What do you think of the American education system?

What do you think of the American education system? Topic: What do you think of the American education system?
June 16, 2019 / By Cassidy
Question: I hear all this hype about how kids are under so much pressure to get perfect grades and SAT scores so they can get into college, but do you think American society is actually more lax in terms of academics? I know the educational system in Japan is VERY rigorous, and I just learned in my Arabic class today that high school seniors in Egypt will commit suicide if they perform poorly on their exams, because it means their futures are ruined.
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Annabel Annabel | 3 days ago
I spent three years in Germany, while I was in the service and the kids over there, were so far ahead of our kids here that it was pitiful. Unions are so caught up in protecting the worst of our teachers here, that good teachers do not have a chance, Neither do the students! Our politicians are so caught up in making themselves look good that the laws they enact actually take time away from teachers in the classroom! You can't teach Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, if you must spend time away from your classroom, typing reports telling every one how good a job you are doing. While you are doing this, there is someone in your classroom who can't even control the kids let alone teach them!!!! Our politicians are so caught up in building new schools and getting their kickbacks they are oblivious to the fact that they can not afford to pay decent teachers. Frequently while they are building these schools they do not provide the money needed to properly equip them!! And all the time they tell the taxpayer to anti up more money because the kids need it for new schools!!
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Annabel Originally Answered: Can an American tell me how an American education system works?
The schools vary from state to state, even from community to community. Most kids go to public (state funded school) but there are also a large variety of private schools. Most have standardized tests now that kids take every few years to show skills in math, reading, writing, social studies/history. School starts with Kindergarten at 5, then 1st. Many elementary schools go thru 5th grade (age 10/11) and then go to junior high or middle school. That can be from 5th to 8th. Then high school: Freshman = 9th grade, Sophmore= 10th, Junior = 11th, then final year, 12th, or Senior. High School students planning to go to college take couerse in reading/composition/literature, Algebra/Geo/Trig and Calculus, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) basic history and Social Studies, as well as computers and art. Kids doing a more techie line can take basic English and math as well, but have courses tuned to their field. After graduating HS, many kids go on to more school, college, trade or tech school. Grades go from A (excellent) B,then ,C to D, barely passing to F: failing. A "C", based on an average score between a 70 - 80/100 is considered the minimum score for "knowing" a subject. You can learn an amazing amount - my son will be a Senior (last year) and he's had composition and literature, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trig, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, two engineering courses, art, music, History, Social Studies, and some I've not listed. It's hard to answer such a generalized question, because the hows and whats are so varied. Hope this helps, tho.
Annabel Originally Answered: Can an American tell me how an American education system works?
Free education provided to every child thru 4 years of high school. Tests given in each class weekly to judge progress. Grades given 3 times a year to anticipate moving into the next year's class. Student probably takes 4 classes daily: math, English, science, history. Plus one extra like art or band or gym. Grades are a,b,c,d,f. C would be 70% correct answers at least on test. C needed to pass the class. You have to master that material before the year ends so you can go to the next level next year.

Winfred Winfred
I think Bush's No Child left behind has brought the rating of US educ. down as students now study to the test rather than learning how to learn & learning a wide range of subjects. Only math & english are emphasized. Art, music, phys. ed., sciences, etc have taken a back seat. My understanding of the current pressure for perfect grades & SAT scores has to do with a new baby boom who have reached H.S. age & are crowding colleges/univ.s. People must look beyond the Ivies & look to schools with as excellent an education, but may be smaller & more progressive or have a better fit with the student. Lastly, they have a higher acceptance %. I Think because US students are more concentrated on getting jobs they don't really get the best of a Liberal Arts education that would also make US students more worldly. I think you can't look at the Egyptian suicides without looking at the overall Egyptian society & suicide in it.
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Shad Shad
I do think we're more lax. I heard that kids in England (or somewhere, I forgot exactly where) have to take a test at the end of high school or else they don't graduate or something like that. What you said about Egypt is the complete opposite of here--I know a lot of kids that don't even care about their grades, sadly :( And is it just me, or are there more private schools in other countries?
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Shad Originally Answered: Why American education emphasize on critical thinking but Chinese education emphasize on rote memorization?
Critical thinking isn't allowed in China, unless it's critical thinking that helps the government officials become more rich.

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