of the Holy Trinity living a human life, is a mythological or poetic way of expressing his significance for us."

Win Win
Given that the administration proposed an increase in funding for the SCHIP program and Congress, not wanting to give the administration credit for anything, trumped the administration by raising the budget so high (a factor of 6 I believe) that it could not be seen how really to spend the money that would have been appropriated. This bill was calculated to generate a veto and to be impossible to override so as to create an issue where there had been none. Every action of this Congress seems to be calculated to accomplish a political action rather than to meet a societal need. Remember that the SCHIP program has been in place for years and it is the shame of the program that the allocated funds have not been used as it has proven quite difficult to get the children signed up for the program prior to their care needs. Besides, signing up doesn't do anything for the families as if care is provided they do not pay anyhow. If the child is in SCHIP the health care providers can get paid for the same effort that they would have provided for free without SCHIP. I work in a health care environment and have seen these problems directly so please don't try to tell me that I have my facts wrong.
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Seward Seward
I do trust what you're saying. in spite of the indisputable fact that, there are 1000's or extra toddlers dying every day via having aborted from the help of deliberate Parenthood and murderous docs. Why can no longer our government end them and end making use of people tax money to fund them? genuine Christians do no longer permit individuals kill harmless toddlers from the womb. The record is going on and on. What all of it comes all the way down to is money.
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Nevada Nevada
Because There is no profit or control in it. And as far as what would jesus do? Nothing. He does not exist. He is a nice bed time story. If he did exist and he were real, his teachings would have more meaning than they do. Priests molest children, parents use children to hurt each other in divorces, governments ignore children unless it involves child support. Christ said suffer the children for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. If you were real christians and you really believed in health care for children, then you would as a society that controls this country force the government to make heath care. But you sit on your butts and do nothing. Just like christianity. All talk no go. flame away but not once have a heard of god smiting congress for their foul deeds.
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Kimberley Kimberley
Unfortunately yes. My very good conservative Christian friend is very supportive of the Bush veto. It's a character issue for him and I suspect many of his ilk. They really believe the program will be abused and utilized by "lazy" undeserving folks, who lack the moral character to properly care for their families. And it's not just health care...it's really any and all government assistance programs. Sadly, being poor appears to be a moral failing.
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